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Reuters: Hey James bro could u call us back?? We are just trying to "confirm" something.....

USAF Pilot: Target confirmed, ordinance deployed.

Reuters (to the public): We apologize for the confusion, we reached out to Mr. Yoo and our sources in government and public safety. After a brief delay, they were able to provide an update that they had been successful making contact with the suspect for confirmation and now have re-confirmed he is dead.

....think I'm starting to understand what they mean when they "confirm" things in the modern era.

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You especially have to love the breathless gasps and guffaws that permeate from that privileged NYTimes audience. The faux confusion response from preeminent assclown and top [DS] shitheel Andrew Ross Sorkin isn't cute to Elon, so he repeats himself more clearly -- [Go. FUCK. YOURSELF.] and the crowd of fag elites finally let themselves laugh at the unfamiliar sound of bold honesty, which would have elicited thunderous applause and cheers among any crowd of MAGA or even liberal normies for that matter.

Kind of a funny moment, where the assholes know they are supposed to clutch their pearls, but Elon wins over and their asinine programming caves to human nature. Lol. 🤣

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Just want to quickly share my thoughts on this one:

  • I have been somewhat apathetic to mildly dismissive when it comes to the topic of artificial intelligence in general. I will admit this comes perhaps from my own limited imagination, when it comes toconceiving of the incredible stakes and consequences that always seem to hang in the balance with this subject

  • For that reason I have thought (perhaps mistakenly!) that there is a bit of a "pay-triot" and fear porn element to some of those who have a dedicated focus on this topic...

  • For instance: I like War Room a lot, but the "Transhumanist corner" (if you'll indulge me) has always seemed to be a little dubious, perhaps inspired more by desires toward crossover appeal with the InfoWars audience instead of legitimate passion and intellectual depth on the subject.

  • It isn't Bannon's bailey wick and it feels more like feigned interest and concern for the topic of A.I. to me for whatever reason. Maybe I just am not fond of JoeXYZ I can't pinpoint exactly the reason I find that segment of the shows to be their weakest.

  • With all that now (perhaps too exhaustively) said, the guy reporting this news in the video and connecting the dots for us is more rousing for me. I can easily follow how his brain is working and digging down to find the truth to this seemingly bizarre and under reported situation with Sam Altman that came COMPLETELY out of the blue.

  • That Musk would be in a panicky mood over it is a bit unnerving to me. The notion that we may have crossed a critical threshold in A.I. development; and that said event could then precipitate the spooks and shiny suits trying to move in and take over the operation, all seems to comport rightly, even to a primitive like myself. 🤣

  • Not that different to Mr. Nobel's dream of world peace after he invented dynamite, or the events that followed the success of the scientist team at Los Alamos - seems a tried and true play bearing all the [DS] hallmarks. (Or maybe I just have Oppenheimer on the brain, having recently seen it at long last! 😅 )

  • Whatever the case, this reporter did provide excellent reason to be fearful of these goings on to my notions. The background he gave on the "new" boardroom's membership felt worthy of deep concerns, for sure.

  • The whole thing and especially the ousting of Altman only for him to be forced back into power by the worker drones is quite troubling; one can imagine he might be sitting in a seat not unlike the one Jack Dorsey was in after the sudden uproar. As we have learned from the subsequent Twitter files, that could spell out some grave implications.

  • What to make of it all? That answer remains less clear, but ANY conclusion needs to bear in mind the following: we cannot expect to repel abuses of power and overreach from government with regulatory bodies, commissions, and oversight done by that very same entity; that is to say, the same government.

  • Thoughts and opinions would be welcome, as a self admitted luddite. 🤣 Happy hunting!

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Yeah sorry in retrospect it is visual gobbledygook... guess I lost my touch a bit as I haven't been posting as frequently lately. LMAO the more I look at it now the more cringe-inducing it becomes, yowzers 😪🤣

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I'll go first.

I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore.

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*....videos outside of the capital! That’s where they broke windows, built a gallow to hang pence, pipe bombs, bear spray.

Well yeah, obviously. I mean that's why they only arrested and dealt out the MOST severe punishments to the people who went INSIDE. All the real action was back outdoors where the fog of war nice and thick! 😉

"Antifa did this."

Today's video is focused on the OTHER police force that Nancy Pelosi was director of, not just Antifa.

And look - I mean I get it, right? - Antifa did a LOT of hard work there, the MOST physically demanding stuff. But the Capitol police did their job TOO and they didn't exactly come out unscathed. We had SEVERAL reports of very bad paper cuts from magazines the officers were reading! I personally remember one of our comrades was having excruciating back pain from standing and waving at the Insurrectionist Democracy killers, so unfortunately we had to ... sorry, got a little choked up there... had to....

