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This is a PERFECT shindig/bar encounter joke, you can alter it slightly to "a guy went to the mall and walks into a bookstore... the guy replies..," if you don't want to offend someone's delicate leftist sensibilities 😯

But overall it will get a laugh and a curious eyebrow raised (toward that vein of truth running directly through it) from ANY political alignment or "status" (exceptions to that minuscule group of cultists on the "radical" "fringe" left [whichever your preferred term] that are simply too Marxist [and thus nihilistic, power obsessed to sociopathic levels] to have developed or acknowledge something approaching a sense of humor) πŸ€£πŸ™„

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Thanks. No one gave two shits besides us LOL

Maybe that says something about my socioeconomic status, or the well known wealth inequality among users on here. Or poverty gapping where now as many as 80% of Pepes could not survive the next 10GB emergency

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::sigh:: It doesn't come as a surprise whatsoever, but I do appreciate the background info on him. I had a bad feeling that he was going to be a deranged leftard of significant magnitude, but even that couldn't have prepared me for the human shit-spouting geyser that is Scott Galloway.

I just saw footage of a gigantic pro-Palestine mingle-sesh at NYU, and knowing Stern Business School it makes perfect sense.

Nonetheless it really is amazing when these oily shit stains trying to pass as qualified human beings manage to forget themselves for a moment and fork over a large dose of honesty with regards to the conditions in our country. The solutions they prescribe to solve said crises are completely wrong and likely to perpetuate more of the same, even still. Kind of makes you wonder if they really have any compassion for the plight of others, or if its just more pearl clutching.

I know what my vote is at least. 🀣

Thanks again

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I have some respect for Mr. McGraw. Never really was a fan, but one of the best things amidst all this chaos and horror is that we are finding ourselves aligned with people we never would have thought before.

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This is an old clip so many of you may not be learning anything new here, but for the uninitiated its some powerful and scary truth especially in this current period of strange cosmic and geological (etc.) happenings.

Just passing it along..

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I guess its sort of just A Modest Proposal in reverse.... but in mine, I think the food just goes cold at the end.

I'm sure the cooks are taste testing all along the way, though. But in the end it'll be more important not to be cooked themselves, LOL

Can't believe I made it out just mere SECONDS before the bubble popped! - Nancy Pelosi, using best eyebrow "selling" πŸ˜‚

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Oh, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank posts first loss in its hundred year history???

Which technically it SHOULD NEVER be able to do, since it violates the very charter that brought it into existence in the first place???

But Dom! Sort of ALREADY DID THAT when they went into the supply side back in those grand ol' Bernanke times?

I know, I know -- but, I dunno man, back then it was just a lickle bit o' harmless TARP, an' the life giving waters of QUANTITATIVE EASING, babe!

We were SO THIRSTY for that liquidity! How could just a sip or two be a sin??!? Ye could smell da fresh cut grass, ye could, from da green shoots sproutin' up! Where's the moral hazard in that??

Well, s'pose reminiscing won't help our latest kerfuffle. So! How will our valiant heroes save the day this time? What intrepid means might they use to balance this inequality???

::computer voice chimes::

"Thank you for banking with FedNow."

Yep! 200 million or so new depositors on the Assets side ought to shore this right up!

The composition of course will be the 80% of Americans in the "serf" class, so it will be necessary to aggregate them/us, to get that full punch in the purchasing power.

Meaning it will likely be one of those "totally optional, but life could be a bummer if you say no!" type of er, 'choices' (heavy finger quotes on the last word there 🀣 )

Think of it as another vaccine, this time for your financial health! (Sort of like how an enema can also be thought of as a cleansing πŸ™ƒ)

So to complete this strange cryptograph of language that my perfectly standard & well balanced brain has assembled, I'm going to sort of play out a little scenario. A story to explain what's happening to us in our economic lives here in America, I guess.

I can't really explain WHY I dreamt this up, or even if it relates well, but... I don't know, damnit, it just seems to be caught in my head.

Finance and economics are sometimes best explained with little stories like these... imagined and retold by much more talented and intelligent folks than me, of course.

