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I never thought I’d be able to see the northern lights from my backyard here in southern BC. Last night I got a great show.

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I've heard that electroculture helps for pests, but I haven't seen any hard studies on it. I'm currently doing a little test on some plants at home, but it's too early to see any results.

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Isn’t Olbermnan basically perma-triggered these days?

That’s gotta be exhausting

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I know it’s not the same thing, but..

Fun fact: vegetarian meat products differ from dog food by less than 1%.

I’m happy Ron made this move banning lab growing meat, but decidedly less happy that he flew to Israel to sign his copy of the antisemitism law.

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I don't know if any anons here follow this guy, but there's lots of stuff in this video. He's got a pretty good track record of decoding market & world events via numerology.

I'm not (and he's not) advocating numerology, but only from the standpoint that those who pull the strings on the world level believe in this stuff and encode everything they do with it.

Just one notable event from the video - April 15 the Copenhagen Stock Exchange burned. This was a fire ritual connected to the Year of the Dragon (the building has a huge spire representing four dragon's tails). Same day as the Notre Dame burned. The Nazis invaded Denmark... it goes on and on. The Titanic. etc.

Upcoming dates of interest: April 20 - 22 years, 222 days from 9/11. For reference, 3/11/2021 (start of Covid) was 222 months from 9/11.

April 24th has all kinds of connections, could possibly be a local bottom for the crypto markets etc.

Lots in here for those interested. I know its a long vid. No way around that unfortunately.

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Never seen this guy before, but he's on target. Also didn't know the Russian/Israeli connection on the mega churches, though I am aware of several SRA survivors who have pointed out some of the leaders of these things as having been their abusers.

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Some additional notes for 14….. 😉


  • Release, Deliverance
  • Passover lamb killed on 14th day of the first month (for deliverance of the people)
  • Acts 27:33 Paul on ship in the storm - boat lost but people delivered on the 14th day.
  • Compare Hosea ch 14 to the rest of the book. (its the last chapter)
  • 14 Levites sanctified to cleanse the temple. 2 Chr. 29:12-15
  • Jesus the King and Redeemer (link)
  • Gen 14:14 - Abraham’s 318 man trained army goes out to release, deliver Lot
  • 14th time Abram mentioned (Gen 12:10) goes to Egypt to deliver himself from the famine.
  • 14th time Abraham mentioned (Gen 18:13) “Is anything too difficult for the Lord?"
  • 14th time Israel mentioned (Gen 45:28) Jacob-Israel understood God had delivered Joseph.
  • 14th time Joshua mentioned (Num 27:22) Moses laid hands on him, commissioned him. Released Joshua into his calling, released Moses from his.
  • 14th time Jesus mentioned in Luke (4:35) he delivered a man from a demon.
  • Takes 14 generations to create a pure bloodline in animal husbandry
  • 3 x 14 generations to Christ. He was the 42nd. 3 for Trinity each being perfected in Him.
  • To write fourteen in Hebrew, they wrote two Hebrew letters: yod-daleth. These signify the hand (outworking) of the door. It pictures a release or deliverance from the prison with the opening of the door. - See more.
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I believe you nailed it. It is the end times, because an age is ending, along with so much we are familiar with.

But it is NOT the end of time or the end of the ages or the Great Wrapup scene or whatever you want to call it lol.

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I think it’s a stretch. But I’m not gonna flat out say you’re wrong.

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Uganda has done something similar. The world is waking up. Some parts were never fully asleep.

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You make a good point. I talked to someone the other day who thought CNN was a good legit news outlet, and when I challenged them on it, their response was “but they’re really professional about it, they do a good job right?”

PERCEPTION is everything and they know it. Look at Obama. Well spoken, seemed sincere… they all swallowed it whole.

We’re conditioned to equate quality of communication with quality of truth but that just isn’t so in the real world.

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I paid freaking $24 for a decent fast food style hamburger and fries no drink at seatac a few weeks ago. Certainly not high end burger

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Just to play devils advocate for a moment, if Putin was indeed a bad guy, he is still most certainly aware of Q and his own perception within the Q community…. So he could very easily put a Q in his garden so as to seem on board and cement support from the community.

I personally think he probably is involved in the good team, but I’m just saying - folks make a big deal of some of these things and it really could go either way.

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All I recall seeing from Dutchsinse is stuff on chemtrails, HAARP and the like. Weather modification. He's got some great videos showing incredibly blatant weather mods. Been around for years. I don't know anything else about him.

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