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Was free, fair and accurate

Yet we are constantly fighting the right of the people to audit their government to prove that it was

There was no fraud

Because everyone knows if you had nothing to hide you wouldn't be fighting it tooth and nail

Be prepared to defend any accusations of misdeed in court

Constitution gives sole authority to State Legislatures over elections. Executive and Judicial branches have no say in it.

Finally, it is no coincidence that a "whistleblower" is coming forward at this time and Mike Lindell is about to drop the bomb on what he is claiming never happened. There is a reason Wendy Roger and Borelli mentioned treason.

Oh, and Chairman Sellers, you do realize if they file treason charges it is NOT handled in civil courts, yes? It goes to military tribunal. So you best hope YOU can defend at that point.

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Good is called evil.

Evil is called good.

I read that somewhere I think....

by Restore
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Told ya this was coming.

Wait until you see what is coming about the vaccines. With that, none of them will ever be able to walk down the street again.

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Time to play the lefties game.

For the AZ audit accuse Dominion of the vote switching tallies recorded in Michigan, then file charges against them.

After that, have them have to prove in court that they didn't do it by opening up the machines used in the audit.

If they don't, then what you accused them of is true.

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Six areas in the gallows representing the following:

  1. Traitors in the Federal Government
  2. Traitors in State Governments
  3. Traitors in County/Local Governments
  4. Medical/Pharma Industries
  5. MSM
  6. Big Tech

A heading across the gallows should say: Enemies of the Republic

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Technically the difference is that it would be an insurrection if a group tried to overthrow a legitimately placed government by the people. Once the proof of the fraud is released, the Federal Government will no be shown as the illegitimate entity it is.

How will the people handle it when they know that the Feds are now an enemy organization not put in place by the American People?

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Correct, it isn't. However, it is a document that reflects the consequences TO the government when the will of the people is violated.

Our Founding Fathers structured the order of power in our Republic as such:

God - who grants us the rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights and therefore is outside government authority AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON

People - who constructed the States for the purpose of protecting those God-given rights

States- who constructed the Federal Government via the Constitution to make sure the States remained at peace with one another, to protect the States from foreign powers and to negotiate for all the States with foreign entities.

Federal - who were constructed as the lowest and most limited form of government.

So while the Declaration of Independence is not a "legally binding" document, it does in fact spell out a right of the People when their governments no longer work in their best interest.

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I think that we should first end, in it's entirety, the ENTIRE US Criminal Federal Government, then have Trump take over as the First President of the restored Republic.

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Why? Why would anyone WANT them decertified and Trump to take position over a failed and corrupt political establishment again?

Did everyone miss what Trump said in his first election speech about "replacing: this establishment?

Once the people have the truth of the fraud, it is over - the entire Federal Government, not just Biden and Harris, is a illegitimate government not placed by the will of the people. It will now become a rogue government - IN IT'S ENTIRETY.

The goal is - and has always been - to end the tyranny of a Federal Government that has long seized power not given given to it by the Constitution and return it to it's very limited position. This is about restoring Old Glory.

Here is something EVERY Patriot needs to consider as we move forward. What are the bonds of slavery that have been placed on us by traitors in the Federal Government and what would life look like without those bonds. The Feds have allowed ink on paper to be printed so the real wealth of the nation can be stolen from the citizens. They created the IRS to do this.

What would life be like for Americans if you kept almost 100% of your pay? Could Americans benefit from an immediate increase of 25%-35% in their income? Do all Americans realize that property taxes are actually unconstitutional? That once your acquire property, there was NEVER meant to be a way for the States or Feds to confiscate it?

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In other words, communication is received to the typist after he has had a bottle of Jack and a few doobies.

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Just to clarify in your comment - Operation Fortitude, which consisted of what you mention above, was a smaller operation that was part of Operation Bodyguard (the true master plan for the deception of the invasion).

Secondly, when you mention Patriots trying to figure out the plan, that is exactly what the Q team wants. We have been led to see who the true enemy is while at the same time throwing out 1,001 theories about the plan without knowing the specifics. When studying all of Operation Bodyguard for WWII, there was a similar tactic used so the Germans would stay confused as to what was happening.

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He left out the most important one - Freedom from Government Tyranny.

There is a good reason Q posted many times the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence about ENDING Government when it becomes the source of the people's lost freedom.

The ENTIRE Federal Government needs to be torn down and re-established to it's minimalist function as was intended by our Forefathers.

It is time for the people to hold their corrupt State Representatives accountable - including demanding prison for those who KNOWINGLY break the law. It is time for the political factions to CLEARLY understand audits are for the PEOPLE to check t hat their government is doing things legally.

It is almost time for the PEOPLE to take control of their country again.

