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Man oh man. Musk did more in the past week than most of us ever could to curb child trafficking and abuse. And all of the comments thus far are nothing but a shrug.

Imagine all of the things Elon has to deal with after taking over this mess of a company, and yet he's done more in two weeks to eliminate Twatter as a pedophile communications hub than anyone in power on social media. It was an obvious priority for him despite innumerable competing priorities.

Elon is not perfect. But none of us are. Let's celebrate and appreciate someone doing some good in the world.

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Nothing wrong with being suspicious of them. And given their background and history, it's obvious that at least some of their values diverge with the values many in this community hold dear.

But that doesn't mean we should ignore words with the ring of truth.

I fear that there's a bit of an all or nothing litmus test that goes on here with a high degree of regularity. If someone checks all the boxes, we listen. If not, we don't. Musk is a good example. Debates on whether he's a good guy or a bad guy.

As opposed to simply lauding him when he does something good and loudly criticizing him when he does something bad. There will be many valuable allies in this fight who may not perfectly align with our ethics and beliefs.

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Disappointed by this meme. I have faith that this community is capable of more nuance than what this meme represents.

Reality is far stranger than we're led to believe and I have faith that anons by and large understand that.

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Tangential topic here for any fellow gun nuts:

I don't believe that revolver is real in case your initial reaction was the same as mine (Woah, that's cool. Where can I get one?). There's no trigger inside the trigger guard. it appears to be a prop gun.

That being said, fascinating photo on his night stand for all the obvious reasons.

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Agreed BiC (and hope you've been well).

I'm trying to remain impartial on these recent drops after the hiatus and just observe and analyze. If these new drops are not the real Q team, I struggle to figure out what their game is unless they're just laying the groundwork for future chicanery. The drops range from the yawn-inducingly banal to the fantastical and provocative with this most recent drop.

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Indeed, Frayed. While this is one of the most interesting, provocative Q drops we've ever seen, we still do not have confirmation that these new drops are legitimate. No corroboration from POTUS yet.

Consequently, all of these drops need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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Look at the broader context. There are some BIG philosophical questions in this drop.

While it would be easy to do, I can't allow myself to cherry pick the easy questions when searching for answers

I strongly believe that Q is hinting at something very, very big here that goes beyond acenstry.com or the jab.

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Given the context created by the other statements/questions in this drop, I suspect that Q's comments about protecting one's DNA is far, far bigger than genetic tests or The Jab.

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This is one of the most interesting and provocative Q drops in a very, very long time.

We see the word "Ascension" again, first mentioned in drop 4963.

I want to be clear that I am not positing the following as the truth. But in the UFO community, there are a subset of abductees that claim positive aliens are here to help us "ascend" to a higher plane or vibrational level. And that negative ET's are trying to suppress this "ascension".

Again, I have no idea if this is what Q is referring to, I simply present it as an interesting connection. Some of these questions could have rather prosaic answers. But some of the questions are very big and I personally can't cherry pick the banal from the extraordinary.

Those first three questions are about as big as it gets: "What is coded in your DNA?" "Who put it there?" "Why?"

Now, one could take the easy way out and simply say "God". But my interpretation is that this is a scientific question on the part of Q, not a theological one. Yes, I firmly believe in God Almighty, but I have also had experiences that tell me that God's creations span much wider than simply the human race and the flora and fauna we share planet Earth with

"There is a war for your DNA."

Who is fighting to gain control/access/the ability to alter our DNA?

"Protect your DNA."

How? We know that the covid MRNA "vaccines" alter the host's DNA, but I struggle to believe that given the questions and statements Q is asking/making in this drop that this is about something as prosaic as The Jab.

This is perhaps the most thought-provoking drops Q has ever made.

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Can't remember who told me this at a very young age, but it always stuck with me:

"The fastest way to lose a debate is to overstate your argument". Seems like that's what Torba is doing here.

Obviously Twatter has changed significantly for the better. Is it perfect now? Of course not and we shouldn't stop pressuring Musk in a tactful and diplomatic manner. Torba is right, AJ should be on Twatter. As to deboosting and shadowbanning, I won't comment until we see what algorithm is being used to determine "negative" and "hateful" content.

But to say that Musk is "no different" just makes Torba sound like a 'tard.

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I would argue that after world war 2, for all practical purposes reality became classified.

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I have a rather depressing and timely story to share on this note. I live in NE Minneapolis which from a voting perspective is basically little Chicago from a voter fraud perspective, and little USSR in terms of voting trends. It's a very, very leftwing town.

My son sadly inherited my low-functioning thyroid so we both take basic thyroid medication to bump up our levels. The local pharmacy where my prescription is located has been absolutely crazy for some reason all week. I've come by Monday through yesterday and every time, there were at least 20 people in line.

This is VERY unusual. Until yesterday, every time I saw the line I just walked out, refusing to spend 90 minutes of precious time. But yesterday I needed to get the meds with the holiday around the corner and my son and I in danger of running out of gas without our meds.