Maybe it will be enjoyable or insightful to you... I'm not very hopeful... okay, just get on with it already! πŸ˜‘πŸ€£

Imagine perhaps your personal chef (we all have one, right?) or a beloved family member, maybe even Mom or Dad, speaking here, and we're seated at the table, utensils in hand, napkin tucked, smiling happily after a hard day's work:

So it goes like this:

Hey guys, we made your favorite stew, and I know you're getting hungry, but actually we kind of made a LITTLE too much and the whole pantry is 86'd (restaurant joke) and so.... we're going to need to use YOU for ingredients now.

Just hang on and think for a second, ok!? You see... it was ALWAYS going to be YOUR stew...it was made JUST for you after all, so if you think about it, wasn't this kind of like, inevitable?! Heh! I mean, eating the food, BEING the food, is there really a BIG difference when push comes to shove? It was always going to be yours, remember! So jump on in there! Awesome! Great! Ok! Just gonna put the lid back on and simmer now!

Hey, be back in 5! You're doin' great! 🀣

And then, at some point before we become a collective of boiled potatoes, we realize tragically that we will not be dining on the gulash we have now become one with, and the clever chef won't be returning from his cigarette break.

And so I leave you with this final rumination on our tenuous little playhouse story:

The cooks never get boiled.

Thanks for coming along this crazy swan boat ride with me. Godspeed!

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Nootropics for the normie brain. Sizzling, excellent work pede, can hear those neurons firing off right now

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What I want to understand is how much did I miss out, from the average guy perspective?

Not someone who bought 3.00 warrants 18 months ago, nor someone who piled in at 45k and all their savings 3 weeks back. Like, average guy, picked up 5 shares here 10 shares there over time starting a few months ago when things were clear to most that this was going to happen.

I might sound like a moron here, I'm sure I do.

Just want to have an idea of how badly I missed out I s'pose or if I did miss out at all. Depends on one's situation I know, but. Yeah.

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Oh my Sheesus God:

::eyes wide, imagining the future::

"HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! Please help me and my son!" ::waves at cars::

::approaching police vehicle slows and its lights come on as it pulls up closer. The officer begins to roll down his window.::

Oh THANK GOD you're here!

"Everything all right sir? What is causing your distress?"

It's my son, sir! ::grabs the boy and brings him close. He puts his head into Dad's pant leg, sobbing::

Someone tried to kidnap my son!

"Where did this happen?"

Just over there! ::motions toward a playground, where a swing is still rocking back and forth::

::the officer nods and calls into his radio for backup. He turns on his lights, parks the vehicle and gets out::

"Is he still here? Which way did you see him go?"

::son whispers to Dad::

My son says he took off into the woods, on the North trail.

::officer nods and bends down, making eye contact with the boy::

"Did you get a good look at him son? Can you describe him for me?"

::son nods, turns back to Dad and whispers into his jeans again::

He says the man was wearing Lego tuxedo, and had Lego pirate eyepatch head.

"OK, son, that's a good description. Was there anything else you noticed? Anything specific like a tattoo?"

::the boy whispers again::

He says that he was a brown Lego.

"What? Brown lego? Are you sure?"

He says he's certain.

"Well, all right then. Hey, what's that on the ground behind you two? Is that a -"

SWORD! ::second officer dives in front of the first, just in time to shield him and take the shot from the pirate pistola::


I'll call for medical, OFFICER DOWN!

There's no time, McCarthy! Just go get that Lego pirate bastard and save the boy!

Flash to the next scene. Dad is in Lego cuffs while the 2 Lego policemen sit on back of the ambulance with coffees and blankets.McCarthy pats his friend on the back and speaks first

I should have known he tried to blame it on a brown Lego. That was a dead give away. There are no brown Lego pirate faces that come with a cutless.

::Officer 2 turns to him:: There was also the peg leg.

McCarthy turns to him and pulls his own head off, replacing it with a smiling policeman Lego head. "Guess I couldn't see it, I should've taken off my sunglasses... head."

Left it in the car again, McCarthy?

"If you only knew how hard I was blushing."


I know that all this was very, very stupid, but putting Lego heads on perps is STILL even more stupid.

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Benzstradamus strikes again!

