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Praying for a Christmas miracle.

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They've been doing this for vaccines forever. It's not new. Vaccines being evil profit centers without any liability for pharma companies is not new.

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Are you sure he didn't just fall over because he had to dump himself again?

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And I'm no luddite. Use technology, master it. Don't let it use you.

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This doesn't pass my sniff test. Technology has a lot of demonic/Arihmanic aspects to it. Christ consciousness is organic and requires no technology at all to access.

Turn off the glowie screens and go outside to breathe in fresh air and connect to the organic real world. The answers you seek are within. There, you will know that the best is always yet to come.

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This is not just one case. The pharma and cosmetic businesses all do this and much worse.

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Sometimes it feels like the only people left watching CNN are my relatives.

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Let's go, Brandon!

Even the energy of anger and rage has turned into fun. Best ride ever.

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YES! Watch it on a decent sized monitor and the background is moving around oddly.

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Not necessarily a race question, but sorry, I'm old and I have memories.

If some people have to have the vaccine to work, do people on welfare need to have the vaccine to get their free checks?

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A willing heart will find any reason, an unwilling heart will find any excuse.

Your father's choice should come from his God given conscience, not the external pressure of someone who is using an excuse.

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But, but, hoooorssses.

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