Let him go sit in the break room. He missed his lunch that day - we will never forget their brave sacrifice!

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Very very awesome, guys.

Just because I feel like I might have some bragging rights, I'll just quietly leave this here

(and quietly wonder to myself if anyone posted this on GAW before me 😂🤔😚😇 )


Here is my post from that thread which might still be useful to someone:

Just to give all those interested a quick (TL;DW) overview of the contents of this film:

Here are some of the topics covered...

  • Dr. Jan Halper
  • Organic Act of 1871
  • DoD Law of War Manual
  • "Sword Dance," Trump's Capitulation Tour, The Vatican and Jerusalem
  • Vegas Massacre and Bin Salman
  • Executive Orders 13818, 13848
  • Davos 2018
  • Presedential Executive Action Directives (PEADs)


This is NECESSARY VIEWING for anyone looking to understand more about the writings of Patel Patriot & the Devolution series, or Derek Johnson's analysis of the most crucial Executive Orders put forward by Trump and DoD's Law of War Manual, or even just Q posts in general!

I see the film as almost a kind of COROLLARY to the latest Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes revelations that recently made their way into the media as well as some hints Trump has been throwing out at rallies (which seem to be getting more forceful each time!) But even more ground is covered here and in a more organized fashion. There are SO many rabbit holes to head down from the topics and events discussed here, and in the reverse, one can gain a very thorough (but mostly topical) understanding of all the major aspects of what's been happening "Behind the Scenes" from this info-doc.

I'm already watching it a second time!

Godspeed all. 😎

Edit: excessive formatting removed so u/PepeSee will not have a migraine and yell at me for it 😂🥰

(i love every1)

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He is really the first elected leader of the Communist-Marxist types - he ushered in a new paradigm, where only that type of "Democrat" (or RINO for that matter, hell) would be suitable to run for/win the presidency, going forward. As such, they never miss a chance to deify him in the Mockingbird media, or to recall and celebrate his eight years destroying the country in office.

I can just imagine the platoons of these shitlibs watching the (barely hidden) demonic ceremony and tearing up, as they get goosebumps down to their mutilated sex organs.


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Then his wife threw her titties in my hand. It was weird, your Honor.


Methinks they are actually gonna give Sam the business... unless he squeals on Bill and Killary, perhaps. But the outrage and the optics just dictate that they need to sacrifice a few, so they can later claim there is no two tiered justice system.

As for SBF, well.... "plenty of time to LIFT WEIGHTS and CONVERT TO ISLAM." 😂

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LOL guys - check out that thumbnail image. All i could think was "Ka$h Goes to Bollywood" 🤣

I'm gonna need some more to buy this one, I think

This post seems to be critically low on substance, also. This poster says Musk "has had months to set the record straight" about Elon supposedly colluding to censor elections, but fails to show any supporting evidence to prove that claim. He just hurls more accusations.

Musk's "clown droppings" and "Mickey Mouse Titter posts" (WTF does any of that mean, anyway?) won't hide his guilt - he's been MAKING MILLIONS from disinformation (Again, how? Please show this!) and he is as bad as Adam Schiff, and only cares about the almighty $.

Kash is FAR from my favorite person, but he's way too shrewd to put out something like this unless he was stone drunk when he was posting. This is a bunch of gobbledygook. A 14 year old could've written it. He just hurls a bunch of insults and accusations at Elon and gives exactly ZERO supporting information to back any of it up! Nobody in our movement does this type shit - we bring the signal NOT noise, after all!

The challenge to debate at the end is a funny little cherry on top of this plastic cupcake. Let's see, if I wanted to stir shit up between two based media figures I didn't like, what would I say?? 🤣

Also look at how the word "disinformation" is used - that was a DEAD GIVEAWAY. ONLY THE LIBS accuse people of "spreading disinformation" our team calls balls and strikes in plain English. They LIE and they CENSOR THE TRUTH.

Get lost with that nonsense, shitbird 🥴 (get it? Cuz Lahey is always drunk like whoever wrote this! ....awww, Damn, now its not funny cuz i explained it 🤦‍♂️)

Way longer than this needed to be, but I had some fun breaking it down to find where it came across as fake. Well.... besides the hilarious misspellings and total rejection of basic grammar, I mean. 🤣😁😭🙃

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Tomorrow morning's headlines:

  • Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon invests company's ENTIRE HOLDINGS into shares of SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense ETF (XAR)

  • Global Leaders and their families currently en route to EMERGENCY MEETING of World Economic Forum called at INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION

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Much respect for you fren, but you and I are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

Now, if I put on my Devil's advocate... hat? Err, cape? Whatever.

