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Oh man... what a dream it would be for Kash to be running the CIA.

At the same time, I'd fear for the man's life if he did. I don't think anyone can reform that hydra. Only solution is to starve it of cash.

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I've wondered about this as well, HB. More in a general fashion in terms of the election not happening.

This scenario certainly doesn't seem impossible, though there are plenty of others of course that could play out.

I hate saying this because so much of my statement is based on gut feeling rather than data, but I've had the feeling for a long time that we're not going to have an election next November. Whether that's for better or for worse, I won't pretend to know. But I can't escape that feeling.

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I have a similar mindset for DeSantis supporters: "Imagine living through the last 7 years and learning nothing?".

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That whole thing was very suspicious. There was speculation that the "Umbrella Man" was a cop named Jacob Peterson, but there was surveillance video showing Pederson at the same time as the Umbrella Man was smashing the windows in AutoZone.

As far as I know, neither the local police nor the FBI have identified who the Umbrella Man is and I find that to be extraordinarily suspicious. The guy was directly inciting the crowd into violence. And something about his build and the way he moves, how practiced it is, how he managed to disappear... I can't help but think he was planted there to increase the violence.

Unfortunately, I was never able to get confirmation but at least one Minneapolis cop is suspicious as well that the umbrella man is a fed as well.

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As an aside, the account linked to here "AMABLACKPATRIOT" is a great one. I've followed her and communicated with her for many years on Twatter/X. She is well worth a follow.

She has had great tragedy in her life as she very suddenly lost her husband about 4 years ago. Amazing woman and patriot.

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I too have asked for prayers for my dogs here in the past. Most completely understood the request and prayed, and I genuinely believe those prayers helped as my beloved Newfoundland is still with me. So no need to mention it's off topic. We're here to support fellow patriots in everything.

I lost the best dog I've ever had about 6 years ago (a GSD) to cancer. I only wish I knew back then what I know today, I could have possibly cured him. I will never, ever get over losing him.

Praying for you and your pup, fren.

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Posted this here before but I used to run a political blog that mostly focused on national events (focus was getting Trump in office in 2016) but also covered local events. Consequently, I had developed some good local sources (I'm in NE Minneapolis).

Within 24 hours, I knew from a Minneapolis cop two things:

-Chauvin was a loose canon that for whatever reason (more understandable now) the Minneapolis city council ignored.

-The mayor and city council knew THAT FUCKING NIGHT that Floyd died from cardiac arrest due to a heart that was ravaged by years of drug abuse and the massive amount of drugs in his system.

Contrast that last item with the words of the city council and the boy-child mayor, Jacob Frey in the coming days. They did everything in their power to whip up the black and white, self-loathing leftist community.

The creator of this documentary (Liz Collin) left the local CBS affiliate where she had been a news anchor because of the lies and bullshit. I trust very few, but she seems like a legit patriot who is dedicated to the truth and left a very cushy job to put stuff out like this documentary.

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I was curious about your question and so I did a little digging. This data is a little old, but not too old (4 months). At that time, over 100 American universities required a booster to attend fall classes:


I suspect that there could be pockets of government jobs here in the states and pockets of Europe that still requires it as well, but I'm continuing to research.

As an aside to the OP/BD, great post and digging your twitter feed as well.

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Funny article, but does this deserve to be stickied?

We have a post on a major court decision that could have dramatic impact on the 2024 elections that's languishing with very little attention here that is much more deserving of being highlighted by the mods: https://greatawakening.win/p/17rmEjHUmP/court-rules-that-only-us-federal/c/

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No problem, PW. This is a really important ruling and I thank you for posting it. This is a story/post that the mods should sticky given its importance to future elections.

Although in my experience, memes typically have a better chance of being stickied than real news like this that impacts the Great Awakening.

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So this news is actually a mixed bag. In the short term, it's likely a major victory but I completely understand the apprehension the commenters are putting out there.

The reason this is a short term victory is that this ruling prevents entities like ActBlue, Media Matters and the literally dozens of leftist/communist outlets that would immediately sue the hell out of any city that did anything close to implementing something like voter id.

These groups have been so litigious, a lot of cities didn't want to do anything to secure their elections for fear of having one of these extremely well-funded groups drag them into court.

That being said, folks are absolutely right here in the comments that it's very concerning that the ruling states that only the federal government can sue on perceived violations of the voting rights act.

But at least in the short term based on what's been happening for the past 2 decades, this is a massive victory.

