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Truthfully, it's more of a "situational" thing. But here's my personal breakdown

Wind: Worthless as a power source, better off as a tourist attraction (old timey grain mills)

Solar: Worthless as a large scale power source, "decent" for off grid and emergency applications

Hydro: Not exactly the greatest source of power, but literally zero downsides, so there's no reason to NOT use it since not only does it produce power, but it also tends to act as water storage and produce industry in fish stocked reservoirs for fishing, tourism, etc. So pretty good power source, but can't compete with fossil fuels or nuclear in terms of sheer energy production

Geothermal: Honestly, the only one that even really qualifies as a legitimate power source. Get a big enough vein, and you can compete with coal plants. Only real problem is that traditionally, geothermal has been limited to places with already active sites. But the last 50 years of tech advancements and research has changed that, and now we have the ability to install geothermal pretty much anywhere on the planet. Most people think you have to dig down like, 100 miles to get a decent vein if you're not on a natural one. But realistically, there's already companies repurposing dead oil and gas wells into geothermal power plants. Likewise, there's also companies now that create small scale "modular" geothermal systems that can easily replace solar for personal and off grid use that require much lower drill depths and temperatures. So yeah, of all the "green" power sources, the only one I see with a legitimate future in the private sector is Geothermal. It'll probably start replacing solar and wind soon among off grid types, and then it'll just balloon from there. That being said it still won't replace fossil fuels since you can't make "stuff" from raw energy that it produces

In conclusion, wind sucks, solar is meh, hydro is ok, and geothermal is actually good but can't replace fossil fuels completely since oil and gas are also the source of like 90% of every polymer in existence currently

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Yeah, I refuse to believe Louisiana or WEST VIRGINIA of all places shifted to the left. In West Virginia's case, it's literally impossible

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Title's a bit misleading. There's only one "offer" for $20K and it's only for police offers for some place called Jackson Michigan. Nothing about minorities, solely for police offers willing to relocate to that specific city in michigan, which isn't super big, but it isn't rural either since the county has over 160K people in it. More of a midsize suburban area.

Most of the offers are FAR lower, and even then, they're not all cash offers. For example: https://www.makemymove.com/get-paid/texarkana-usa

That's the second largest "incentive" on the website. $17,100 to move to texarkana in Texas/Arkansas. BUT it's not actually $17,100.

$5K cash, a bunch of one year memberships for local clubs, college discounts for the local college, a "meal with the mayor", and a bunch of memberships that literally no one cares about like "Membership to the Texarkana Regional Arts & Humanities Council".

That's the general breakdown for most of these "incentives" a very small amount of cash, and then a lot of crap no one cares about. And I've yet to so anything specifically targetting minorities over whites or rural areas in general. In fact, most of these places are midscale cities/suburbs.

Strangely enough, like 90% of the places on the website are in Indiana. Very few of them are outside of Indiana, and when they are, like I said, they're a midscale city/suburb.

I will be fair though I DID find ONE example claiming to actually give $10K in cash.


But West Memphis is a liberal craphole anyway, and it's not majority white, it's majority black. And it also led me to discover another trend with most of the places on this website.

Most of these places, with a few notable exceptions, like an entry for Tulsa OK, are dying. They're populations have been decreasing for decades because no one wants to live in a midscale, usually liberal, craphole where it's not big enough to offer any kind of urban convenience, but it's big enough that you get all of the "big city problems" (crime, traffic, excessive taxes, housing, etc.)

That's why they're trying to do stupid stuff like this to boost their populations. They're trying to maintain their populations because with reduced populations, comes reduced tax base, and it makes it harder to cheat in elections.

For the record, from what I can tell, it's not like people are moving completely out of the area, it's just that they're moving like a county over or something, so they're still in the area, probably still working the same jobs, but most of their taxes are going to surrounding areas, which is why these cities are desperate for new people.

TL;DR: Basically, the title's wrong. The actual cash being offered is much lower in most cases, and most of these places aren't rural, but midscale cities/suburbs with gradually dying populations.

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Yeah I'm not about to give official advice in any capacity. Not my place, but don't do anything stupid. You can't go wrong buying silver in these current times (at current prices anyway), it's all but guaranteed to go up when the crap hits the fan. But don't buy so much that it puts you in a financial struggle in the medium term.

That fat stack won't do you much good if it forces you into poverty before you can cash it out at the high prices everyone knows it's gonna see.


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Generally speaking, most people believe the baseline "real value" of silver should currently be about $5K an ounce based on supply/demand and annual mining numbers.

Personally, I think we'll temporarily see numbers much higher than that because this is probably gonna be the ACTUAL MOASS squeeze. People will talk about gamestop and other stock being the MOASS, but silver is the single most shorted asset on the planet to the tune of QUADRILLIONS, not billions, not trillions, but over a QUADRILLION, dollars.