I could get down with where you're coming from, for the following reasons:

  • Israel happened. That means we're coming into the final stages of this - whatever THIS is - and that FOR CERTAIN means Trump and Q need to be shown as though they are separate entities entirely. We don't want the whole COG narrative exposed before its time, or the left retreading into its campaign to discredit Q AND Trump with more reporting and better funded Vice documentaries. (Please let Vice die, for God's sake already!) 🤣

  • When Flynn activated the digital soldiers this thing was in its infancy. We now can walk and are starting to run. We don't need any help or cajoling to keep doing what we do. MANY, MANY MORE PEOPLE (normies) have at the very least been exposed to Q since then. His criticisms are not going to shut anything down or slow it up.

  • The guy literally wrote the book on 5th Gen warfare and tactics. Thus, a tactician using one of his most discussed moves. The best trick in the magician's bag.

  • He did SEEM to choose his words carefully there in the exchange with Dave on X22. He mentioned duly elected specifically, talked about what to do in the case of carrying out a lawful order vs. an UNLAWFUL one (which could be a big deal, we shall see) and reiterated that the military WILL NOT act "on its own".... so no problems there, if you're a buyer on Devolution and you think Trump is still overseeing the armed forces in some reduced temporary role, or if you want to find the loopholes he (Flynn) CLEARLY left open in his statements.

So yeah, I should just agree with you right!? Lol. I just don't like the discord it causes, and the way he said it made me feel like he was unaware of that impact. Call it a lucky rant - I dunno. Just my personal feelings.

Hey, in any case, I think having the discussion between all of us actually IS a productive thing no matter how you took it or what you believe. What's more, its also encouraging to me that NO ONE feels ready to abandon Q and throw in the towel, just because of what Flynn said. Maybe it was a test - we've certainly had a few of those! 🤣

Godspeed bro.

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I took a stab at this one the other day.

Didn't get much attention, but.

I'm sorry, too many times for Flynn now. I also don't like this recent thing with Jan Halper-Hayes, attacking several smaller guys seemingly over their questions about a different matter related to Flynn. She said she reported them to the Feds - that is a HUGE red flag, man.

I really don't think Flynn is doing Trump any favors here or part of the plan anymore. He may have served his usefulness - or perhaps Q calling out Flynn as an IMPORTANT ACTOR to trust was the NECESSARY DISINFO that so many seem to be unbelievably unshaken in their assertions that he is, even as he gives us the MIDDLE FINGER and calls us a bunch of morons.

This is just a guy who doesn't respect his audience. He isn't a hero or a villain now - he was removed from the chess board long ago, and is no longer privy to the inside track whatever it is. If I'm wrong, I'd be shocked.

He's just a little TOO EDGY and UPSET about this for me to find anything else to conclude. But please, downvote away. ::puts on blindfold::

🍅🍅 SPLAT! 😵


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"A most calamitous falsehood..."


No fuckin' shit!?


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I already left a longer comment in this thread with what I thought was a link to a good video clip evaluating some recent stuff that Dr. Jan has put out... ...and the verdict basically was, I dunno, it's hard to tell, but there's some things here that ARE KIND OF PROBLEMATIC...

I don't know any of the sources that she has apparently "called out" but I am certainly going to check into them now. I can't help but think back to the recent interview she did with ToreSays (I'm sure some here are familiar with her, or at least the Enjoy the Show film)

Anyhow Dr. Jan had to leave early and go walk her dog or something, and the whole interview was wonky, I felt as though I could hear some animosity in their voices at times. I think Tore was late to start the interview, I know Dr. Jan was talking over her at times and Tore interjected some things, and the whole wrap up, goodbyes and so forth were very weird and a little almost contentious-sounding. Again, I could be wrong - that's what I THOUGHT I heard.

But during the interview, I remember Dr. Jan saying at one time she was CLOSE FRIENDS WITH NANCY PELOSI, and that of course makes her a NATIVE OF SAN FRANCISCO. I don't do surface level anything in my life, BUUUT that DOES HAVE TO GIVE YOU SOME PAUSE, I THINK.

ALSO I do find it funny to see that Dr. Halper is calling out some folks by name as disinfo when she was with Tore she got VERY long-winded about COMING TOGETHER AND TRUSTING YOURSELF for those of us in the movement (and so on and junk, haha).. not to mention that she frequently hooks up with Dr. Charlie Ward and his pod, whatever you think of him...

