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Yo! You watch Uberboyo? He's got some great content!

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Thanks for sharing!

Nobody Special Finance also had a great video on this back in January:

Buy Now Pay Later Loans Are Worse Than You Think | Nobody Special Finance


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ssh is Secure Shell Protocol which is a cryptographic protocol that is primarily used for open source projects.


Its much bigger than banking.

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I've heard others say Linus is a Marxist too but didn't have anything to back it up. Where is your source for this info?

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This looks like an interesting article by Peruvian Bull concerning DRS and DTCC.

From a quick glance, it looks like even with DRS, DTCC still has control of your stocks. I'm gonna read more and post quotes that interest me.



From our discussion here


by the late 1990s the DRS system (also known as DWAC) was put in place, and allowed a direct line from DTC to the transfer agent, allowing shares to be withdrawn from the DTC’s subsidiary Cede & Co which is where basically all certificates are held.

DRS provides investors with an alternative to holding their securities in certificate or “street” form. Under DRS, investors can elect to have their securities registered directly on the issuer’s records in book-entry form. With DRS, the investor does not receive a physical certificate, instead receiving periodic account statements (at least yearly) from the transfer agent or issuer evidencing holdings. Dividend/interest payments, proxy materials, annual reports, etc., are mailed from the issuer or its transfer agent directly to the investor.

6days was holding a DRS book share of Nordstrom, and right before a cash dividend was scheduled to be paid on Nordstrom stock on March 29, he purchased two new plan shares plus a fractional. He was testing if he would receive cash for his book share and dividend reinvestment for his plan shares.

A shocking revelation came soon enough- ALL shares received dividend reinvestment. By buying a single plan share, it enrolled the entire account into the plan and thus even DRS book shares became plan shares.

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Ok, but, the level of underground P2P crypto you're suggesting would likely be difficult if not impossible for 90% of those who currently hold crypto.

It could easily be integrated with the drug dealers and "knowing a guy" from your local crypto meetup. Or just talking to your next door neighbor and trading services/resources for crypto.

There's not going to be some magical surge of people willing to go off the grid w/ advanced crypto P2P. Especially if the value tanks as a result.

I disagree. When people realize how worthless their dollars are and there are alternatives, they will run for the alternatives. First will be gold & silver but because of high security costs, transportation costs, and needing to trust a 3rd party over long distance transactions, gold and silver will just be used for local transactions.

The more stable the electricity and internet is, the more likely people are to go into crypto. What the govt will do to the people when the dollar collapses will be like murder. People will rebel and move off grid en masse whether boomers like it or not. Boomers will have lost their entire retirement accounts unless they're in gold, silver, crypto so they won't have much of a say anymore.

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On top research tools, I want to add in there Squawker app for X


This is a free private wrapper of Twitter I've been using for years. I can categorize my Twitter feeds (Economic News, Great Awakening News, Frog Twitter, Crypto News, Etc) , I can save posts I like. I can also export my subscriptions and share them with someone else who uses Squawker. Its like X Lists and its extremely useful for getting new information that's happening. Its made to be used on my phone, it doesn't suck as much battery as the Twitter App.

Originally it was. Called Fritter and the guy making it gave up after all the Twitter changes so another guy j-fbriere is working on it now.

Download the APK type based on your Android phone, I have a newer one so I use


You need an Android phone. You need a Twitter account to login, can be a throwaway. Theres also some settings to put in once you give a login. Under Groups or Feed go to the Gear symbol for settings on the top right corner.


Then go to General Settings


Then make changes to Feed and X API


My Economic News feed is top notch and I highly recommend for being able to look at on the go and curate accounts for your news feed for any topic.

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Gold and silver won't be confiscated again like in the 1930s because so little of the wealth is in gold and silver. Also you can easily hide gold and silver.

It'll be stocks, bonds, etfs, aka securities that will be confiscated and the DRS isn't enough to protect you from that. You need a physical paper stock directly from the DTCC, not a DRS certificate from the brokerage.

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Some have proposed similar security concerns with Crypto. In that it could be confiscated and/or totally frozen.

The only way for the government to freeze your crypto is to shut off electricity or internet where you're at. If you just go somewhere with electricity and internet, you're fine. They can't stop people trading person to person and they can't really monitor it well either. They can just see it's going on but they don't necessarily know who it is if you're doing it right.

Hiding your paper pass and key phrase for wallets is much simpler than hiding gold and silver.

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This is exactly why GME apes say to DRS and book shares. It removes them from the DTCC and puts the shares in the shareholder’s name instead of the broker’s in Computershare.

