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It was on an intelligence gathering mission. I noticed it didn’t fly over DC 🤣

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Now that you say that, is it a coincidence that this spy balloon is over the US at the same time everybody’s talking about the 2023 comet. “Everybody go outside and look up!”

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Do this for foods that contain fetal tissue as well

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Those must be the ones in support of Communism

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It’s already started. Radioactive capsule about the size of a tic tac goes “missing” in Perth, Australia: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRsS4DGJ/

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I’m a plumber in IL, and some cities are paying for lead main water lines to be replaced for residential homes. That’s like a $10k-$30k job going from the curb to the water meter. Where the hell do they get the money for this stuff?

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Did he forget to add /s at the end?

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Darn, I used to eat 12 eggs for breakfast every day, so I probably have like 1,000 diabetes

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This reads like a dog whistle for their Antifa thugs

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I didn’t know they negotiated a vote on the Fair Tax! If this is the bill she’s talking about, bye bye IRS if they can get it done! https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/25/text?r=96&s=1

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“I told him, you want that billion dollars?”…

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I used to own a CrossFit gym. I had multiple clients who got to ditch their blood pressure medications after dieting and exercising for even just a few months in some cases. Getting enough sleep is super important as well.

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What you’re describing sounds like what they call emotional rape: https://psychopathsandlove.com/emotional-rape/ Psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists. They all kind of have the same pattern in their relationships.

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Not part of the Bill of Rights, but the 13th Amendment for anyone paying spousal maintenance or child support. My ex had an affair, committed financial/contract fraud, and is purposely earning less income than she’s capable, but I’m forced by the state under penalty of law to pay her spousal maintenance for a certain amount of time. I also have 50% custody of our children, but I have to pay her child support, again because she’s purposely earning less income. I don’t agree to pay these things, but I’m forced to by the state, or else I go to jail. Family courts violate children’s and parent’s rights all the time.

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Oh my gosh I just cackled haha

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His next post says, “As the saying goes, careful what you wish, as you ay get it.” Would be absolutely amazing if he stepped down and then Trump stepped in. NOTHING would make the leftist’s heads explode faster

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