She also said things about being up all the time because she communicates with Hawaii and has an 11 hour time difference (is she in London? I think she mentioned that as well) and yet, she had to go walk a dog or something and left sort of abruptly during the ToreSays appearance.

Some of this is not adding up and is a little bit uncomfortable. I always trust Mr. T but he HAS reccomended a stinker or two before... remember, he MIGHT BE EXPOSING someone, rather than saying for us to believe them.

That's why there's only one guy we all believe, eh?

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Hey guys I found a very well researched and interesting video commentary on Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes that discusses precisely this subject matter along with some other posts and statements she's come out with in recent months.

All credit goes to Spirit of Admetos on Rumble for the video, where he delves into several different posts she's made recently: some of which were pointing people to other accounts and praising them as a fine source of deeper information, and then another where she linked to what purports to be an audio clip of some very egregious and dark statements made to a special group within the United Nations, made by a certain 100 year-old geopolitical consultant and former Secretary of State we all are familiar with.

He gives some fairly positive thoughts and shows supportive feedback on some of the things she's put out in the first section of the video. Then he breaks down how research into the latter clip mentioned has pretty much proven it to be all but bunk - Mr. Kiss has an extensive record of all his speeches and the like from public appearances available online, for starters. While conceding that it could indeed be recorded from a private talk, that was supposed to be "off the record" we can further find that no such group within the U.N. has ever existed. Additional research by other sources suggests a very slim chance that it ISN'T bunk - the creator (and I) both find it concerning that Dr. Halper put something dubious such as this out there in a serious way.

Overall I really appreciate the candor of the video, he looks at Dr. Halper through a very objective lens in my opinion. There is definitely no bias one way or another, but I think he sounds hopeful that she is for real (as am I!) He also arrives at the same conclusion as I have: I REALLY DON'T KNOW, AND I'M SORT OF ON THE FENCE AND WAITING FOR MORE INFORMATION OR WHATEVER SHE DOES NEXT.

Hopefully some decent food for thought I can to contribute to this!

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::sigh:: Yeah, it is so tedious, to be sure.

But, it has to be this way. So that the rest of us learn ... we are the people in class who have already studied our homework and learned the concept. That's WHY it feels so exhausting.

Trump and the white hats are teaching the remedial students, now. And as awful and destructive as it is, we have to have the patience of Job and allow THEM to catch up.

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Man... its really FUCKING weird when Hannity is the one stepping into the argument to try and create some common ground lower the temperature!

Dersh and West are good friends and colleagues from everything I know, the way this subject puts them at odds is actually pretty brutal. I can see this little puppet show that went along here being a PRECURSOR to a FIERCE DIVISION of the ENTIRE LEFT over this issue. The way they barked back and forth at each other feels like a signal to me...

Dersh is usually pretty good at removing his emotions from his analysis of the case; but its obvious he's having a hard time doing so here. Also: is he wearing a WRIST BRACE? MAYBE HE IS THE ONE WHO GAVE BIDEN THAT BIG OLD PURPLE MARK ON HIS FACE!?!? Hah!

The other thing I'll say is that while I'm not big on Cornel West (too flowery with the language, starts out with positions populists could support but gets derailed by race & equality considerations, says a lot of nothing and doesn't have a REAL stance oftentimes) although I do recognize he is very intelligent and among the small number of ACTUAL liberals that are still around. I think he has some valid points here - and his response about what he would do as President was actually pretty solid! For whatever else I might not like about him, he DOES speak his truth, and he is NOT bought and paid for - his best work was letting everyone know that Obama was a paid spokesman for the financial system and the banks.

He's not wrong about this.

Those cartoons they showed were pretty heartbreaking. But we should probably ask ourselves if we are living in a place that is far off from that kind of indoctrination when you turn on Sesame Street and Elmo is stating his pronouns.

I think since the latter half of 2021, through the disastrous midterms in 2022 and up to now with the unprecedented ousting of Kevin McCarthy, all of this was about EXPOSING THE RINOS and setting them up for removal by the MAGA posse. Its pretty clear from the 45 second break in Trump's speech at 47 Club last night, where they gave an ovation to MATT GAETZ, that the RINOs have ALMOST TO A MAN become EXPOSED TO THE NORMIES AND THE MAINSTREAM.

Could it be, JUST MAYBE, that this conflict and the fallout yet to come from it could be a shift in the narrative, and now we are going to hone in tight on the Democrats and expose them as members of the UNIPARTY?? I know you are sitting there going NO SHIT THEY ARE EVERY ONE OF THEM IS AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT, YA DUMBASS!