The silver short squeeze is probably gonna be the final nail in the coffin for the central bank system, and if people play it right, they can come out VERY wealthy on the other side.

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Actually, that's not true. Silver is used in A LOT of industrial applications, and when it's used it's basically destroyed since it's not worth recovering. So for the last 70+years, silver has been mined at either break even or a deficit (in terms of supply and demand), meaning silver's value SHOULD have increased compared to what it was pre federal reserve. And by a rather large margin as well.

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Pretty much. It's mostly based on the general man's FOMO mentality. They'll start seeing the numbers go up, and think "Hey, I should get in on this while I can", thus driving prices up to a ridiculous number before people eventually stop buying and then it crashes.

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He mentions it LITERALLY every episode, so I have no idea what you're watching. He's the biggest bitcoin shill among the "alt media personalities".

Also, he's not "practically got everything right" he just parrots whatever the current thing is for our side. For months it was "Durham is going to bring the house down" and then it was "Desantis isn't going to run for president, he's part of the team", etc. etc.

He basically just says whatever he thinks will get him the most views, and most of the time it freaking works.

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I doubt dave, not because he's a crypto shill, but because for MONTHS, he refused to say Israel did anything wrong when they started the Gazan genocide. I honestly have no idea if he's admitted it now or not, but even if he did, the fact it took so long to admit it for him, tells me all I need to know.

He's only in it for the money, and won't say anything his viewers won't like since it would risk lowering his income. Which means he's just as bad as the rest of them.

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It'll never happen. First of all, the supreme court has already shot down several tax programs like this at the state level. Second of all, NOONE, will ever actually implement a legit net worth tax, because all of these people who're writing the laws are millionaires and billionaires themselves.

Even the states that have implemented a "wealth tax" of some sort, only did so in name. They're usually just another excise income tax or long term capital gains tax that's tacked onto normal income/capital gains tax, and EVEN then, they're usually subject to deductions, credits, etc. So no one actually pays them.

Wealth taxes are never implemented for this reason. They people writing the law would have to give up all their corrupt, ill gotten gains.

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Overall I agree, but I'm just gonna say that the whole "leans left" thing is a myth perpetuated by social media. You only ever see the moronic liberal youths, because they want you to think that's representative of the entire generation (think silent majority). The overwhelming majority of zoomers I know (myself included in that statistic) are either very heavily right winged, or right leaning centrists.

Even in college I could count on just my two hands the number of liberals I met my age. Most were older by like 10+ years and going back to college for a career change or to work on their masters or something.

I'm not saying there are NO liberals in my generation, but the stereotype that zoomers lean left on a whole just isn't true in my experience. The exact opposite is.

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To be fair, I think $5-15K would probably be the maximum I can see anyone paying personally (Or at least the maximum I would personally consider), especially since $5K an ounce is the actual value of silver without manipulation (Which has been known by people into silver stacking for quite a few years now), but I won't be super surprised if we see numbers above that.

I hesitate to say $60K an ounce is likely, but It's also not impossible. I look at it like this. Normies have been A LOT more financially savvy the last decade. Well I say savvy, but more like they're literal apes who jump on any chance to "get rich quick". Look at bitcoin and other crypto currencies. I'm not gonna start hating on them in this thread, but people are currently paying nearly $67K a bitcoin as I write this.

And yes I know you can buy bitcoin in portions so not everyone is buying a whole coin, but the same is true of silver. You can get everything from a 1/10 (0.1) oz silver round, to a 10 kg bar.

If you consider FOMO, people panic buying because they think the world is ending, etc. etc. It's not unreasonable to think that Silver (And gold) will temporarily see a sort of "hyper inflated value" where we go from a period of extreme undervalue (what we currently have) to a short period of extreme overvalue.

I'll use pretty much the only real world example we have that's comparable to our current situation. The Hunt Brothers scheme. Just in case anyone reading doesn't know, I'll give a quick synopsis. In the late 70s and early 80s, the Hunt Brothers (a group of Texas Oil tycoon heirs) decided to try and corner the silver market by buying up a majority of the worlds silver. They bought up roughly 9% of the worlds silver supply by using massive amounts of borrowed money.

In doing so, they created a "FOMO" effect among normal people who noticed silver was going up. People started buying into it, hoping that they could get in on the quick rise in silver prices. As a result, supply was greatly constrained while demand kept rising for several months in 1979 leading into 1980.

The end result: Silver jumped from $6 an ounce, to nearly $50 an ounce in less than a year (Just a few months really). More than an 8.3X return.

Now apply that same situation, but also allow for silver to be fully realized in value without the market manipulation of banks and other big institutional investors.

$5K X 8.3= Just under $42K an ounce.

