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Funny how the Durham trial that the shills insist is a "nothingburger" and we get UFO hearings (same time), Monkeypox outbreak, and all sorts of the Shootings. It's like they really, REALLY want a distraction.

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Leftists keep telling themselves "Two more weeks and Merrick Gardland will totally do something. Just two more weeks and he'll go after Trump."


“I mean, come on — this is ridiculous,” said panelist Elise Jordan. “What is Merrick Garland waiting on? Come on, get in the game — fight, fight. He’s going to be on the other end of power, the losing end. You think Republicans are going to sit back and be like, ‘Oh, we’re not getting much legislating done because we’d look political if we did these investigations.'”

“The question you hear a lot from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Democratic leadership, what is Merrick Garland waiting for?” he added.

He's waiting for two more weeks. Meanwhile Leftists on reddit are melting down.

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Also in things that warm the heart:


Netflix fired the woke staff. Out of 11,000 employees they fired 150 who happen to be the wokiest of woke staff. Aka they just surgically removed the woke virus and sent a message. "Anyone else feel woke? We got more pin slips. Anyone?"

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Al Waleed funded Obama's Harvard degree. Over 20% of the Clinton Foundations funds came from the Saudi side. After the Purge Clinton Foundation donations went from $130 million in 2016 to $22 million in 2017. They went off a cliff.

Obama and Hillary had to scramble for someone to replace the Saudi side. They ran to China.

ISIS was allowed to prosper to round up tens of thousands of orphans and sell onto the slave market in Saudi Arabia. That was was shut down by the purge. Trump quickly wiped out ISIS.

World is much better off than 2017. No matter what they've thrown at people in the years after it has usually exposed them more. Things were a lot darker during the Obama years.

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Looks legit to me. It seems to check out as his official.

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The baby formula thing is all because the dems bright idea to win back parents is to try and pain republicans as heartless. This is why they made an artificial shortage:


Just to make pork bill and stuff it with benefits for themselves. If Republicans vote against it they wail "Republicans hate kids!" This is their old playbook. They're upset that republicans are becoming the party of the parent. Parents just voted a ton of dems out of school boards. That scares dems a lot.


"The one thing that we need to make sure of is that Republicans in 2022 don’t become is the party of parent, because we need to be the party of the parents," Cutter said Wednesday on MSNBC. "And we are. We're the ones that care about school funding. We're the ones that care about making sure parents can send their kids to school because they have jobs to go to. All of this. We need to own that agenda. We cannot let it go."

So imagine dem strategy meeting:

"All right. How do you stop the tide of parents voting republicans? Do we listen to the parents and hear their concerns?"

Dems, "No. Make an artificial baby food shortage, then blame it on republicans."

Dems: "Genius!"

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It seems that Trump forces them to cheat where he knows they'll rig it to win. McCormick was going to cheat his way to victory if he had to. Trump made sure he had to cheat. Trump also proved how powerful his endorsement is. He took Oz and made him the frontrunner. This pisses off the establishment who keep trying to push that Trump's sway isn't that big (proven lie).

McCormick (and the left who want McCormick as Fetterman's opponent) were never going to allow a real patriot to win the GOP primary. They had to waste a bunch of resources on a race that would have been a cakewalk for McCormick if Trump had not endorsed Oz.

While they're busy fighting tooth and nail to get McCormick through, Mastriano gets a cakewalk to the GOP's governor nominee.

What did it cost Trump? Nothing. He just had to say I endorse Oz. They had to spend tons of assets to rig the race. He made it costly for them.

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When you've scraped clean the bottom of the barrel and now you're digging in the dirt beneath the barrel for farm assets.

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Which means dems put that in their deliberately so that republicans would vote against the bill. This was about optics. MSM wants to scream "heartless republicans vote against baby formula bill!"

This about parents. Dems have been in terror that the republican party is becoming the party of the parent so they deliberately made a fake baby formula crisis just to create these optics. This is their desperate attempt to trick parents into voting fro dems again.

