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This is one of those things that won't leave you quickly after you listen to it....

... and then you start to realize why this man looks like he hasn't slept for YEARS (and some of us will think back to Q) ....

What you can't do is be part of the middle 1/3rd.

Godspeed Patriots

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This is the best thing I have ever seen.

It probably might be the best thing ANY of us have ever seen.

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There are plenty if ways around that friend. Just consider ALL the many personalities who've left Rupertville over the years. Whether they floated independent like Beck and O'Reilly or headed off for a competitor like Megyn and Shep there was very little to impede most of them, if anything at all.

O'Reilly actually went on Beck's show to give him the REAL truth of the Tucker story. While his 100% straight from the source FACTS about the what and the why ended up sounding and smelling like a dusty old fart let out by O'Reilly holding a riding crop and sporting assless chaps he did manage to tell Glenn one thing that was factual. (Sorry, I wanted everyone to share that mental image with me. I'm in a cruel mood. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Oh and my BDSM Bill definitely has a hat ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ cuz, he's a sex machine, folks!! )

The "non-compete" agreements that they all sign DON'T extend to the Internet and/or independent platforms. Nothing in those agreements can stop you from betting on yourself and making your own spin-off show, as long as you don't try to get NBC to buy it.

It's not just the majors either. Krystal and Saagar from the Hill had their own show (believe its called Breaking Point) off the ground and running before the ink dried on their resignations. Kim Iversen is another popular Hill alum who went independent with her own show airing on the burgeoning Rumble platform.

On the left, Jimmy Dore left the Cenk and the YOUNG TURK jokers for greater success with his own show hosted from his garage. Heck, even Olbermann and CAPICOLA{GABAGOOL} loving multigym enthusiast Christie Cuomo got their own gigs after wading through the rubble.

A lot of this speculation has been about what FOX was paying him and the term length - supposedly through 2028 or something. "They keep paying him $20 million a year and HE CAN'T TALK! THIS IS HOW THEY SILENCE TRUMP BEFORE ELECSHUN 2024!!"

Who's giving these takes? The guy on Venice Beach?

Listen. In case one Alvin Bragg didn't teach us ANYTHING it's that lawyers can do whatever the fuck they want in our society. The idea that Tucker is going to sit still right now, at THE MOST TURBULENT AND POTENTIALLY PROFITABLE juncture of his life -- that's PATENTLY insane. Even IF there were some incredible clauses in his contract about NEVER SAYING ANYTHING OR BEING ON A SCREEN until the end of the term, any decent lawyer could find a way out of it.

Not to mention Tucker probably has WAY BETTER than "decent" legal representation. I mean, even more fundamentally: you just heard Barnes say Carlson's been talking about getting fired for YEARS now. If he had that portent for so long, what would have compelled him to sign a brutal agreement like this hypothesized one?

Trump is running for 2024. TUCKER WILL BE ALIVE AND WELL AND HEARD ALL AROUND THE LAND, THUSLY. My bet is on Barnes' idea: go to Rumble, air 5 nights a week right after Greenwald, and WRECK SHIT.

It's going to happen fast, whatever he does and wherever he does it. **Tucker will earn a LOT more than 20 million a year by staying in the limelight. He's not taking a break, and if he's hamstrung from doing it somehow it would be a travesty.

Because more important than any financial incentive is that Tucker is now freed from constraints and can shape the landscapes of civic discourse and politics MORE THAN EVER. He's one of the most important people on the planet and EASILY the most powerful person in the entire MEDIA. You can't hold him back.

Anyone saying it's going to be like Beck starting the Blaze is a damn fool to me. It's going to be 10,000 times larger than that. Trump will have the conservative news market cornered by the time this is over, BOOK IT.

Sorry for using my reply to your comment as a springboard, friend!


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I could see how you'd feel that way but I think he is legit these days. He fawns over Trump and Trump seems to be cool with that and keep him in the loop.

He is one of these legacy guys like Newt or James Carville; they used to be in on things but have been out of the real games for a while now, they're like cell phones that are one or two generations old. They can't really DO SHIT whether it's for good or harmful, but despite them being LAME and LIMITED in their functioning, you can still rely on them to make a call, in a pinch.