The line was 38 people long when I took my place. It got significantly longer behind me as I waited. I never could figure out why the pharmacy was so busy this week since the rest of the store was mostly empty.

It wasn't until I got to about the 10th place in line that I could finally see what was happening. Most people weren't there for prescriptions. They were there to get their booster before Thanksgiving.

Man, it just depressed the hell out of me to re-read that last paragraph.

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I hadn't seen this in years and stumbled across it recently after a friend sent me the link. The film of course cannot be found in YT's search engine. I don't like to post YT links but there appears to be no monetization/ads on this video so YT is not making any money on it.

For those that have not seen it, it's a very good overview of chemtrails. It also includes a fascinating whistleblower section regarding someone with deep connections in the media who attempted to get major networks to cover the story years back. There was immense interest on the part of some networks, but suddenly it was quashed by an external entity.

As we all know, there is a horrific depopulation agenda playing out by the elites. I believe chemtrails are a major pillar of that plan.

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Indeed. And I'll add that it's an enemy none of us fully understand completely. We have only a hazy (at best) view of the top of the pyramid with little understanding of their capabilities and technology.

That's in addition to the 2nd battle front with the people that thus far have refused to wake the f*** up.

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Indeed. It looks horrible. And that story is seriously f***ed up. Horrifically disgusting conditions, although it's not surprise considering I'm sure it's a bunch of lefties working there.

There's a really easy solution for these idiots if they want to eat vegetables: eat a damn salad.

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No I'm sure not, WG. I'm many years removed from high school and college, but in hindsight the most damaging thing about western education isn't what they don't teach you (although that's a serious problem),it's that they don't teach students to grow up to be critical thinkers. Quite the opposite actually.

The fact that you're here tells me they failed to prevent you from becoming a critical thinker.

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I remember seeing this film in the theatre when it came out. Really enjoyed it, bought the dvd a couple years later.

My son is 22 and over the past few years I've been giving him an education on great 70's/80's/90's films and this one came up in our queue.

It still holds up, btw. It's not an all time great film, but it is very good and I think it touches on something universal in all men. Very interesting comment by the OP that this film has never played in syndication. That's very unusual and I strongly suspect there's a deeper story there.

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This exactly, BB. Tweet is rather misleading, your comment is exactly what I'm hearing.

With the dramatic Disney stock price decline, it was the perfect opportunity for Chapek to say: "Sorry team, in this challenging environment we have to get leaner and more nimble", and then use the RIF as an opportunity to clear out every single woke employee.

But given who they replaced him with, I suspect there's no way in hell that will happen.

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I suspect @Jack was more of a prisoner than a mastermind. A weak, feckless, not terribly bright prisoner that stood by while evil was being done in his name.

There was a time where I'd differentiate between monsters and the weaklings that allow monsters to run amok, but I'm starting to not care.

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I would agree with Zuby, but I would add an additional item and that's that a certain percentage of human beings have an extremely strong need for external authority.

Perhaps that desire served us at some point from an evolutionary perspective, but it's a terribly damaging thing when psychopaths control the levers of power and 1/3 to 1/2 of the population is desperate for a ruler.

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Multiple answers here:

  1. We only know of the elements and isotopes we have here on earth. It's not only possible, it's highly probable that additional elements and isotopes exist.

  2. One of the key identifiers of a non-terrestrial piece of material is isotopic ratios. For instance, a piece of carbon on earth has consistent ratios of carbon-12, carbon-13 and carbon-14. Non terrestrial carbon (from say a meteorite) will have different, non-terrestrial isotopic ratios.

  3. These confirmed materials are the result of metallurgy we do not currently possess in the non-classified world and some were obtained early enough (40's & 50's) that it's extremely unlikely that they were made with human hands (in addition to non-terrestrial isotopic ratios).

Perfect layers of bismuth bonded with magnesium layers that are a micron thick arranged like a sandwich. No known process in the non-classified world to get bismuth to bond with magnesium and have perfect micron-thick layers.

We're way off in the weeds here now, though.

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The problem is that the level of control that "they" have over the media. Ask any gay man 45 and older that was a regular in the Boystown/Northalsted area of Chicago when he was younger, and he'll tell you that Barack Obama was a regular in the bath house scene even during his first year as a state senator. There's even an honorary Barack Obama room at one of them and I'm told his name is still above it.

But despite the enormous amount of corroborative information to support this assertion, the vast majority of Americans don't know it because it's not covered and because it's been pushed (by guess who) into the realm of conspiracy theory.

There are civilian people with pieces of UFO crash debris that has been analyzed by multiple universities that have found the material to be "non-terrestrial". But you've never seen it reported in a major outlet.

Michael/Michelle surrendered his/her law license many years ago because he/she was going to be disbarred for malfeasance. Again, it's a matter of record, but nobody knows because of "their" stranglehold on media.

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Worked in this space for many, many years and good lord, this looks like a bunch of pragmatic people that are focused on work.

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