All those interested should look into NDI (National Democrat Institute) and IRI (International Republican Institute)


Topher Black is a scary character, look into his time on the Romney campaign. Yeesh, guy gives me the heebie-jeebies. πŸ˜“

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Interview starts at around 6:45. Clip is unedited, unfortunately, so there are short breaks for GB News programming commercials along with Nigel breaking to query several panelists from the "other side."

Of particular interest to me was Trump recalling his time with the Queen and his relations with the royal family. He makes his feelings about Harry crystal clear, wow.

Sort of wondering if there's any subtext or comms to be gleaned from this one. I lack the prowess of you army of autists! Give feedback if there's anything you find!


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Thank you for sharing, its actually a comfort to me that you did. For whatever reason, any thread I read when this topic gets brought up seems like its only people who either BOTH didn't get the jab or singles. Also a lot of comments of people saying things like "If they were so stupid that they got the jab, I wouldn't be with them anyways" or the like.

Its nice to know that there are other people who at least had some idea of the risks and for whatever their reasons made different decisions. I mean, there was certainly a metric fuck ton of mindlessness and ignorance pervading at that time, but I don't think they put in an advertising and fear campaign costing literal billions of dollars to capture THAT segment.

It was for people like us, who had jobs or other situations they needed to take advantage of in order to force us into rationalizing and downplaying the negative consequences so we would do something unusually stupid for our character. I mean, intelligent people do silly, inadvisable things ALL THE TIME - and that's without all the pressures and the weight of the world added to the wrong side of the scales, not to mention the peer pressure.

Not that I'm calling your husband that at all. I completely understand where he was coming from and had I been in the same situation at the time, I'd likely have done the same. Even if you got an exemption back then, the landscape was such that you were made to feel like you might STILL be pushed into it at a later time... we all had NO CLUE of when or if they would ever relent and leave us in peace, without getting it.

You're completely correct that some of the backlash is way too harsh and actually gets pretty cold and downright mean at times. It was a more crucial decision that any of us could have realized in hindsight and it has almost no reflection on who a person is, how intelligent or engaged they are, or what they believe or their character is.

There's a lot of understandable angst and backlash from the unvaxxed, and everyone's situation is different, but sometimes I think some of these people feel like ANYONE who got a jab was some kind of fascist liberal advocate for getting it, and MUST HAVE put pressure on others if they got it themselves. Gotta chill out a little.

Thanks again for sharing your story! It made my day, truly. 😁

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Oh, you're certainly correct about that. While all that madness was doubtless a contributing factor, I do want to stress that the sort of "fog" and subsequent lift out of it that both she and I experienced was something very different from a stress induced break or a sudden release from mental anguish. This was something chemical and biological totally. Like if your blood pressure suddenly dropped by 20 points, or someone undid a belt buckle wrapped tight around your skull. I don't know how else to describe it.

One thing she did repeatedly mention was the nerve endings in her fingers suddenly got feeling back in them again. She had been dealing with this mysterious numbness in her extremities, hands and feet, and it was progressing quite quickly as well.

I was unfortunately laid off at the time everything started, but after seeing what she and so many others had to deal with in the workplace, I counted that recent tragedy as a grace. More power to you for staying firm.

I went through a significant period of doubt; late nights, chewed up cuticles and all the rest. Several members of my family were pressing me to get my father inoculated.

One night I watched some clips of one of the early conferences that Senator Ron Johnson put together. I listened to a man in the most awful grief talk about his young son who had gotten the jab and died just a week later. Rattled me to the bone and I was certain of my decision after that. It took a while after to be proven right, but eventually the truth finds its way out.

And I think now about how its funny that they don't ask the question when I take him to the doctor's offices any more. One instance in my life where my incredible stubbornness was a boon. I am certain he would not have survived the jab - my own experience with just the virus was enough to know. I was sick like I'd never been in my life, major symptoms continued to linger for many months afterward, until I finally found the right cure.

I remember thinking some of it was just never going to end and this was my new normal. If it hit my system like that, no way Dad was going to get past the jab.

