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My wife declined the Hepatitis B vaccine for my newborn. We argued about it. I’m scared to death of making the wrong decision. I’m asking for help, what do you guys think is appropriate for newborn vaccines? The nurse came to our house and told us if we didn’t get the vaccines they wouldn’t work with us anymore. I brought up autism and she said that the person who came out with that lost their medical license and there are ZERO negative side effects for the Hep B vax. Exact words.

It was a long and hard pregnancy. My wife has had trauma in her past and refused any meds (which I was conflicted about because it was a nightmare to live through) and now she may be suffering from post-partem depression. She is way more anti-vax than I am, hates hospitals and doctors after what has happened, and I can’t blame her. Any thoughts or advice would be very much appreciated.