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how do you know he was right about pence? If you believe in devolution pence is playing his roll.. so basically your saying that trump knowing what lin wood knows is still talking to a pedo? Cause just last week he confirmed he talks with pence still..

I stopped following lin cause he is off the mark.. I also got an eye opener when trump did NOT endorse him.. theres a reason for that. and you never see trump mention lin..

common sense. NOT EVERYONE IS PART OF THE PLAN! theres some people that think everything and everyone reverts to Q and they are wrong.

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you are right.. hes just simply fighting everything else.. but I agree. but i dont think he should until a few more do.

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Nancy pelosi used to also want to drain the swamp. He’s a shill

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Deep state shill to discourage

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Oh yeah? He has also called out patriots

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they give remdisivir cause they make more money..

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when you call is the whitehouse still closed?

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A is always financial talk only..

B is political talk which could include financial talk.

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What the happened to this page?! Lol filled with so many doomers!

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I didn’t explain anything. Your the one freaking out.

Have you read about devolution yet?

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LOL at the hats but who the fuck would put there kids this close to the man.

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I meant believe in devolution..

I know its happening.. you can see it if you are paying attention.

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I have, Its devastating.. I still own one now..

But this is what happens in WAR.

You can get all emotional about it.. but until you take your blinders off you wont fully wake up..

At the end of all this.. when the fed is destroyed.. when the left is defeated. It will be worth it.. Just going to have to go through the darkness before the light.

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"400 Patriots rotting in jail"


"Thousands dead from the vaccine, 10's of thousands injured"

These ARE trumps Vaccines technically. and again, you are not forced to take them


The Afghanistan leaders were corrupt.. they were going to be replaced by the taliban all along.. Biden Fucked it up.. Unfortunately military members are aware of this all the time. The DEEP STATE isnt going to give up control so easy.

"Dead military in Afghanistan"

See Above..

"Millions of bankrupt companies"

This happens in WAR. WE ARE AT WAR.

"Millions of unemployed workers"

Why? Theres tons of jobs out there.. millions of jobs.

"Mandated vaccines"

Are they mandated? MANDATES ARE NOT LAW..

Sorry you may not want to accept this.. but you are NOT AWAKE.. And when I say 12 years trump said he would be president for 12 years maybe.. Its not going to happen when you want it to, but you are barely effected by things that are happening right now..

Look at GITMO, Biden and the left want to shut it down so bad yet they are still building new court houses and jails there..

You need to seriously read devolution.

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The eviction moratorium got over turned.. how are small businesses devastated..

yes sometimes to get rid of an enemy forever some sacrifices need to be made, but there is nothing that they have done thats not reversible. and in the meantime more eyes are opening up then ever before..

Just yesterday people realized that they are all on the same team with bush's speech..

Any small business going out of business was already hit very hard from covid losses and if they are in blue states, they have their own Gov to blame for that and wouldnt of matter under trump.

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Describe what the dems have accomplished with all the power and control they have..

The vaxx mandate will get over ruled in court.. but what have they really done.

over 15 states already have signed new election integrity laws.. Audits happening all over, Laws being changed that the DOJ cant do anything about.. Chants of Fuck Joe Biden at Football games. Some politicians cant even walk down the street without getting boo'd or yelled at.

Trump is never going to just be reinstated.. if you believe in devolution he is already the president..

But you have to believe and take your blinders off.

After all, he told you.. maybe 12 years..

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i edited a pic from image search.

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