So not quite the $60K number I've seen a few people throw around but still life changing money for silver stackers. Of course most won't hold out until the absolute peak, most big stackers will probably sell at $10-15K or lower, a few greedy ones will hold out to near the absolute peak, and others will crap the bed and lose out entirely.

Of course I'm not saying any of this is absolutely certain to happen. I'm basically counting on silver's REAL value to be realized at roughly $5K an ounce at some point after the cabal is overthrown or a little beforehand. But even then I'm not doing anything life altering like taking out a loan to buy silver nor would I recommend such behavior

I'm just pointing out similar historic context, and applying all the facts as we know for our current situation to make an educated guess of what will happen.

The way I look at it, in an "end of the world" scenario" someone, somewhere, will be dumb enough to buy silver at pretty much any price. No matter how over valued it is, simply because they think it'll be the only currency acceptable in the mad max world, or because they think they can get on the hype train and get rich quick.

It's the same thing that happened with bitcoin, it's the same thing that happened with Tesla, with basically every meme stock and "shit coin", and as I pointed out, it's happened with silver before as well.

Best advice I can give. Buy within your means now while it's low, and when the crap hits the fan, pray to the Lord for guidance on when to sell and go with the gut feeling he provide you with. If things work out, silver stackers could end up rather wealthy, if not just have enough for like a new house or something.

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Well a lot of people seem to think we'll see silver hit AT LEAST $5K an ounce, since that's the actual value of silver if you account for all of the price fixing and manipulation done through various methods and look at how much physical silver there is in existence.

But there's been quite a few people on various threads and articles I've seen talk about how with FOMO (like in the 80's silver squeeze with the Hunt Brothers incident) and other factors involved, it's not impossible to see silver hit $50-60K an ounce for a moderately short period of time. Which while amazing, isn't that big of a deal when you consider the amount of ounces most people own.

If I remember correctly, the figures go something like this. 20% of stackers have 50 ounces or more ($3 Million at the $60K an ounce figure), 5% of stackers have 150 ounces or more ($9 Million at $60K an ounce), and the top 1% of stackers have 500 ounces or more ($30 Million at $60K an ounce). Everyone else (consisting of 80% of people who own silver), own less than 50 ounces.

And keep in mind, that's assuming they sell at the absolute peak number I've seen thrown around, which most won't. This is basically gonna be like that first bit coin rally in 2017 and 2018 where people that had bitcoin and sold at NEAR the high, but not quite at the high, came out rich, while everyone else held out because they bought near the top and got crapped on as a result.

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Well I'm not IN Jersey. I just remember it being mentioned in a few guntuber videos before. This isn't the first attempt at a "smart gun" and every time a new one comes out, the politicians in Jersey start foaming at the mouth and everyone on youtube starts running around like chickens over it.

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Welp, guess New Jersey's screwed for at least a few months. They have a law passed during the 90s that says the moment a "smart gun" comes out, all other types of handguns are banned in the state and people are only allowed to own smartguns.

I mean, we all know that'll be struck down in court, but it always takes at least a few months for it to work it way through the system.

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The headline for original article is kind of misleading. This is only really on the rise in Georgia specifically. And that's only because it's pretty much the only state in the union that doesn't require notarization of things like quit claim deeds and warranty deeds.

So literally anyone can print off a deed that they obtained from a public database, forge the appropriate names, and then have the property "transferred" into their "ownership".

Then they can get a mortgage on it and just not pay it, sell it out from under someone, etc. etc.

I also looked into this SPECIFIC story more as well, because it seemed a little bizarre to me that it escalated to this point because usually mortgage fraud/wrongful forclosure cases are ridiculously easy to win if you're in the right when forged documents are involved.

A decent lawyer and a notary expert are all it needs, and you don't even half to pay for it since 99% of the time the courts will put all the expenses on the other party since they're the ones at fault.

So what happened in this specific case, was that these old people kept getting mail talking about missing mortgage payments, and their house being foreclosed on, but ignored it and threw it away without looking into it. Then refused to leave when they actually got foreclosed on after never taking any action.

If they had just reported the mortgage fraud after the first letter, everything would have been fixed within a week or two max at no cost to them. So while this IS horrible, I can't say they're completely not at fault since they took zero action to fix the situation.

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This totally ignores third party "outside" factors, like the giant push by cabal stooges to normalize homosexuality, transsexuality, emasculate men, push for food additives and water chemicals that lower fertility, and let's not forget the greatest factor here.

Going off the gold standard and allowing for inflation to happen. Look at the monetary value of the dollar before the federal reserve, it basically had ZERO inflation. Sometimes, it actually had deflation, which means the money become more valuable.

Get rid of all these external factors, and we'd probably be living like the jetsons right now, minus the flying cars and robot butlers.

