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Patrick McHenry has become Speaker Pro Tempore, but that's not an official Speaker until he is voted in.

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McCarthy was voted in to be the 55th Speaker on 1/7/2023.

He is ousted on 10.3.2023.


His Speakership lasted for 270 days or 8 months and 27 days

The 7th EAS will occur on 10.4.2023.


This was the 4th EAS in US History. It is also the only EAS that Q mentioned. It was delayed by a storm and ended up occurring on 10.3.2018

The fourth NPT occurred on October 3, 2018 (delayed from September 20, 2018, due to Hurricane Florence). It was preceded by the first mandatory wireless emergency alert test.

McCarthy resigned 1827 or 60 months and 1 day after the 5 year delta with the 4th EAS alert.


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Well done! Very interesting stuff.

This has me thinking of something other stuff as well.


Q START: 10/28... (28) Q STOP for 18 months: 12/8... (28)

12/8 is also 17 days before Christmas which is 12/25.

Trump also keeps referencing "stollen" which is a bread you bake for Christmas.

Q's last post for 18 months on 12/8 linked to this you tube video that was posted on 11/5.



"We're not gonna take it anymore"

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A very good summary of it.

I have often noticed that conservatives tend to be natural doomers. I suspect it's because they are often the producers of society. What does someone who produced something fear? It being taken away or destroyed. You want to keep and protect what you invested in. You want the country you grew up in to be there for your kids. So the idea of it being "changed" or "taken away" is terrifying. They know what we fear. They make sure to blast our worst fears at us. They do it here. They do it on social media. They do it on the news. It's a beatdown of non-stop fear porn designed to blind anons.

Anytime good news happens they will do and say whatever it takes to throw a wet blanket on. They want you afraid and demoralized. Many feel entitled to spread their fear to others.

Rush Limbaugh once said that it takes work to be an optimists. This has always stuck with me. It's true. Pessimism is easy. It's based on letting your fear overwhelm you. Real optimism takes work. You have to think through things and see the bigger picture.

You have to see past the people screaming "FEAR! FEAR! DOOM!" at you. You have to think logically, not emotionally.

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She died 1828 days after Graham's speech on 9/28/2018 where he chewed her out over Kavanaugh:


This happened on 9/28 and Kavanaugh was voted out of committee that same day in an 11-10 vote. The Christina Ford playbook failed.

Q even noted the famous speech:



So she was announced dead the day after the anniversary of her infamous failure.

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He could write the line on twitter "My fellow Americans..." and doomers still gonna doom because they are fear addicts. Shills are their dealers. As Rush Limbaugh once said "It takes work to be an optimist". You have to think rationally about things.

Pessimism and complaining about how you are scared and miserable are easy. It is giving into irrational and emotional thinking. If you try to talk them out of their fear with proofs and evidence that shows their fears are not true they actually get upset. I also notice that doom and gloom people LOVE transferring their misery onto others. I guess misery really does love company.

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From the way they bleat about it I think they secretly want to believe people are obsessed with them. Many of them could not stop gushing about She-Hulk because they thought that would "piss off straight white men".

A couple years back I had one guy who announced to a group of us waiting at a bus stop, "After months of agonizing about it, I want to be honest about who I really am. I will no longer hide in the closet. I will no longer hide who I really am. I am... small pause non-binary pansexual who identifies as they/ her."

All of us: ...

Finally a nervous, "Good... for you?" Someone else said "As long as your happy."

When he didn't get the reaction he had obviously scripted in his head (probably with a slow clap and H-wood-style applause) he repeated, "I don't think you heard me. I said I'm a small pause with deep breathe non-binary pansexual who identifies as they/ her."

But what really devastated him was when someone asked, "What's a pansexual?"

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"Not all who seek abortions are women."



USE: Uterus

DO NOT USE: Mother

USE: Veteran or Person

Wait, WAIT. They want mothers to be called "veterans"?!



It continues with "Key points: Abortions among veterans"

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In the Texas House Speaker is chosen by ALL members, including the democrats. This is how Phelan got to be the Speaker by rinos and democrats forming a coalition to overwhelm the conservatives. Even though republicans have a near supermajority, there are just enough rinos who join with democrats to get Phelan as Speaker.

However, if he becomes very politically toxic even the rinos might be forced to vote him out.

At the very least conservatives can force the rinos to show their colors before the primaries. We can KNOW who the rinos are that are siding with democrats to keep establishment Phelan in power.


On Nov. 4, 2020, the day after Republicans cemented their control on the Texas Legislature – Beaumont Republican Dade Phelan announced he had the votes to become the next Speaker of the Texas House, in large part because of a block of support from Democratic members.