Tons of dems got tossed out of school boards across the US because CRT and Mask mandates.

Look at their shitty attempt to pretend everything is fine for dems:


John Fetterman won his primary from a hospital bed Tuesday night, but the Democratic Party is the healthiest it has been this campaign cycle. That’s in no small part because of his landslide victory, at least in Pennsylvania. Republicans meanwhile, have found themselves divided.


It's a primary. The rowdy GOP primary is a sign of how much life there is in the party. The turnout in the GOP primary in Pennsylvania dwarfed the dem turnout. They should be fearful of that. That portends to a massive red wave. They're gonna have to crank up their cheat machine in Philly to the max to have even a prayer in Pennsylvania.

Dems can't win without cheating there and they know it. And even the cheat has limits (ask Virginia's tossed-out dems).

The dem primary had all the liveliness of a cemetery. Fetterman was chosen because he was seen as their only viable candidate. It was him or Lamb Conor and they knew Lamb Conor wouldn't win statewide (untested). There were no other good options. That's not a sign of "unity". That's a sign of "this or no one".

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Sundance developed a very elaborate theory of how he thought it would all go down. His research was great, but it was all made to fit into his theory. When it didn't go down that way he lost all faith. In my opinion he is not a lateral thinker. Many patriots are not lateral thinkers. They tend to be honest and want to resolve things in the most direct away possible.

My cousin is the same way. His approach is basically kick down the door, kill the bad guy, save the day and be called a hero. He can't understand why something like Q and all these games are even needed. Just round up the bad guys. Boom. Done.

He doesn't get that it won't work because the people we fight are sociopaths and psychopaths. They don't fight fair and they have traps rigged for simple people.

If you try that approach with them this is how it actually goes down: kick down the door, kill the person you thought was the bad guy but was in fact a fall person, get arrested for killing a minority, all your friends and family are forced to denounce you or face ruin by the MSM, child porn and nazi books are planted on your computer by the government, all your old social media is brought up to show how evil you are, MSM plasters doctored photos of you stealing candy from a baby, dozens of blue-haired womxn come forward to scream how you sexually assaulted them, you lose your job, and even before the trial you are labeled public enemy number 1. Your loved ones are now losing sleep and developing health problems for the stress and harassment. And you struggle to find a platform to get your side of the story heard.

It is because the enemy fights dirty that Q and Trump use 5D chess.

Sundance, for all his research, still doesn't understand just how dirty the other sides and just how evil they just truly are. He thinks you can fight them by just showing the public the truth. No, it'll take more than that to wake people up. If you just tell them the truth they won't believe you. They must be shown.

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The first indictment and trial was Clinesmith. He really did only get a slap on the wrist. Imagine what Q supporters a couple years ago thought from that first Durham indictment. It's going to be this way a lot when you are building a conspiracy case. Trump did say that Sussman is part of Durham's foundation.

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No worries. I had my 1st theory in a previous post. This is just an alternative idea.

However, the information on just how much Saudi funded Clinton and Obama is very interesting. Most of CF's donations were from the middle east prior to 2017. Not China. All that changed after the Saudi purge. They needed a new donor.

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Yes. They will get shell shacked.

Now, wait. Hold up. Doomers insist "They'll just cheat".

But this is ignorance on both sides. No one understands how the cheat actually works. 2020 was remarkable in just how overt they were in the cheat. They'd been brazen at times before (example: Philly precincts that had 100% and every single vote went to Obama), but never was it so obvious as what took place in 2020.

It's not that they got bolder. It's that they got desperate and sloppy.

But shills are like "We'll they don't care if we know!"

Wrong again.

If that were the case they'd have been a lot more brazen during the Obama years. They'd have never allowed the Tea Party wave of 2010 if they could just openly cheat to crush it. They would have also prevented the 2014 shell shacking. Since 2008 and onward dems always suffer badly in mid terms. They've never been able to cheat their way out of it.

