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IMHO Russel is a patriot and the most experienced with Dominion machines and finding fraud. I think he low balled the quote to keep any fake auditors from getting the contract. Jovan Pulitzer is also satisfied with Az using him. Just hoping they subcontract out the ballot scanning to Jovan

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This is the 2nd time they have gone after hollywood for eating babies

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Saying something about George news gets you attacked by George news operators posing as users here.

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Good shot. Funny thing is Antifa was in the capital building at least 30 min before the first person in front of that maga march even reached the capital.

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Fbi can't find Antifa members Jan 6th but they credible info for March 4th.

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Lost me. So him not wanting to hear any of election cases cause he was scared of pissing off the left can only back fire on him in the future. Isn't according to q post we can trust Kavanagh.

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Donations. They probably thought they didn't need trump.. than they read life comes at you fast

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That ploykes guy is a shill. All his post are the opposite of true. I already hit the deport in him

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Look at the Donald if you let a few shills in than b4 you know it GA will become shit and be hard to clean up later

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Yeah bud a little late. I jumped ship when they hired Obama.

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I like when they send me the the envelopes with 1 dollar bill inside. I just keep the dollar

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She didn't donate enough to Bidens Campaign so Biden needs to make an example out of her.

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All these reporters are to dumb to understand Q. It's like asking a blind man for directions

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Pretty sure it was an Austin idea. Think they forced the Electric company to have a certain percentage of renewable energyin their portfolio or else get a carbon text

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Another thing about Benny. He's got that new generation pedo look. Like that Rino they just arrested.

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Lol. Ben shapiro is such a swamp creature. Everyone 1st thought is biden a pedo. Ben Shapiro is oh his abortion policy

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