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Sorry Up 1.19% but think mirror.

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1776 days from first Q post. Oct 28th 2017.

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Trump DID NOT retruth a Q post - he retruthed a reply to a post that contained the Q drop. Truth Social will show the original comment on your timeline when you retruth the reply to it (that's how it ended up on his timeline)

Funny to watch all these Mainstream Media clowns get all trigger happy and rush out their fake news pieces misrepresenting what happened - they don't know how the user interface of TS works.

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I have been saying this for so long now and for other things. People need to wake the ____ up and stand together.

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Literally chills up my spine to the back of my neck!!!!! Watch until the end.

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When I first saw Kash on that was clear proof that what he has been saying all along was waking everyone up.

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She has women supremacy. Ask her to let her husband have the baby.

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Yes. Apparently there are many of us that think this way. Many double agents like Sessions et al...

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Now he has My Coffee. He is trying to wake us up now.

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