Do you get the paper stocks with unique ID because from everything I've seen so far you don't when you DRS. You may get off the brokers in Computershare but the DTCC is the Central Clearing Party above brokerages. They are the legal owner of the stock and there is no way around that. You can move up the hierarchy on top of the brokerages with DRS but not the DTCC which is the top of the hierarchy. You just own a "security entitlement'.

Deleted Yale Law Study showing who the owners of your securities are.

Chapter 12 - "Street Name" Registration & The Proxy Solicitation Process by John C. Wilcox, John J. Purcell III, and Hye Won Choi

1st Diagram on Page 24 https://web.archive.org/web/20100714050340/https://law.yale.edu/documents/pdf/cbl/Wilcox_streetname.pdf


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It won't happen until all are drained. I would take a look at The Great Taking, any stocks you have left can be legally taken by the DTCC. You don't have access to paper stocks and paper stocks are the only way to have ownership even after going through all the bullshit for GME/AMC


I wouldnt put my money in a MOASS but I would put it in Gold, Silver, and Crypto.

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There's still a couple of big liquidity wells drying up!

  1. Look at Japan Central Bank ending their negative interest rate for bonds

ZEROHEDGE: Bank Of Japan (Finally) Kills The World's Last Negative Interest Rate, Yen Weakens


By hiking rates Japan is finally killing the Yen Carry Trade, +150 Yen here we go.

How many will understand the importance of the negative rate to the derivatives complex?



Japan is collapsing, they are essentially at 300% debt to GDP according to the US debt clock.


My guess of the order dominos fall

Japan -> Europe -> USA

  1. Look for the Reverse Repo drying up! US Treasury is trading 1 yr bonds and under for money in the Reverse Repo market. When that dries up, they'll have to start selling these bonds on the open market. This will overwhelm Treasury Bond buyers and will cause the value of the bonds to fall and the yields (interest rate on the bonds) to rise!
  • The Reverse Repo market is at $496 billion left down from 2.25 Trillion in May-June 2023.


The US Treasury uses this as a consequence free way to needlessly borrow money without it affecting US Treasury Bonds. US debt hit 34.5 Trillion and continues to rise at a fast rate. https://www.usdebtclock.org/.

BONUS: 10 Trillion dollars in bonds or about 1/3 of the Federal Government debt are rolling over this year (old treasury bond appreciates and a new treasury bond is made or rolled over, the debt just gets recycled but the bonds have to be bought on the open market).

How do you think that'll play out?

$10 Trillion in New Treasuries will be Issued this Year | Heresy Financial


$10 Trillion in US Bonds up for Sale in 2024!!


The liquidity wells will dry up before there is a collapse. Liquidity is the lubricant that keeps the economic machine running and it's running out but will take time to completely dry up.

A bold statement but ill say the unwinding of the Japanese Carry Trade spells the end of the Derivatives Market. The Japanese Carry Trade drying up is a trigger for the derivatives dominoes to fall! What we come out with on the other side is anyone's guess but chaos will ensue for a time period.

I predict gold and silver will go up for local transactions and will be followed later by crypto for long distance/international transactions.

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That's how the Chinese govt is. They gotta weigh between keeping more resources (people) with the possibility of rebelling of quickly killing off a large population and losing resources in the process.

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My theory for awhile has been that China will not invade Taiwan but instead invade the "stan" countries involved in the Belt and Road initiative. There were provisions in the loan that said that if those countries don't make interest payments, the infrastructure in that country being funded by the Chinese Belt and Road goes to China. This will cause an uprising that Chinese would put down by force.

The loans are made in US dollars so these countries like Pakistan owes China in $US. As the liquidity tightens up from defaults and the Federal Reserve tightening money supply, those countries won't be able to pay those loans and China will have its excuse to take from their country.

This solves a problem for the Chinese govt having unmarried military aged men because so many families killed the girls during the one-child policy. The numbers would never be skewed like this naturally.


Invading Chinese can kill the men and marry the "Stan" countries' women and start a family. This would make rebelling against the CCP much less probable when shit really hits the fan worldwide.

The Chinese military would also get easy training and experience for invading Taiwan if they later decide to actually go through with it.

USA is not likely at all to care about the "stan" countries. Actually the only ones who might would be Russia and India. India would be their biggest block and I'm not actually sure how they'll get around that. Indians have a similarly sized population and their men have a lot more testosterone than Chinese wimps.

On the other hand, if Chinese govt wants to just quickly kill off the extra chinese men to stop them from rebelling against CCP later, they can invade Taiwan sooner but it'd be a waste overall.

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I just graduated school and have been living in my car since January, you are not alone!

I've got a goal of growing into the job/career I want and it doesn't suck so bad right now even though the situation is far from ideal or comfortable.

Best advice I can give is try to pursue some kind of goal where you're growing in some way rather than just maintaining what you have. I hope that helps.

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