In 2018 they actually did attempt to cheat hard in a midterms. Pelosi got the house, but they still couldn't get the senate. They lost seats.

The cheat happens in very specific areas. It is not widespread. Almost all of the cheat happens in highly urban and densely populated areas.

For example, the cheat in Florida almost entirely happened in 3 specific counties: Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward County. The whole of Florida wasn't the problem. It was those three counties that dems used to steal the state.

In 2018 DeSantis and Rick Scott won, but suddenly it took days and days of recounting before finally they were declared the victor. On election night a republican won Agricultural Commissioner only for Brenda Snipes and Broward County to suddenly drop 50,000 votes that almost entirely favored the democrats. The Agricultural Commissioner seat was stolen. They kept trying to find more, but had to throw in the towel. DeSantis became guv and Rick Scott defeated an incumbent senator.

Does everyone remember the agony of weeks of "vote-finding" in 2018? Dems refused to accept that their incumbent got his clock cleaned.

After becoming governor DeSantis moved fast to boot out Brenda Snipes and the Coward of Broward (who sued to try and be sheriff again). DeSantis spent the next two years dismantling the entire cheating machine in those three counties. He was so successful that in 2020 Florida was clean. It quickly went to Trump and 7-8 dems got booted out of the House in Florida.

When people talk about "they'll just cheat" they're oversimplifying it. No, they won't cheat everywhere. Florida will be clean and fair in 2022. DeSantis made sure of that. We saw it in 2020.

Texas is also having its cheat machine dismantled in South Texas and Harris County. Lina Hildalgo is getting the Brenda Snipes treatment. Mail in ballots have been neutralized in Texas.

In 2020 the cheat machine in South Texas failed and this prevented the dems from stealing the state for Biden. If they had gotten the votes they had planned on getting in South Texas they would have flipped the state. Instead hispanics went strongly for Trump in South Texas and they quickly realized no "extra votes" were to be found.

The Cheat machine in Harris County is being taken down. Texas will have clean races in 2022. A lot of blue dems are going to get the boot in Texas just like they did in Florida in 2020.

Pennsylvania will throw out many blue dog dems. Statewide races will face the Philly machine. However, Trump won the state by a million votes. They had to go to extreme lengths to cheat, but I don't think they are going to be able to do that again. I suspect 2022 Pennsylvania will play out in a similar fashion to 2018 Florida. Mastriano will win on election night, but we will get days and days of "Hold up! There are more votes to be found!" Like DeSantis he'll beat the cheat in the end. However, prepare for days of misery.

For any curious about the fate of Coward of Broward:


Israel had been hired last year by the Davie Police Department as a traffic infraction enforcement officer, reviewing the footage of red-light cameras.

He had been reviewing red light camera footage for the past year. Last week they named him police chief of Opa Locka.


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Yes. I agree. I stopped reading Sundance when he had that post grieving about DC being a dead town. He sounded heartbroken over it and I was forever turned off by his blog after that.

It was a couple years ago. He went to DC during the pandemic and stayed at a hotel. He was demanding answers from some of his connections there and couldn't get anyway. I remember his post was so grim about the state of DC. He kept writing "This town is dead".

You would think declaring DC is dead would be a joyous thing! The pandemic killed DC! pops champagne.

But Sundance sounded like devastated and wrote like DC being a dead town was a disaster. I couldn't believe it. It left me the impression that he loves the political games and theater to the point that he doesn't want the House of Cards brought down.

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Excellent catch on the flag. I wonder if that is true of a lot of the graphics. If we should look at the measurements of the graphics to get hints as well.

I never have regarded Sussman as the target. He is a stepping stone. I notice Doomers trying to be like "but his max sentence won't be that high" which confused me. He was never the target anymore than Clinesmith (Durham's first indictment). Clinesmith sentence was very light and most of it was put as time served. He had his law license suspect till 2023 and he'll never have a security clearance again so he did pay a high price in other ways.