So no, capitalism doesn't "promote societal suicide". It's corruption and propaganda from the cabal that promotes it.

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That's kind of the point. The Wallstreet landlords DO have the cash, hence why they're able to buy up entire neighborhoods at once. Then they refinance it to get their money back out. Rinse and repeat.

But in doing so they're perpetually taking on massive amounts of debt in a bloated value market. So when the house of cards crashes, they're gonna go belly up.

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You do realize that by the time this all goes down, Trump will be back in control and mass deportations will start right?

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Need to preface this so I don't get burned at the stake. I DO NOT support corporate Single Family Landlords. I firmly believe single family homes should either be owned, or be the realm of small and medium scale family owned LLC landlords. The largest one of those I've EVER seen was about 15K houses, and it wasn't in a single metro. It was spread over 17 states. and 24 metros. And that was a large exception, rather than the norm.

Now with that out of the way. This isn't as big a problem as people think it is. Yeah it sucks in the short term, but medium/long term, this isn't a big deal.


There's the 2022 Annual report for Invitation Homes (2023 Annual report isn't available yet), the largest Single Family REIT in North America that owns over 80K Single Family homes in the USA and Canada.

If you look inside of it you'll notice a very important detail. They own about $17 Billion worth of property, but have just under $9.5 Billion in Debt. That means they're using 56%~ leverage.

Now why is the important? Because from what I can tell they use a very basic real estate investment strategy that a lot of normal people use, just scaled to infinity. BRR (Buy, Refinance, Rent). It's one of the simplest strategies. You buy a house in all cash, to simplify the process and lure in the seller with a quick sell, then you just simply refinance the house after it's legally yours to get your money back while renting it to pay off the mortgage and pocket the difference as your income.

It's literally the most simple Real Estate Investment Strategy. Looking back, I'd say that the 56% debt ratio is probably only because they chose to wait until the end of the new year to refinance their properties to further invest. Most of these types of companies will typically use at least 75% leverage to maximize profits.

Now why is all this important? Because in the medium-long term, they're gonna lose their shirt on those houses. It's no secret that real estate is INCREDIBLY overpriced. We're due for more than just a correction. We're probably looking at a crash on the scale of the great depression or worse. Most people worth listening too are saying AT LEAST 70% drop in value, up to 90%.

So yeah, these guys are gonna lose their shirts on these houses, and then they're gonna flood the market, and further drive down home prices. Which will make the entire market infinitely more affordable to the common man.

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Eh I wouldn't worry about it. Be kind of hard to pass something like that if the entire government is collapsed because of everything else going on. It's pretty accepted from what Q hinted at/outright said, that when the crap hits the fan, IT WILL ALL HIT THE FAN.

So when the banks collapse, leading to a giant silver/gold rally since there will no longer be any suppression on their value, the government is gonna collapse too, continuity of government will happen, etc. etc.

Basically, it'll be impossible for them to try and do something like that if there's no congress to right up or pass such a bill.

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Personally I'm betting we'll see a $5k an oz minimum for silver. Here's an example why.


But even considering that, It'll probably be at WAY over $5K for a month or two, I'm predicating $15-25K an ounce fora while. Reason being that FOMO will create a mini bubble like it has in every other instance of an asset quickly appreciating.

People will see it's going up, want to get "their piece of the pie", and then drive the price up above it's actual value by a factor of 3X-5X, before people stop buying it because it's too expensive for their blood, and then the market will crash back down to roughly $5K.

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The literally didn't say that? They said if it's not stayed he MIGHT be forced to sell properties which would cause irreparable harm to the Trump Org.

Basically, they're just outlining why there should be a stay, but even IF the appellate court doesn't side with Trump, he still has options beyond selling.

Cash out refinance Loans come to mind, but the most likely will be just taking out a loan or putting up DWAC stock as the collateral since Trumps cut is projected to be $4 Billion and while he can't sell it for six months after all is said and done, he can still take loans out against it or use it as collateral.

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While I'm sure there's nefarious reasons behind this, I'd assume the "official" reason, is that they move/have assets under management similar to some large regional banks.

As I write this he has a net worth just shy of 128 Billion. Going by this list:


That would make cascade investments (His family office) and the gates foundation (which combine manage ever dime of his money), the 34th largest bank in the united states, just under discover bank and even larger than the infamous Deutsche Bank by the tune of 17 Billion dollars.

I can't quite remember where I heard it before, but I believe I watched a video on family offices once that explained that all these ultra wealthy .01% types basically have to run their money like a bank would so they get clearances and approval to do just that from the various oversight organizations.

That's also why they tend to hire former bank executives to run their money for them, because they have so much money, they're basically a one person bank.

Not saying I AGREE with this considering I hate the ground gates walks on, but if you look at from a purely financial and logistical perspective, it makes sense.

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