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The fact is that the US desperately needs to reconstitute a system of asylums.

Half of the people on the streets are mentally ill, and should not be left to fend for themselves on the streets.

Source: worked for 6 years in the mental health field. Saw patients who had no hope of survival on their own seek lifelong commitment, only to be told that no resources were available.

I shudder to think of what fate befell them.

There are two sides to every coin.

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No Thanksgiving since the pandemic.


Can't talk to my ailing mother.

Yeah. Feeling the same way.

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And the Payseurs.....

Another rabbit hole.

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I'll say it, then.

What a hottie! The best kind too! Smart, good morals, well-spoken, and possessing a deep well of courage and conviction.

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God, this hurt my heart.

Had to hold back tears because, while it is animated, I know that this is the reality for so many little ones.

Then, to sell their poor, mutilated bodies so Planned Parenthood execs can get rich.

These bastards are pure evil.

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And it's these ignorant scumbags who get to cancel out 1, or dozens, or hundreds of our votes.

Fuck these people.

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This was a shit company anyway.

Opportunistic jackals taking advantage of loser consumers.

Worked there once upon a time.

For about 3 weeks.

Quit, telling them that I hated the business model, the cold calls to people listed as customers' references, and the customers themselves.

I remember coming to take back a dishwasher from an apartment. There was no other furniture in the place except for a single chair and a shitty TV. 10+ cats, and DOZENS of piles of cat shit. Dude looked up from his stupor at us, the piles of shit, and said "damned cats", like they were to blame for having normal bodily functions..

Another woman cussing us out for repossesing her giant tv from her section 8 apartment full of kids.

Fuck that place. I'm glad its gone.

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Hear hear, Fren!

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There is nothing better in the world than a conservative woman.

Trust me. I found mine.

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Fuck this guy. He knows not of what he speaks.

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They have got to he some total hotties to get these "people" to continue spilling the beans over and over.

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Glad I wasn't drinking liquid when I saw this.

I would have spit it all over my office while laughing my head off!

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Life changer!

Should help me move my family to a red state.

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I just received a $20K/yr raise!

I told them about the 15-27 calls I have been receiving PER DAY from a single Monster resume!

They had no choice but to step up.

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Reason: " Vaccinated individuals are shown to shed the MRNA vaccine on others, and we care about the safety of our employees".

Watch the REEEEE storm ensue. . Along with some quality people!

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