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Yeah, I hold this one real close when all seems hopeless.

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We need to start categorizing people as having taken whatever number of clot shots they were duped/coerced into.

Fuck this "fully vaccinated" bullshit.

But, sadly, people don't seem to have the gift of discernment.

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.....until you see what it does to the normies on the ground.

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I was on track for a final interview for a job that pays nearly twice what I make now.

This topic came up. I told them I do not discuss my personal medical information. The recruiter asked me if I would reconsider. I said I would not. They said "thats a shame". I agreed, and ended the call quickly.

I need to get the Hell out of this state.

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Won't be able to speak to those in the lake of fire though.

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That was so crazy!

"Training exercise", my butt!

When the mitary trains, they do it on a base. If they have to create a scenario, they build the environment.

They do not do this risky close in stuff in the middle of a city.

This was an actual operation.

I'd love to know what they extracted.

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Scattered to the fucking winds.

Return power to the states.

Use the federal marshals for criminals who cross state lines.

The FBI is rotten to the core!

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Experiment in real time.

Slowly lifting the veil.

They are coming out.

Into the light.

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