Sorry for what you've had to deal with. I know whenever I walk into a store and see the badly arranged plexiglass around the counter, the whole ordeal is never far from my thoughts. I'm hopeful that the many scars they dealt to us and most of everyone on Planet Earth won't be easily forgotten, because they WILL try again, the only question is WHEN.

Lastly I will say that if I told most people to meet me in a parking lot so that I can give you a needle full of medicine and you can stay in your car, just put your arm out the window and then you can drive right off... somehow I don't think they'd go for it. And yet, when daddy doctor or daddy government says to, they mindlessly agree.

I think people couldn't quantify the stress or contort their worldview and thinking enough to really believe that their betters would experiment on them, or potentially cause any harm up to and including death, so they went along with things that were ridiculous or plain crazy on their face.

I'm almost glad I caught it early; there was no vaccine to take at the time, barely even a test available. I was shocked and dismayed at 2 different doctors who refused to give me anything for my symptoms, despite not knowing if it was bronchitis, pneumonia or the "new illness". When do doctors not treat symptoms I said, it seemed insane to me then. If there had been a vaccine around, I might have gotten stupid and desperate enough to take it. I had a really bad case of that junk.

It was always a bioweapon. We haven't even begun to understand all the damages they wrought on the world, and that's before we even take the stresses and changes to our way of life into account. Incredible.


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Haha, you're right! I definitely should have used the lowercase g, as in "grammar police." πŸ˜…

Also I should add that I have now done a quick Google search of this Ryan Garcia bro, and it certainly seems like he is well on his way to being "Kanye'd" which I'm using as a verb, here.

Quick, find some people close to him to state concerns about his mental health! Get his trainer on the phone! The chef needs to put these meds in his breakfast! Switch out his music player for the one we are sending, too!

Yep nothin to see here, folks! πŸ˜…πŸ€£

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(Sorry in advance for being a Debbie downer)

While both the video and a lot of the comments here are very funny, I do have to mention this is actually a quite serious and personal issue that has affected my life and I'm sure plenty of others.

My lady got jabbed to travel and see her Dad for the first time in almost 15 years - I really tried to push her from doing it, but other members of her family had her ear at the time. She regrets it a LOT now.

At least she only got the first one, the two parter. To my great horror, she did start manifesting some odd symptoms 6 to 8 months later. I had been feeling off myself, despite having caught the coof very shortly after it first appeared in early 2020. (and man, let me tell you, that shit was AWFUL - if any of you caught it early on like me, you will know, we had a WAY WAY more virulent and debilitating sickness than ANYTHING like others who caught other types later on)

Because of my own issues, and the natural remedies that had helped my lingering symptoms beginning to be ineffective, I got Ivermectin for myself and started taking it "prophylactically" every so often.

So when she started to have issues, I immediately spilled the beans to her, told her everything I knew and argued with her to take it. She refused for a few days, before finally getting so tired of being sick and tired and everything getting worse that she agreed and went for it.

I don't think I'll ever forget that. It seemed like literally in minutes (more realistically it was a few hours) she came to me, wide-eyed and terrified. She was feeling so much better, she told me - all her aching had suddenly dropped away, her skin was clearing up, it was just unbelievable.

But I think the most powerful thing of all was the so-called "brain fog" element. She came out of it and realized she'd been having this for a very long time - sort of like a dull migraine that never ends, to the point that you're pissy and upset without knowing you are.

I'd experienced something similar when first taking Ivermectin to fix the symptoms I'd been dealing with. It IS quite LITERALLY like coming out of a fog -- and I had a distinct notion that I had been VERY SICK for a long time, and I hadn't known it AT ALL. Not until I took this medicine that made me feel so much better. She had the exact same experience and like me, initially she felt terrified. There's no words for it, if you've felt that godawful fog lift off of you and the sudden realization of how impairing and debilitating it was, you know its an extremely emotional and fucking scary moment. She could not stop talking about how instantaneous and drastic the changes were for weeks afterward.

I realize that it seems like I've been off topic discussing this and nothing to do with intimacy or sex, but I thought it was important background as I'm coming to it now. We are both sensitive, empathetic and watch each other closely: we can almost suss out when the other isn't feeling well with some unexplainable sixth sense. Some of you will know what I'm talking about.

