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The article doesn't actually give any information about the ruling, and it links to another article on its site that is supposed to be about the ruling but also does not actually say what the ruling was.

Does anyone have any info on what was ruled?

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Abe as I understand it was more like Japanese DS. More likely he was assassinated by Japanese nationalists. Japan has been taking in immigrants like crazy and they have a history of assassinating those who sell out to foreigners.

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I say it does something. If it doesn't then we should throw in the towel, because how else will we get there to take down these orgs?

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They already assassinated Trump by stealing his office. What presidents were murdered out of office?

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They can't fix him so they're using a body double. Wrong as he was there, he sounded WAY too lucid.

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Yet she is. Makes me sad too, glad she got punched in the eye.

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I think they were punched. Most people are right-handed so that explains why it's usually the left eye, but not always.

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Preventing oversight means congress cant block the action. So this is for them to use the military against citizens and patriots, probably lockdowns and detention of anti-vaxxers for the next pandemic. If it was otherwise they would be insisting on oversight, not blocking it in advance.

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Remember when there was several times as much CO2 in the air, and every animal was bigger than a house?

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dogs are expensive to own, and crime tends to happen in poorer neighborhoods

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