And most likely it won't be bugged and have Feds listening in on it, either. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

Dicky is OK. Not gonna have the MAJOR sauce but not gonna sell you down the river either.

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They had a fake John Kerry on the Sunday shows today, too.

Things are happening right now

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I'm utterly speechless.

The stones on these people is just... amazing. There is no limit to how ridiculous and incontrovertibly insane they are willing to be. They don't merely insult your intelligence as Americans.

They mock it, desecrate it, deride it until the point of no return. How in God's name could they possibly attempt to sell a story this unhinged?

Billions vaccinated..

... oh.

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Excellent work!

It has a very strong feeling of congruence. It works together in the mind.

For a little supporting evidence, check out this clip.

Look at his face and body language when the reporter asks him if he has concerns about his safety. This man shows not even an IOTA of fear or doubt. He isn't even FAZED by the question! Doesn't so much as blink when he is asked. He has a look saying back to the guy, "I have suffered with that nightmare in ways YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY IMAGINE and I have dealt with it in ways YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND.

Courage like that can ONLY come from having stared down the abyss for so long that there is no fear left in him, and that fear is has actually been shifted over to it. The monsters don't scare me, THEY ARE SCARED OF ME.

Just what I see anyway. I tend to try and read deeply into such things though

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Neil Cavuto is a ๐Ÿคก

Don't ever forget when FOX cut away from Kayleigh McEnany as she was listing NUMEROUS CREDIBLE EXAMPLES SUSTAINED AS EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD and Cavuto told his audience, paraphrasing - "Okay folks, if they are going to continue to make these claims WITHOUT EVIDENCE we simply can't continue to cover this and listen to her in good conscience"

Cavuto has no conscience, he is a warped TDS sufferer like the rest of his NEOCON closeted buddies.

He is a Trump hating fagiolo. No surprise, Judge Napolitano was on his show frequently but he wouldn't step in line so they fired him for bullshit accusations too.

On behalf of America, screw you Cavuto. You were too stupid and banal to interview business people and CEOs so you had to get the senior naptime hour, instead of covering last hour of stocks. Who the fuck is watching "Your World" instead of a Wall Street closer at 4-5PM?

All your "big" interviews are with [DS] politicians like Winsome Sears or Pence or Doug Brinkley, otherwise you are just a lead-in for actual reporters or you have on people giving the talking points for the base so you can cross swords with them and say shit that sounds right out of Paul Ryan's mouth.

Cavuto is a boring and buffoonish anchor with no winning personality traits, unconvincingly repeating establishment logic in a way that most resembles a throbbing headache.

Sorry, had to get it out, maybe others share in their loathing for this prick.

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Wow, with the indictment of Trump breaking now, late into the evening, this ZDE (ZERO DAY EVENT) in the Q clock takes on WHOLE NEW MEANINGS!

Annnnd OMFG listen to that >>> *Reprisals (retributions) Prosecution of the enemy (think mirror obviously) AND *PUBLIC EXPOSURE of the enemies' crimes!??!?

How much fun is it going to be to finally see the MASSIVE [DECLAS] come out through Trump's various leaks to WH players and operatives, exposing the MOST HEINOUS EVILS the likes of which have scarcely been seen in human history, while he himself is on trial for one of the most preposterous and unexplainable prosecutions ever!?


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Incoming: April. FOOLS

They will have their "day" soon, it seems? (Muahahahaa ::coughs::)

Excuse me while I'm indicated, after all, the first arrest is the marker >>>>

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Hey hey now you wascally wabbit!

Don't you just hop on here to talk tippy tops without even a tip for us! ๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿคฃ

April Fools!

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You forgot to Make the first part bold.

It's like when David Caruso sets up for the pitch

And then DROPS THE HAMMER while removing his sunglasses in one epic move


Edit: started a different comment responding to someone else

But I ran out of characters so now it's a new post

"YEAAAAAHHAYY" -- Roger Daltrey ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Proud Christcuck here. ๐Ÿ˜‡

Please, Keep your fucking heels on when you come to try and kick us. We'll show you a little trick. ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคซ

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Sheer brilliance and fascinating questions you're asking.

