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Not quite. Flynn and stone were using Fraternities to control and operate Oath keepers and other 'gangs'. Meant to cause civilwar. Its the same Democrat handbook used during BLM. But replace Black with PATRIOTS.. Or something similar.. Pence is the actor that was always going to certify it.

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What do you mean by ‘how did she appear’

That’s like saying, if the bush was just a burning bush, how did it speak to Moses?

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John Salza mentioned this event and I thought it was fitting to reshare this miracle.

What are the 3 secrets of Fatima?

"The first secret was a vision of hell and the suffering of sinners, the second a prediction of the end of the Great War and the beginning of another, and the third a vision of the death of the Pope and other religious figures."


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0:55 timestamp?

Tbh idk it makes sense that it is Jesus for the name.

Matthew 1:21

And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.

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I think all the chemicals in are food need equal attention.

Why is Blue FCF coloring in everything in Western Countries. How come they cant use a different coloring?? Whats going on here.

Its in listerene, M&M's, etc

All the oils, all the sugar. You really need 68g of sugar in a rockstar energy Drink?

Or muffins at the grocery stores, do they really need anything other than the basic ingredients?

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i was enjoying listening to this in the background, feel free to save it for a watch sometime you are looking for a background noise of truth. Some you know. Some you dont. Good refresher,.

anotha one


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I love this delivery of the Bible. :)

so amazing.

The Word is God is being delivered in a new way that the apostles and Christians throughout History could never imagine.

How beautiful is this world made by God! Glory be his.

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I dont have a link since trump truths a lot in general. Take this with a suspicion that it could be fake. But its apart of a longer paragraph.

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I’d be nervous to if I was committing treason against the people in a small province where people know people and everybody knows everybody

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If off topic let me know, I think this content is super calming and provides absolute Bliss at the glory of the word of God.

One of my favourite Bible verses.

Can a nation be brought fourth in a moment?

Its up to all of us to bring fourth the nation. The Love of God is visible when we love eachother and commit to our neighbors.

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also guns are illegal so crime rate is 0

freemasons are not supposed to ;-) handshake in public.

Rightt? ,,, just once a month at the lodge?


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Thats one, then the lady at the at he puts his thumb on her knuckle.

When this guy does the perfect two finger on the pulse handshake, Mulroney pulls him in, to conceal it.

So funny.

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after 5:25 its new footage, I think its an amazing red pill i've fine tuned. I am proud of it, I hope mods are cool with me reuploading it.

I sped up the voice too so its not too slow. More digestible.

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I added to my video about exposing the Climate Change Scam. I believe this is pretty good proof that theyre using climate change to funnel money from taxpayers in Nova Scotia Canada into large NGO's like the UN through the paris climate accord agreement.


If you wouldnt mind giving it a listen and sharing your feedback that'd be great.

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