Sussman is simply further sucking the flies into Durham's web. He's more of a bait. Even if Sussman got 30 years would we be like "Oh yeah! Got 'em!". No, because it's not Sussman we want. It is what Sussman leads to.

Marc Elias is now ensnared. Marc is their moronic superlawyer who keeps losing embarrassing lawsuits. He connects to the Steele Dossier. Sussman also connected to Rodney Joffe who connects to many others.

People need to realize the connections and how RICO cases work.


Baker talked and that is how they got Sussman on a lie. Baker talking means that no FBI are going to be found guilty in this trial. I'm surprised Sundance would ever think that. Of course not. That's why they talked and gave up Sussman.

One problem is that most people just read about RICO cases AFTER they've been finished. Never mind the 10-13 years it took to take down the mafia heads. We get a quick summary on wiki. We weren't watching and waiting for the 10 year take down. Imagine the agony of the families who had to wait that long for justice against some of these mob bosses.

Durham was involved in taking down the Gambino and several crime families.

Building a case of racketeering and conspiracy is a long process. It doesn't happen fast. It takes incredible patience and dedication.

Durham is framing things that way because the target is the Clinton Campaign, not the FBI. Of course he'd do it that way. The trial is about Sussman. You can't make it about other people. You are trying to prove that Sussman deliberately and knowingly lied. Durham is also working to prove that Sussman was working in broader conspiracy for the Clinton Campaign to spread malicious data in the hopes of Trump's campaign and administration being investigated by federal authorities.

It would be stupid and destroy the entire case if Durham tried to say that the FBI (the ones WHO gave the testimony that Sussman lied to them) were also part of the conspiracy. Durham would destroy his own case if he put the FBI on trial.

Obviously Durham can't do that. It is Baker's testimony that got Sussman indicted. You have to push that the FBI were the ones duped because you are using THEIR testimony against Sussman.

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It accomplishes exactly what psychological operations soldiers set out to do: Influence an audience. As one commenter on Youtube pointed out: “Everything is a weapon. Even this video.”

Col. Chris Stangle, commander of 4th PSYOP Group, told Task & Purpose on Friday that the video was created in-house, both as a recruitment effort but also to literally show people what they can do — part of psychological operations is creating persuasive media. Stangle said that the artist behind the video tailored it a bit after iconic horror film JAWS, where the filmmakers showed restraint in actually showing the shark. Instead, viewers knew it was lurking just below the surface.

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Hence why that poison pill was a terrible mistake. They thought the poison pill would just force Musk to sweeten the offer, but really they just doomed themselves. Now he'll walk away and leave them screwed.

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"Hey, thats not what happened. They actually begged and begged and begged to be allowed to run away, and finally they surrendered."

Yes, I know. I meant the MSM is portraying it like it they didn't lose. My sarcasm may not have been clear.

I meant how the MSM is trying to portray it is completely opposite of reality. It was a complete loss, but they don't want to admit that.

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"Lost" is a very triggering word. It's also relative. Is it really losing if someone simply chooses not to play anymore?

The Ukraine didn't lose. They just chose not to play the game with Russia anymore 5 seconds before the timer ran out and they were down 30 points. Since they broke the timer, grabbed the ball, and ran off the field they didn't "lose". They just stopped playing. Therefore, Russia didn't win.

It's like if you put me in "checkmate" but before you can say it I flip the board and say "this game is stupid". You didn't win because I overturned the board.

See how this works? I didn't lose. I just chose not to play anymore.

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Adkins has been charged with 82 felony counts, including election fraud and embezzlement.

Adkins has been indicted on 34 counts of false statement - election fraud, 11 counts of absentee voting procedure violation, 8 counts of public embezzlement, 11 counts of forgery of public record, 15 counts of uttering public record, and 3 counts of conspiracy to make false statement - election fraud.

But I thought fraud was rare. The MSM assured me of it.

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What is the name of the town this person is talking about? They claim a "town" in liberty county, but they don't name the town. I'd like to dig further and verify this claim, but they aren't naming the town.

It could be panic-pushing.

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