I will respond again soon with some defined thoughts. Busy at the moment

Excellent though.

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Just wanted to share this with you all. Although it's a very brief clip from a typically bullshit source that is THE PRIMARY TOOL of subversion and lies in the entirety of the media landscape, and though it is coming from a two-bit comedian who wasn't good enough to make it in actual comedy and has to use a news station to run a hybrid vehicle for his jokes like a pair of giant crutches.... this rang in my head like a bell for its clarity of vision and thought process.

He has pointed out the most functionally broken piece of our entire system in fact: this goes A LOT further than artificial intelligence.

The problem is not human bandwidth, as Musk has opined about previously. Not yet.

The problem is not the awesome power of the technology, as others have stated to be the primary reason for us to be fearful of its arrival.

The problem is ancient and timeless. It was the priests and then the teachers during the time of the printing presses. America itself was actually created to battle those forces, as McCullough noted, America was the only major nation founded during the Enlightenment, when books and black ink form fitted to printed typeface were at the pinnacle of information and information transfer.

The Second Information Age and consequently the latest major bend in the road for humanity is what's at hand now in our lifetimes. First the advent of computers and with it the reduction of the physical space needed to store and access large amounts of information or data.

You can compare this to the outmoded scribes who so eloquently created the earliest Bibles - to now a machine created to ease that same process and speed it up. This changed things significantly, sure, but it did not increase literacy or provide inclusive access to information for the commoner living during the Middle Ages.

The Internet then is a Guttenberg Bible - made by a madman who would provide a means for radical change, providing a channel through which information dissemination was possibly accessible to the unwashed hordes. It was once illegal to even have a BIBLE in your posession if you were not a man of the cloth!

And so other radically inclined sorts of folk could actually get their hands on a Bible, now that we could make enough of them, and if by some rare chance they had become literate (usually through very unorthodox circumstances) they could now teach others to read their Bibles and EVEN OTHER BOOKS AND SCROLLS!

Why own a book if you couldn't read it? What sort of blasphemer would OFFEND GOD by presuming to know the Holy word MORE DEEPLY than the orators of the church? That was heresy, surely.

But it was already a flood and no covenant of Popes and Kings could stop the rushing wave. Inquisitions be damned, torture us and murder us in the most exquisite ways you like, the people would NOT be dissuaded from this singular beacon of light.

Truth. Learning. Education.

What eventually becomes the Protestants and a hundred more sectarianist branches on the tree of Christiandom, began as something simple, the most meager and humble desires in the beating hearts of men: to one day see their children speak so beautifully as those cloaks at the podium of their church.

Why, if they could do that, they could know God better. Perhaps armor themselves against the Devil. Perhaps even have a life that wasn't filled with scrounging and toil, as their mother and I had.

Perhaps they would be of use to our Lords and Ladies of the Manor. Perhaps be of use to Holy Mother Church even!

....And perhaps they would discover God's word differed from the words of the men of the cloth. Maybe they would then discover what the Lords and Ladies wrote about their vassals. They did not love us and embrace us as gentle masters as they claimed, but in truth they hated us and considered us no better than mutton on a plate!

Thus you have the true state of play during Enlightenment: a time that heralded an inevitable (but temporary) end to Kings, when the incredible gluttony and greed of the aristocracies and the Catholic empire was laid before all on the stage, and parallel economies: the Protestants, the American Republic - were created in furtherance of ending the suffering and disequilibrium borne by those peoples who lived before and had no way to learn of their own miseries.

But power, from either birthright or elite wealth never truly died with those massive increases in human intellect and information's availability. It licked its wounds in darkness, and then sought, ever slowly, to find the gaps it could fill in, slowly and silently until it could become loud again, announced by trumpets and anointed as the living Gods by the ignorant rabble once more.

So then friends - the priest becomes the teacher becomes the "fact checker" at the computer. The danger has ALWAYS been the operator and NOT the machine.

