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This can't be right. The polls assure me that his opponent is pulling ahead.

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The other thing is that a lot of soldiers were brought in for the security at the Queen's wedding. If this footage is real, it might have just been part of that.

This was the deployment for just the ceremonial duties.


They had a massive military deployment in London for the Queen's funeral.


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Saturn is tilted after one in all its moons crashed into it, a brand new research has urged.

Saturn is tilted = Saturn has been thrown off balance.

Nowadays, Saturn has 83 moons. But previously it could have had an additional, now lacking satellite tv for pc, that scientists have named Chrysalis.

What a weird sentence. I mean... huh?

The "now lacking satellite tv for pc" is so random in that sentence.

u/lonewulf -- you might find this interesting as well.

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Right-click the image and choose "Open image in new tab" to view in a larger size.

Thank u/bubble_bursts for the slick new sliding tool for posts like this. Great work!

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It's sad. His older sister who isn't allowed near him much these days has said that when he's with her he becomes a normal boy. He doesn't do any of this. That make up and costume takes hours. He as to get up before dawn every day for his mom to dress him like that. They're using him.

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Drudge had several images of Putin with headlines that he'd go nuclear. We saw images of the radioactive symbol. Then pics of Golden Doors closing on Putin and headline "Putin losing power" (which has a double meaning of power as in energy) Then there was for several hours (17? felt like it) an image with Trump's eyes shut and now it's switched to Trump looking up with his eyes open.

It makes me feel like the message is, "Open your eyes".


I feel like the Uranium Stuff is about to spill out into the public.

Just my guess.

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The last communication from Cicada 3301 was the end of April, 2017.


On April 29, 2017, a new user came to the #cicadasolvers IRC channel and notified us that he found a new PGP signed message from 3301 on Pastebin. The user searched "7A35090F" - 3301's PGP key - on the site, sorted by date, and found a previously undiscovered message from 3301. Currently, this is the most recent communication from 3301, coming over a year after their last message.

7A35090F was how you verify it had come from cicada 3301 and wasn't a fake. It was like how Q had a special trip code.

Message is signed with 0x7A35090F key. Date of signature is: Signed on 2017-04-04 23:23 GMT

6 months later Q makes their first post on 4 chan on 10/28/2017. Later they migrate to 8 chan.

I wonder if all the 8 references is a reference to the 8 in 8 chan. 8 looks like an infinity symbol.


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7A lead to post 7.

7A35 will lead to post 7. So it needs four characters.

typing 8A35 will lead to five posts including post 8.

9A35 is same result.

10A35 will lead to post 10.

So maybe it was nothing special. Sorry if I took you don't a rabbit hole.

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This seems to be the first graphic


I tried running it through the Cicada one.


This appears (more but this seemed more relevant):

+% %-----------5/-------------------------------------




F = 6?

En= English?

Which is very similar to how the first puzzle was solved in Cicada 3031

In fact, not just similar. Those numbers from the first Q graphic of Washington are the same as the first CICADA puzzle graphic


FjEnj_' is different.

But it didn't work. :(


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Which post did the silent eye first appear or get noticed in Q posts?

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Thanks for trying

What about doing the graphic parameters times 17?

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Yes, I've noticed that aggregator is different from others. I've pointed out the special glitches it has to you and BC. Sometimes you put in a special combination and get weird results for no reason.

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It'd be worth a try. Do you still have it to use?

Or maybe you take the graphic sizes and multiple by 3301 and that's the password? Just like how that one decode worked.

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No one? I just noticed you could put the Cicada signature into this Q site and it takes to 7 for no clear reason.


It only works on that aggregator.

If you click here it takes you to an archived form of the original 4 chan post:


I see no reason that 7A35 (the minimum needed) leads to that post. It doesn't work on any of the others ones. Maybe you'd know better.

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Oh was heir a stenography tool that Q had wanted us to use? I'd never noticed before. Do you know what post that was in?

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Q first appeared on 4 chan:

Although it has its origins in older conspiracy theories, the first post by Q was in October 28, 2017 on the anonymous imageboard website 4chan.

Later Q migrated to 8 chan:

Q soon moved to 8chan, making it QAnon's online home.[18] Q's often cryptic posts became known as "drops", which were later collected by aggregator apps and websites.


