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I'm glad to hear that. I understand that sometimes we write things hastily and it can read in a way we didn't mean or intend for it to read.

I try my best to write in a neutral way, but I also tend to write fast. For example, I realized that I wrote four times in my comment the same phrase. I didn't even realize I had done it until after the comment went live.

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Kind of a condescending reply, here SS. I mean, thank you for informing me of the bleedingly obvious. In fact, I have done this in the past. What I am saying is, anons need to review the whole speech in its full textual and historical context. Do you disagree?

Is it a debate your want or an argument about how you don't like the way I said something? If you just want to get into that discussion then we should take it to pm.

I find arguing with someone's tone just derails a thread.

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It's from the official US archives which also contains a video link to the speech.


Q even points out the JFK reference to secret societies. JFK spells it out that in very plain language.

Like I said: not a popular opinion. Who on GAW would be crazy enough to challenge the idea that Kennedy's speech is about anything by the skull and crossbones, the illuminati, the masons, the knights of Malta and all of those secret societies?

It did not say anything about those specific names. It only talks about a highly organized conspiracy that is using covert means to expand its sphere of influence. It lines up with many things Q said as well. Q highlights many lines from this speech.

BUT critical thinking requires that an objective review of JFK's words takes in to account the time and context in which it was made.

It's also critical thinking to say this is JFK highlighting the cabal. Q also may have highlighted the speech to use it to describe the cabal. Whether or not you think that was what JFK meant (which is how I see it), it is very clear Q posts on insurgency and the shadow government were using it to talk about the cabal.

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly-knit, highly-efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations

A cabal that uses communism and various "isms" as a means to control humanity.

This speech needs to be read and considered in it's FULL CONTEXT, rather than being considered based only on our preconceived ideas of what was the greatest evil in 1960 because of what faces us today.

If you wanted to see the whole thing you can just go find the full context.

I have provided the archive website, but here is an additional link. The whole speech is available:


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It sounds like they want milk this thing for all its worth because anything that attracts eyeballs makes the MSN narcissists go nuts to use it to say "LOOK AT MEEEE!"

They're just trying to use scare tactics to get people to click on their article.

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Other Links


Robert Jay Mathews (January 16, 1953 – December 8, 1984) was an American neo-Nazi activist and the leader of The Order, an American white supremacist militant group.[1][2] He was burned alive during a shootout with approximately 75 federal law enforcement agents who surrounded his house on Whidbey Island, near Freeland, Washington.

Sentences of up to 252 years were imposed.[3] Also prosecuted were members of The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, a far-right paramilitary allied with The Order which had declared war on the federal government as well. Most of their leading members received lengthy prison terms for illegal weapons possession and racketeering.[12]

Later, ten people connected to the case, including Butler, Lane, and Pierce, were tried for sedition, but were acquitted by a jury.

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Why they surprised? Trump has deep pockets he never admits to. Of course he had the money to post it. He never once looked worried about it.

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That's almost the sun's temperature! OMG! Climate change was real. Why did I ever doubt?

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Humans cannot survive at lukewarm temperatures. Everyone knows that.

Just look at the fiery radar map.

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If they'd set fires for $$$$$$, would they destroy a bridge to make a slush fund?


All the FED money is going to flow into Maryland and Baltimore.

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You should post about it on GAW for anons to discuss if you think it is relevant.

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I feel like the police know it's dumb and this is their passive aggressive protesting of Newsom protecting criminals.

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Authorities are warning of copycats on the internet, and are calling people to report any Pepe-related content they see online.

Gonna be a busy day on GAW reporting all the users with pepes by their names...

At publishing time, authorities had sadly reported Pepe killed himself in his cell while the security cameras were turned off.

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Don't worry. If that doesn't help, I'll throw him some lead weights.

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But how can we show them?

The problem is that narcissists, sociopaths, and the psychopaths that happily serve the system (whether they know of the cabal or not) do NOT think like regular people. They see the world in very different terms. Everything is full of hidden meaning and everyone is a liar. since they only lie, they sees lies in everything and they look for what is REALLY meant.

But regular people are honest people. They don't see everything as a lie and they often take it at face value.

If you just try to tell regular people the truth (which I think has been tried many times by white hats) the cabal is going to make a BIG distraction.

White Hats, "So the tru--"

explosion ambulance sirens

MSN, "We are cutting to breaking news of a terrorist attack in progress..."

Even if you try to tell the truth, they'll just twist it.

White Hats, "The truth is t--"



White hat, "The truth is th--"

Another shriek

Another cabal puppet, "THEY RAPED MY DAUGHTER!"

And on and on it will go.

When people wonder why you can't just "tell the truth" their system was rigged to make sure you could never make normal people understand. That is why White Hats are having to dismantle it piece by piece. And they are, but the MSN doesn't want you to know when White Hats win. They want you in despair and believing the world is on fire and there is no hope.

People in despair are much easier to manipulate.

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On your points about it only takes a few, I agree 100%. A bad coach doling out penalties like candy can get do a lot of damage. Add in a player on the take who keeps "causing" penalties and the team gets bumped back several yards. A player not making his tackles or a coach making bad calls.

It doesn't take many to make sure a team won't win even if 99% of the players are sincerely playing their hearts out.

