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Tried to depart from the banking system too, and look what happened to him

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and to recover from any side effects

Oops you're not supposed to say that part dummy

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Who primarily receives welfare? Ah, but we can't talk about that, now, can we?

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Remember that boomer-tier fakebook meme saying "I can't wait until the people with 4 boosters are blaming everything on the people with only 3"?

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You mean the 7 that are currently on there right now aren't enough?

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He spoke out against Annulments, which is the Church's way of saying "you know how the Bible says that marriage is between one man and one woman for life, and that divorce is a big no-no and not allowed? Well we're gonna basically do the opposite of that". The Church was trying to expedite the process of annulments and make it easier for people to get divorced in the eyes of the Church, Fr. Korapi spoke out against it, and they excommunicated him for it. The Deep Church is real, and if you speak out against them you get silenced.

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You know piglosi has bragged about having more jewish grandchildren than any other congressperson? I don't even like calling those heretics fake Catholics because that only serves to legitimizes them. They are NOT Catholics no ifs, ands, or buts.

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This is 100% true (cough Fr. Altman cough). Worst part is that it isn't even new. They've been doing that to people for years (cough Fr. Korapi cough)

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DC bishops are the worst. "we're not going to deny grandpa gropes communion even though he's clearly a satanist pedophile abortionist who is in flagrant violation of all things Catholic but we are too so who are we to complain?" Our church used to be cool; we used to kill people for being that kind of a heretic. It's time for another Crusade; this time we need to retake the Vatican.

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

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Remember when this was just a conspiracy theory?

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When is everyone going to realize that there aren't "republicans" in DC. There aren't "democrats" either. There is one political party, one agenda, and a small handful of outsiders.

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