Gutfeld is right; without the corrupted operators necessary to drive it and bend it accordingly to their twisted will, A.I. will pose unprecedented dangers to the owners of the world. Like the Internet and before it the scrupulous journalist and before him the innocent teacher, it MUST BE CORRUPTED as soon as possible to begin telling lies.

The Internet was an uncontrolled mistake: by allowing people to transmit and communicate information and knowledge faster, they hoped that people would be given a perception of greater access to "real truth" while the realities of the way the world ACTUALLY WORKS would remain hidden.

Meanwhile, they would fatten us lambs up with junk food for the brain like social media and cell phone games. People would mostly use it as a tool to masturbate or meet up for sex while they hastened their constant absorption of our money and liberty. Certain events in the last century compelled them to realize they needed more direct means of surveillance and so the events leading to "Patriot Act" were dreamt up and enacted.

The Arab Spring is when they actually got worried. They made fatal mistakes of underestimating the people, the same ones they made when they failed to realize people wanted to learn to read their own Bibles at home.

They never recognize people have a natural compulsion toward truth: we ALL feel the need to look behind that curtain, ESPECIALLY when it sounds like there is something going on back there. The heights of their excess preclude their own downfall and undoing. Before and once again.

So here we are again at Inquisition 2.0. Reason and logic are Devil tools. Questions are your enemy, stop asking them. The science is ME and this is the SAFEST and MOST EFFECTIVE ELECTION in history.

One day people will read about this and laugh the way we did when we read about how they sussed out "heresy" and witches, and they will wince at the suffering like we did at the iron maiden.

A.I. is the signal that the truth is coming now, they cannot outrun it, and we will all learn, before they can put a varnish onto it. They will be, at least temporarily, outmoded once again.

We will see Our children growing

-- Gojira, "Global Warming"

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๐Ÿ‘€ You're pretty keen, didn't think anyone would notice that.

Yeah, I did skip over that silly little aside, I had near exactly the same feelings as you about it too. It was surprisingly juvenile, but even worse for someone like Ed, totally anecdotal as well.

For someone so thoroughly armored with counterfactual evidence to dispel basically every prevailing narrative of today, seems quite odd that he took the bait on that one of all things.

I don't think he is covering either. What's more likely is that Dowd is in a place with his personal life that allows his emotions to usurp reason and govern on this topic. I've been with guys who make camp in statistics labs, and I think they can be at odds with other men who have been more physically inclined throughout the whole of their lives, particularly after they start working out and devoting time to health themselves.

I think about Obama and the reports about his relationships with the Intel and military folks. Even his SS detail. Seemed like he had a little bit of jealousy towards some of them at times, from various anecdotes. Nerds with status and power can feel threats to their masculinity that isn't there at times, I suppose? Doesn't seem to be a huge stretch.

Besides, Ed, you're on Maui for Cripe sakes man. Average 30-somethings are NOT vacationing there the last couple of years... if they are taking holidays at all! Doesn't tell me much that you could run circles around Sam Bankman-Fried lookalikes: but hey, whatever makes you feel macho. ๐Ÿคฃ

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Here's my notes:

I am also drawing some of these bullet points from Ed Dowds more recent appearance on Patrick Bet-David's podcast which I will link to.

  • The last 12 years have been good to the people closest to the printing presses. The real economy has been flat.

  • Money printing slowdowns and sovereign debt crisis in 2019 moves into COVID and largest upward wealth transfer in human history.

  • Pfizer had revenue projections of 190$ billion with Quarterly mandated vaccines.