EDIT: Item I neglected to mention: If you go on twatter/X and search for this ruling, you will see high profile Leftist accounts completely losing their shit over this ruling. Of course, they're not telling their readers the real reason this is so bad for the Dems. It's all under the umbrella of "Minorities will be disenfranchised". So their panic should tell you something right there.

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I'll add some additional info here and also recommend the link that "Mycovidfeelslikeacol"'s post that links to an interview with one of the primary researchers (Ashton Forbes) on these videos.

Here's another great video breakdown with Ashton Forbes. It's lengthy, but very good info as he not only breaks down the video, but goes into detail as to why none of the existing MH370 narratives make sense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ieLc6Fjcto

Now, for the skeptical, a few items on this story:

-The videos that were found are quite old, released very quietly just two months after MH370 went missing to a tiny little youtube channel. These videos are not something brand new.

-My best friend growing up spent 25 years working as an editor in Hollywood for 25 years. I sent him the video and asked him to look at it as well as have some of his special effects colleagues look at it. A couple pieces of feedback from them:

  1. They could not detect any signs of manipulation.

  2. If the video has been manipulated, it's incredibly impressive given that it's 9 years old. They said this sort of things was possible 9 years ago, but would have required serious CGI tech and someone(s) at the top of their game.

  3. The frame where the plane disappears stood out to them. The flash and shadows are perfectly reflected off of the surrounding clouds.

Now, there is always the possibility that this video is a state-sponsored psyop. To what end, I do not know. But that should not be dismissed as a possibility as "they" would have the tools and expertise to pull something like this off. Otherwise, I am very intrigued by this video. Especially so given that there were multiple reasons to be highly suspicious of the narratives multiple governments provided on MH370.

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I've seen how women tend to drive automobiles. Last thing we need to do is give them tanks. .









(just a little tongue-in cheek fun on a Sunday, for anyone who got mad).

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Very encouraging post given the mystery illness that's been killing canines. Been a rather big concern in my household for my Newfoundland and Aussie Cattledog. Hopefully this is going to lead to a successful, standardized treatment. Though chloramphenicol is no joke. That's some serious stuff.

Great post, LP.

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Let's not forget the multiple MSM outlets pushing the "Iran wants to assassinate DJT" story. Aside from the fact that the story should provide a bit of cognitive dissonance to TDS-afflicted Leftists (Why would a Russian ally want to assassinate Trump if he's an actual Russian asset), you can practically see the headlines/quotes if God forbid, it were to happen.

There are elements of the pentagon who have wanted war with Iran for literally my entire adult life.

"President Trump was a flawed man and President, but by God he was POTUS and this act of war by Iran's government will not be tolerated."

Suddenly the MSM goes on a DJT rehabilitation crusade to get mentally pliable lefties all riled up for a full on war with Iran.

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Erik Prince brings not only experience, but serious brain power to every conversation. That is a smart, smart man.

There's another excellent interview with Prince done by Shawn Ryan that Choctaw links to in the comments. Well worth listening to both.

I sincerely hope that in the next Trump administration, Erik Prince has a high level position.

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I say this as a Christian and as someone who has read the Bible many, many times:

I hate your answer. Hate it. You took a post that someone had spend hundreds of hours of labor in order to put it together and you dismissed it outright.

Our greatest challenge in making the Great Awakening a reality is waking up those in a deep slumber. I've read 7 of the books the OP posted and a subset provide excellent insights in waking up those slumbering people.

God did not put us on earth to read the Bible and then pray for everything we want. He gave us the wonderous gift of free will and autonomy to allow us the choice of making the lives of our brothers and sisters better.

Understanding how people think and how a collective thinks is a key to making this world a better place. The books that the OP mentioned provide assistance in that endeavor that the Bible does not. The Bible is a guide to living a good, righteous life. It is not a guide to waking up communist imbeciles.

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He's not wrong. And unfortunately, even on GAW we have no shortage of people who do not pay attention to what Q said.

And no, I'm not talking about glowies and shills. Thankfully, there are plenty of members that did and continue to be informed by the Q drops. But a frustratingly large minority is very selective about what drops they adhere to and the ones they dismiss/ignore.

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After reading this post, I read several of the comments.

My condolences and prayers for all of you with family members that continue to poison themselves and their children.

The behaviors described in this post and comments are what I view as the biggest challenge we have in making the Great Awakening a reality: How do we reach people that are weak of mind and spirit and who have been completely brainwashed?

Like myself, I know many of you have spent a lot of time trying to answer this question. We can't ever lose sight of finding answers to this problem, even when there are times we may not want to.

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