And look what he does:


Speaker Dade Phelan on Wednesday named Democrats as chairmen of nine Texas House committees.

Democrats run the house committees in Texas despite being a super minority in the chamber.

So one thing that happens is that IF he has enough votes anyway, most will got ahead and vote for him because at that point they have to work with him as speaker no matter what.

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Trump makes his first tweet since his ban on 8/24/2023. He posts the MUGSHOT.

This 19 days before 9/11.

Ken Paxton is acquitted on 9/16.

Trump posts a 9/11 meme on 9/17 of Bush.

28 days later

Trump Jr.'s Twitter is "hacked" on 9/20/2023.

The first "hacked" tweet is at 8:25 am. Several more follow.

21 minutes later an "unrelated" truth about polls is posted on Trump's Truth at 8:46 am.

17 minutes later at 9:03 the "hacked" tweets are deleted. As of 9:04 they are gone.

The "hack" happened 10 days after the 22nd anniversary of 9/11.

8:46 – Flight 11 crashes into the north face of the North Tower (1 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99. All 92 people on board are killed.

9:03 – Flight 175 crashes into the south face of the South Tower (2 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 77 and 85. All 65 people on board are killed.

There maybe another reason the 911 meme pushes that the Bush family would fear Paxton.

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Very nice work.

Ken Paxton was acquitted on 16 impeachment articles on 9/16/2023.

Ken Paxton releases a letter on 9/16 and uses the phrase "Buckle Up.

Trump releases a Bush 9/11 meme on 9/17 to celebrate Paxton's acquittal.


Trump truths on 9/18 using the phrase "Buckel Up" With the "e" and "l" flipped in Buckle.

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Very interesting connections. The clothing connection is excellent. No way that was an an accident. That was a deliberate wardrobe choice

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Impeachment was impossible.

They'd need 21 votes (9 republicans must join 12 democrats). Any republican who voted for impeachment would be crucified in republican primaries. And they KNOW it.

Democrats could have stalled and prolonged things by voting against dismissal, but it looks like they threw in the towel on that. The prosecution looked incompetent.

Ever since Paxton came into office they've been trying to ruin his reputation through a rumor war. All they did was "did you hear about this AWFUL thing he did?" When asked what he did they'd just keep implying it was awful but never tell anyone what he did.

So the accusers were dragged out and force to put up or shut up. Say what he did or SHUT UP.

The trial forced them to show they never had anything on him. They were just using rumors and gossip. The senate trial was controlled by Dan Patrick who has always been a solid conservative here in Texas. Trump has posed with him giving a big thumbs up and grin next to Dan Patrick.

Now that the rumor war is put to rest, Ken Paxton can use his powers of AG to investigate the corrupt who have been trying everything to stop him.

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No, the show trial was done to force the accusers to finally show what they had or shut up. They've been engaging in a constant "rumor" war on Paxton for years. They would never tell what Paxton actually did, but always "It was so, so bad".

So republicans forced them to say it before the public and it turned out they had nothing. Now Paxton has been proven 100% innocent and his accusers exposed for the frauds they are.

Dan Patrick is a white hat and a well known conservative. The Lt. Guv is the most powerful position in Texas. He is also head of the senate and controls the trial.

It was over before it began, but now the mean girls who kept trying to always spread hearsay about Paxton are exposed. They couldn't come up with crap.

It is a resounding victory for conservatives and shows what a fraud Paxton's accusers were. Paxton is not besmirched, his reputation is finally cleared.

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Of course, this was obvious from the start. 21 votes out of 31 would require 9 republicans to vote for it and then face conservatives in their primary races.

They'd just need to retire at that point because voters would throw them out in the republican primary.

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They've been after Paxton for years. When voters ask what he did it's alway "he did SUPER bad stuff!"

Voters: what stuff?

Accusers: REALLY BAD!

Voters: Specifics.

In the end all they'll ever give his pages and pages of hearsay and gossip. They'll never give a clear answer.

To impeach Paxton requires 21 texas senators to vote for it out of 31. There are 19 republicans and 12 democrats. 9 republicans would need to cross over and several of them are in ruby red districts that voted hard for Trump.

They KNOW that if they impeached the voters will crucify them in the primaries.

There is a joke in Texas that the real elections are the republican primaries. They are very lively.

I think this "trial" is just a show to force Paxton's accusers to stop with the stupid gossip and hearsay campaign they've been waging on him for years and shut them up for good. "Say what he did or stfu".

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