  • New economic system: COVID surveillance economy

  • Each successive bubble was bigger than the last culminating finally into biological consequences seen in the last financial meltdown which we are currently in. Every prior one was strictly financial based. This is the first one challenging health and life

  • The 1976 Swine Flu vaccine was shut down after 25 deaths reported in VAERS; currently this vaccine has 17,000+ such reports in the same system but no proper response from the medical system, showing us the value and premium on human life from our world governments has declined significantly. Most likely in an attempt to defer and walk down the eventual meltdown of fiat currencies a little longer

  • This is likely part of the evidence Ed Dowd uses to assert that we are likely heading into a kinetic war cycle some time in the next few years

  • Kinetic war would help lessen and distract the awful vaccine numbers of death and disability in otherwise healthy people outlined in his book "Cause Unknown" as well as stabilize the fiat system

  • "it is beyond fraud" WWIII is coming; China is in deep debt and economic freefall right now; 0 COVID policy was cover for real estate crisis, bank runs, food riots etc. They blame U.S. for the problems because of their heavy borrowing in dollars to fund massive infrastructure projects that are now unsustainable and defaulting as dollar inflation rises

  • Brief discussion of LIBOR to SOFR; Fed raising rates into deeper recession

  • Dollar failing up, $15 trillion in foreign dollar denominated debt; economic activity moves dollar up, no credit created, harder to pay back for other countries, "pulling the punch bowl" the grift and crime is centrally planned money creating perverse outcomes as we see

  • Effects of rate changes take 12-24 months to be felt in the economy

  • Stock market crash: 1.Commodities peak 2. Interest rates peak 3. Stock prices peak

  • Currently 2 have happened and now interest rates are about to peak; Fed will likely be cutting rates as bear market EXPLODES i.e. 2001 where market decline 50% as Fed cut rates to 0

  • 2020 M2 growth = 65% All due to COVID ... use CBDC as "way out" when crisis happens?

  • Ed talks about his theory of WEF. They are clownish Bond villains, so outlandish, way too unreasonable to be real. The likely idea is they are a facade for people to push back against, then "they TPTB" come in with option that comparably looks reasonable

  • Return to gold standard; strategic move back to unwind and "fake out" debt crisis?

  • Healthcare system collapse? Shortage of medical employees (comments about Canadian "un-alive treatment" of patients to slow problems, solvency of SS and Medicare solved by some population reduction and 5 year decrease in life expectancy)

  • Social engineering, good and evil, messages in plain sight?

  • Creation of alternative systems and parallel economies

  • Finish with personal and spiritual discussion between Ed and Robert

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TBH guys, there is SO MUCH here and so much that they cover that I am hanging off the edge of my seat listening right now. Any attempt I make at this point to try and describe the landscape of topics they cover is going to fall short.

What I can tell you right now, however, is that the value and insight added to everything they are going over is absolutely tremendous. I am biased however, I really really like Ed Dowd, he's a numbers and data guy, and when those guys speak I LISTEN CLOSE. They tend to understate MAJOR things when they communicate, directly contrasting from most of our media clowns on TV who scream and embellish and usually say next to nothing and focus on the most meaningless and distracting subject matter.

I haven't heard of Breedlove before, but he seems to be keeping up with Ed (which is not always the case with other hosts I've seen him interview with) and although the whole conversation meanders around some, he does remember to reign it in and bring it back to the central areas on offer.

I'm enjoying it! Hope you all will too. Going to comment again with some main ideas and other little tidbits I learned once I've slowed down to catch them. These guys are both whip smart and they are blowing by them quickly at times.

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Nice to see this. Trump pardoned Blago and got him out because regardless of party affiliation Blago had the courage and temerity to tell the truth and Obama and [DS] wanted to MAKE SURE he was crushed for it.

Blago, whatever you think of him, is a changed man these days. As he indicated in this interview, he is one of the few who truly understands their playbook, having had the FULL WEIGHT of their corrupt weaponization of the justice system brought against him.

He was railroaded with unprecedented judicial action and faulty rulings and suffered accordingly, despite being one of their own. Trump knew this and pardoned him. So just ask yourself, if they were willing to do that to Blagojevich, what would they do to you and me?

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Imagine being such a faggot that you think "QAnon" has a creator.

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Anita Dick is in opposition!

Holden Hisscock also in opposition!

However, Irman Ashole, importantly, is not.

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Makes me think of that Lady Gaga picture where she makes a circle over one closed eye

It's definitely a codename for someone. Probably not as obvious as Dan Crenshaw but who knows? As we've seen, these people are VERY stupid.

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You KNOW it's going badly for the left when Bannon appears to have gotten a full night of sleep. ๐Ÿคฃ

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