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People really need to stop with this 'Trump is still President' nonsense.

If Trump was still President he would be in direct violation of his oath of office to protect the American People. There are currently political prisoners in DC (ala Soviet style justice), illegals pouring over the border, censoring and spying on citizens, etc. All of these transgressions, if he were President, would mean he should be removed from office for failing to uphold his responsibilities.

Trump is NOT currently President but is still very much part of the plan. There is MUCH more going on than people realize and it is happening on a much bigger scale than just the US.

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Hmmm. Hundreds of Millions of hungry people with Hundreds of millions of guns being forced to go hungry by their government if they don't allow their government to intentionally inject them with an experimental drug in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

What could possibly go wrong for the government with this action?

If your theory holds true, it will be a good thing because it will finally be the straw that will bring down the criminal governments of this country. The US Government do NOT have the capability, even with F-15s and nukes, to stop an army of 250 million armed citizens.

In fact, if it went did escalate to that, the US Government would not survive more than a couple of days. Corrupt state and local governments might last a day.

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Many on the left will wake up, Most are simple sheep. The small minority that are way out there will never wake up.

However, the audits are just the beginning - people need to wake up to that, even the Patriots. What is being done is exposing ALL of the elite crimes and laying bear they are responsible for all the misery in the world.

You are seeing the world awaken now and there is no turning back.

The audits, in the US, are just taking the lid off the can of worms. Once that lid is off, what is in the can will be revealed and, at that point, it will be the end for the elites on a global scale. The people of the US are going to awaken like you see in France, Germany, Greece and other countries.

Start thinking in this manner - the audits will show what is needed for the people of the US to NEVER trust their governments again. But what happens if, right after that. it is revealed the "vaccines" are INTENTIONALLY meant to kill millions and those same fraudulent politicians are in on it?

The governments, bankers, MSM, big Pharma, big corporations and big tech will all become the target of the ire of BILLIONS of pissed off citizens.

This is MUCH bigger than anyone can imagine.

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The fourth seal has been broken...

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The fourth seal has been broken....

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And there are some of us who will share this info for free since we are all in this together.

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There is NO Delta variant.

Not only that, in the entire history of virology, variants have always been less potent than the original (remember, the virus want to live as well since they do not benefit from killing their host).

Past records of variants show a lethality drop of 0.005% or more. Considering the Covid Virus has a 99.997% survival rate, this means and variant would have a 100% survival rate.

Oh boy, things are about to get interesting.

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I like your comment except disagree with one little thing - I'd be willing to bet Trump's victory in Texas was REALLY closed to 7.5 million taking into account the Dominion vote swapping algorithms.

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I love the "we need federal intervention part."

Structure of government in the US per the Constitution - for you bonehead Democrats.

God > People > States > Fed

Yes indeed Texas Dem idiots, the Feds are the LOWEST level of government in the country. Unfortunately for you, Gov. Abbot knows this and has been telling the Feds to pound sand as well. He also is the first Governor to figure out THAT THEY CAN TAKE CONTROL OF THE MILITARY FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

You Dems really should spend more time learning about that pesky Constitution rather than ignoring it.

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Finally, the news I have been waiting months to come out.

Do not fear this AT ALL. Do not fall for rebellion to this.

But know this. If Biden does this, that is the beginning of the end for the traitors in this country. Not only does he not have Constitutional Authority to do this but to issue a mandate for an experimental drug will, under the Nuremberg Code, immediately make him an international War Criminal.

Furthermore, because this mandate will be against the American People and, in August the PROOF will come out that he is an illegitimate President installed with the assistance of a foreign regime (an Act of War against the US), the military will HAVE to put their oath to the test. Either they will defend the American People against a belligerent government that has now exercised war crimes or the military will do nothing and become accomplishes to War Crimes. Remember, I was just following orders does not hold water when it comes to the Nuremberg Code.

Rest assured, I am willing to bet the military takes the former option. Things are about to get very, very hot for the traitors in this last election.

Fun aside - Governor Whitmer is ramping up her re-election campaign right now without the slightest clue she won't even see that day in the future.

The traitors will be paying their dues very soon. What is coming has been decades in the making and they will not escape.


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Right. Ask yourself why a "former" President is actively very active in front of the American People again. Most former Presidents fade back into everyday life after.

People have no idea at the SCALE things are about to happen in - and I am not just referring to the US.

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The military is still not allowed to follow ILLEGAL orders (which Biden mandating an experimental drug is) and they are also bound by the Nuremberg Code.

Ironically, the Nuremberg defense of "I was just following orders" would apply to ANY military official who tries to coerce, in any way, anyone to take the vaccine. It is a WAR CRIME under international law.

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