Anyways, back from the time I originally got sick and then recovered, we both noticed a drop off in our intimacy and even level of desire to be intimate. There was never an actual issue - like, I didn't her sick or anything, though I was initially kind of terrified that I might.

But when she got the jab, and for a long time afterward, there was a total and complete drop off. More than just knowing about risks or shedding or anything like that, if you can understand what I mean.

It's almost as though some innate part of our bodies were telling us not to. Like somehow we knew it wouldn't be good, and our natural drive to protect each other was kicking in. Neither of us even retained any interest in it - and while we aren't and never were bunny rabbits exactly, I still felt the dropoff was kind of profound. Fortunately enough, that's not what our relationship is based on anyway, so it wasn't a huge issue for us.

Nowadays though, we're both feeling much better and things are back to normal, or as close to whatever normal was before. And we have no sex life to speak of, which is sort of tragic and disappointing to admit.

That feeling of needing to stay away, the signals, are gone it seems. But left in its wake is a long period of relearned behaviors from what we went through with the jab and the coof, and it seems very difficult to break and return back to the way it was. And while I do realize that I've likely picked up ... well whatever it is just from close contact and viral shedding, I do still think there is the slightest feeling of a phantom danger that still looms for me.

I am curious if anyone else has gone thorough something like this. Its not something easily discussed or even commonly known exactly, so I wouldn't know where else to even start to look for answers.

Its obviously a bit uncomfortable to share my story like this but I'm doing it just in hopes of seeing if anyone else has had these troubles or can relate to any part of what we've gone through. There have to be others, right? I have been wondering for a while now.

Even if you can't, I think it still speaks to how all-encompassing the whole pandemic saga was. It altered and devastated so many aspects of people's lives that I am not sure we will ever be able to sift through the rubble enough to quantify the entire big picture of damages.

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Unfortunately that is how a great many of my generation and thereafter talk. I don't know who Ryan Garcia is; but saying things like "They can't fuck with me, I'm a God" makes me cringe when I hear it at first.

So you're certainly correct, this all comes off as very abrupt and odd.

However, in another light, it actually lends credibility to his claims to me. I can totally understand if it's something that I can see a little easier and you might miss; again, due to generational differences.

I do think he is communicating as honestly and directly as he knows how, for being his age and with getting bashed in the noggin for a living. I don't want to dismiss him outright simply for his limited ability to recount his experience. Its almost natural to bias ourselves that way and we'd tend to disbelieve those who aren't just some majestic storytellers who have a big vocabulary when they retell events that happened to them.

But does that make sense? Or is it rather a product of our conditioning as children? After all, just because he is swearing and can't give a very detailed picture of his experience - it really has ZERO bearing on whether what he said was true or false. Whereas intelligent and verbose people tend to make better liars and could more easily falsify a supposed accounting of something like this.

I've definitely gone too deep here sorry LOL

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I share your disease.

[Meanwhile] People in my real life: "What the hell did you do all day!?!"


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This is becoming the stuff of legend now y'all

"He's being ratio'd into the sun" personal favorite

Holy hell this is great 🀣🀣🀣😁

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Ahahaha yeah, that MUST be what he meant. I just posted a comment that railed him for apparently attacking female intelligence,

But its MORE LIKELY that he was referring to the Mockingbirdℒ️ fax they received with their instructions on it, LMAO

Do they need to go to the "re-education CAMPS" too, Keith?? 🀣

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Since it hasn't been called out just yet, everybody, will you just please take another look at that 2nd sentence for me! 🀣

Its members, including JACKSON, KAGAN and SOTOMAYOR have proved themselves inept at reading comprehension.

Um, Keith, hate to break this to you, but...

You just stated, categorically, that THREE DIVERSE WOMEN members of the court have a low intellect AND PROBABLY CANNOT READ.

How terribly intolerant and predictable. 🀣

Its just like listening to African American members of Seattle PD tell how privileged white "BLM supporters" (en quote) almost instantly regressed to yelling the N-word at them when they came and cleared the fracas.

This is who these people REALLY ARE. Olbermann is so bad at hiding it, otherwise he'd likely still have a job somewhere outside of his basement. 🀣 Disgusting and pathetic, truly

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