Funny 8 chan... give all the 8 comms we've been seeing.

I talked about the 8 patterns around the FBI MAL raid.


But also historical events sure are following crazy eights


8 also looks like the symbol for infinity.

Remember this Trump gif had the Left melting down:


He shows himself as Thanos and uses the infinity stones (8 symbol) to make Pelosi disappear.

Text to Trump 88022

Six months earlier Cicada 3301 made their last post at the end of April, 2017 (exact date unknown).


Cicada 3301 had a special key to verify it was them.

On April 29, 2017, a new user came to the #cicadasolvers IRC channel and notified us that he found a new PGP signed message from 3301 on Pastebin. The user searched "7A35090F" - 3301's PGP key - on the site, sorted by date, and found a previously undiscovered message from 3301. Currently, this is the most recent communication from 3301, coming over a year after their last message.

Message is signed with 0x7A35090F key. Date of signature is: Signed on 2017-04-04 23:23 GMT

When #cicadasolvers users opened link, the Pastebin had 113 views. The user found the message 25 days after it was posted.

According to google cache on April on 6 Apr 2017 11:46:25 GMT, the page had 72 views.

It led to this message:

Beware false paths. Always verify PGP signature from 7A35090F.


Weirdly if you take Cicada 3301 verification key and post it here, one post posts up:


I have no idea why, but the verification key for Cicada leads to Q post #7.

Why wasn’t HRC prosecuted for the emails? Put simply, Obama ultimately OK’d by using the non govt email addy to communicate w/ Clinton. Obama also had an alias along with each of his cabinet members. Therefore indicting HRC would lead to indicting Obama & his cabinet etc which could never happen. Remember he lied about knowing but that ultimately came out in the dump. Poof!

Weirdly, searching "7A35090F" doesn't lead to any Q posts on any other Q aggregator. Just this one:


And this one has also had some strange glitches before.

Like this:


As for Cicada 3301 here is how complicated that puzzle was (the last one still hasn't been solved):


You had to use graphics, ciphers, and other tools to figure out the secret messages.

This is when it first appeared:

On January 5th, 2012, a mysterious image was posted on 4chan’s /x/ – Paranormal board.

You had to down load the graphic file and put it into here to find the hidden message:

There was indeed a message hidden in this image. You can download the image and try it yourself with Boxentriq’s Text Extractor tool. See the screenshot below:

Then use a cipher tool to break the code.

Eventually you'll be lead to another graphic:

To decode it, you will have to set the Shift to 4 and the Language to “Custom”. It will then give a link to an Imgur image: https://i.imgur.com/m9sYK.jpg

Once again you plug in the graphic to figure out the hidden message that is hidden within the graphic.

Still, it contains two keywords that hint at how to get the REAL message out: guess and out. This indicates that you should use the steganography tool OutGuess. If you use OutGuess, you get a much more interesting message:

This message tells you that the numbers are a book cipher (also called a book code). A book cipher consists of numbers that reference pages, paragraphs, lines, words or letters in a book. To decode it, you will need access to the book. The quest continued on Reddit.

Only real messages from Cicada 3301 are signed with this key ID: 7A35090F. Using this ID, their public key can be downloaded from the MIT keyserver.

Again only in this Q aggregator does Cicada signature lead to Q post 7. Typing in just a 7 won't do this. Only this number combination does it.


You can delete 090F and it still works


But if you delete the 5 and only type 7A3 into the search it no longer takes to Q post 7.

It takes you to these 34 posts:


(likely for the ID).

If you type 7A34, you get these 5 posts:


Maybe it's nothing, but I just find it very curious.

There was another puzzle on cicada 3301 that involved using the graphic:

Looking at the image posted on 4chan, it had no obvious prime numbers, but the size is 509 x 503 pixels. It happens that both 509 and 503 are prime numbers. Therefore the total number is 509 x 503 x 3301 = 845145127.

You had to take the graphic size, multiply it to itself and multiply 3301.

That later led to mysterious posters that popped up showing Cicada 3301 and QR codes.

You know I just realize QR code...

Q = 17 R= 18

Ha! R is the next letter in the alphabet after Q.

Just wanted to post this privately for discussion.


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