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Trump got it down to $1.87, not $1.89. Very specific number, and he says it all the time.


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This was played at CPAC on Saturday before Trump took the stage.

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Trump can’t take office prior to 2023 or this would be his last term. Have to serve just under 2 years to be able to serve what would be his final term starting in 2024. My bet is on Jan or Feb 2023.

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Aliens aren’t what you think they are, and neither is interdimensional, nor vampires.

Yet all has meaning. These are comms and they have had their intended effect on you and others.

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The “climate” is their control of the world order. They are AGAINST climate change and against us.

We should be for climate change, if speaking to them in their parlance.

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I’m really shocked that people don’t post here on this amazing site with such phenomenal mods. Especially with all the great modeling of exemplar posts from themselves that they sticky incessantly.

So mysterious. Would never have spotted this coming, say several months ago. What about you cat5 or cat kisser?

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