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That's one reason I've been digging on the Super Bowl is because I also would like to understand the comms on the team. That's also why I share here so other anons can share their theories on it.

I did some digging on Kansas City and it's also the place where Mickey Mouse was born.


Kansas City takes a lot of pride in being the place where Walt Disney started his first animation studio and created his first cartoon characters.

To know the truth about Mickey Mouse and the secret to many of Walt Disney’s successes, you have to know the story of Disney's best friend: Kansas City animator Ub Iwerks. It was Iwerks, not Disney, who in 1928 designed Mickey Mouse and single-handedly animated the first Mickey cartoon in Hollywood.

Kansas City, Missouri is famous as the birthplace of Mickey Mouse and Disney. It's also the base city of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The team was founded in 1959 as the Dallas Texans by businessman Lamar Hunt, and was a charter member of the American Football League (AFL)

The team was also founded by the very guy said to be responsible for coming up with the name Super Bowl because of the Super Ball his kids played with.

So many pieces of the puzzle and way too many coincidences to be just "random", but I can't quite get the exact message.

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Why use H-wood, movies, TV shows, sports, and sports figures? Because these are ways to influence the masses. Q even talked about they wanted people to follow the stars. These are ways to set up "signs" for the masses and send indirect comms to cells.

I have already heard many lefties talking how they worry the Super Bowl winner predicts who the president will be. Yes, several lefties believe the "universe" talks to them like this.

Their logic: comms are a batshit crazy idea.

Also their logic: The Universe sends my messages about the future through sports.

I think the influencing the masses to good decisions or to bad are what both sides fight over. The Super Bowl is a massive event that draws a huge amount of eyeballs. Of course it'd be veery useful to engineer it. Anything that draws hundreds of millions of eyeballs is a very important source of influence over the masses.

Taylor Swift's main job was bringing MORE eyeballs to it.

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I disagree.


5 Q posts reference the Super Bowl:


Clearly there was something significant about it and it was more than just the "puppy" stuff. Q post even asks about the "winners" of the Super Bowl.

B) Co-Founder of Nigeria's biggest bank died in a helicopter "crash" on his way to the 2024 Super Bowl. Lots of influential people gather there.

C) We just saw Super 2024 (Kansas City Chiefs beat the 49ers) play a rerun of the 2020 Super Bowl (Kansas City Chiefs beat the 49ers).

Same team. Same coaches. Same Quarterback (Mahomes from Whitehouse). The only thing that changed was the location of the stadium from FL (Hard Rock) to NV (Allegiant) and the score changed.

The Kansas City Chiefs also happen to be the very first team that ever played in the Superbowl. They seem very tied to its origin.

It's an amazing coincidence that we get the SAME SUPERBOWL that we got just before the 2020 Presidential election, don't you think?

Whatever the Super Bowl was really built for and whatever it does seems very important and very relevant.

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It was created by Tallmadge (codename: JOHN BOLTON).

It would win the war, but it's existence wasn't revealed until 1929 by a letter. Not a single member was ever unmasked.

Numbers were used to code for a word:


15 = advise


Upon his appointment as Commander-in-Chief on June 15, 1775, Washington immediately began efforts to build an intelligence capacity to assist in obtaining information on the British Army. He accomplished this by creating, directing, and managing spy networks, along with deception, and misinformation efforts in order to mitigate and offset the British military advantage. An additional benefit of serving in the British Army was Washington’s appreciation of their military capability. He knew at the outset of the American Revolution that he could not defeat the British Army in Europeanstyle warfare. This drove Washington to adopt a protracted, defensive strategy that leveraged all information and intelligence capabilities in order to offset the British tactical advantage.

General George Washington's victory over Hessian forces — or German regiments hired by the British — at the Battle of Trenton on December 26, 1776, ranks as an occasion where intelligence properly gathered and utilized secured a major Patriot victory.63 This victory was a result of the individual efforts of John Honeyman who was instrumental in providing General Washington accurate locations and dispositions of the Hessian forces. Early indicators of how Continental intelligence operations were improving was the Continental Army’s capture of Trenton in December 26, 1776.

Because the US army was outgunned in every way against the British, Washington decided the way to win was through psyop networks. Mess with their heads and know what they will do before they do it. This was the foundation of the US MIL intelligence network.

Initial success of the Continental Army was due in large part to the efforts of George Washington, Major Benjamin Tallmadge, Major John Clark, the Culper and Mersereau Spy Rings, and John Honeyman.

To the end of the war, the Culper’s flow of information proceeded—arrival and departure of British ships; British morale; British guesses about the peace; British losses in action; warnings against British agents in the American lines; maps and position sketches; exact location of individual units; quartermaster supplies; movements of British generals and other senior officers.81 This information, gathered by his network of agents, helped shape the campaign and allow him to fight and avoid battles throughout the American Revolution.


Example of its code:

kill 562

You could embed numbers in a letter and no one would realize that the numbers were a secret message.

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post 2927:

POTUS formally announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015.

Why did the HRCcampaign actively work to push POTUS as the 'right' candidate for GOP?

Why did the HRCcampaign publicly attack POTUS' opponents?

Why did the HRCcampaign want POTUS to be the nominee?

Did the FAKE NEWS play along?

Think pre_nominee.

What 'set up' 'insurance' file was created 'assuming POTUS would become the nominee? (Access H-wood tape)

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