But actually that's not true. There are STILL a few good natured folk out in Wisconsin or Missouri who are riding a tractor 60+ hours a week when they aren't driving leftovers and clean laundry back to the kids at college, and so on - who are STILL (Yes still) Democrat voters. They don't have much interest or time for politics and never have - they vote the way their parents did, like it was a sports team. Not many of them left but they exist. They might have some animus with Trump from ONE thing they saw in 2017 (like Charlottesville, which they STILL bring up and use)

Then of course you have the low information young people/college votes, who are fast becoming a quite significant share of the tally (if our votes actually were counted properly, or mattered AT ALL) and are continuing to be courted via TikTok ads and such by the Dems. Abortion is their MAJOR issue, its STUPIDLY IMPORTANT to these fucking libertines. Chances are everything they know about HAMAS and ISRAEL is from the same professors who have explained to them that TERMINATING A PREGNANCY up to ONE YEAR AFTER BIRTH is a normal and TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE thing... PRACTICALLY A PART OF NATURE in fact.

Something like this could drive a MAJOR WEDGE between the TWO TYPES of ACTUAL Democrat voters that I just described. Make no mistake, while the Dems have reveled in the chaotic NONSENSE the Republican party has been mired in since they gained back some ground and partial leadership in our government, they are JUST AS FRAGILE and IN DANGER of being EXPOSED as CORPORATE WHORES AND UNIPARTY ACOLYTES as the RINOs are/were.

This conflict could be the fault line which, now exposed for all to see, creates a seismic shock within their ranks that is impossible to recover from, or be spun by the Mockingbirds as a Republican fever dream/night emission. 😭🤣

I think the argument seen here serves as an outline for just how it could happen at a larger scale. No one will be spared the judgement coming; or, to phrase it another way, Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

Godspeed all.

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They need time to get hollywood in thre


Could they possibly cancel their next Cocaine Party Sesh™️ with our "vital ally" President Zelensky, so they can weep in front of Israeli news cameras and condemn ANYONE who refuses to believe that MANY TINY WIDDLE BABIES were DECAPITATED, "we have NO WORDS for what we were shown in the videos.... these people are BUTCHERS"

Or something like that? They can make up their own lines. Anyhow! It would really GIVE NICOLE'S REPORTING SOME NEEDED OOMPH AND CREDULITY! Let us know what their agents say! Shalom!

The very first time I saw Nicole Zedek on I24 reporting this, just hours after it went out around the world I assume, I noticed something and thought I must be crazy.

But sadly, no. Every subsequent viewing since then continues to have it.


In fact now that I've looked closer, it even SEEMS LIKE she is trying to disguise the smile that is coming over her by continuing to turn her head around and walk backwards.

I really can't unsee it, and I've been dubious of this whole report since the jump because of that odd body language. It seems.... problematic, to say the least. I don't think this is the BODY LANGUAGE of someone who JUST CONFIRMED, WITH THEIR OWN EYES, THAT SMALL INFANTS WERE MURDERED EN MASSE BY SEVERING THEIR HEADS. Personally, I'd probably be pale and quite queasy.

This is gonna get debunked I think. And WHO KNOWS, that could be the FIRST MARKER to the MAGA AUDIENCE (aka American majority) that ALL IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE HERE.

Let's see.

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Personally I think it speaks less to any affections Tucker might have gained for Donald Trump, and more to the absolute HATRED and DISGUST that Tucker feels towards the elites and ruling class of our country.

Much like Trump, Tucker has had access to these people in the upper crust for his entire life, and has an insider's knowledge of their activities and patterns of behavior. The stuff the news media DOESN'T tell us, things that the system, designed now to pull the wool over our eyes, will NOT allow us to see.

We've all recognized this process of... changes let's call them, in Tucker Carlson over the past few years. He himself has acknowledged some of the differences in his thinking quite openly. For example, the clip of his appearance on the Nelk Boys podcast (is that their name?) where he discussed how he supported the War in Iraq initially, and how wrong that seems to him nowadays.

There is a HIGH PROBABILITY however that there is a lot more information about the elites and ruling class that he CANNOT share openly with us, that he has either learned the FULL TRUTH about or has COME TO RECOGNIZE as vile and disgusting more recently. At least that's my opinion of it. I think that he and Trump share those feelings.

So I don't think he has suddenly softened his opinion on Trump and melted for him like gelato. Tucker is too stoic and orderly to be a natural fit with Trump's personality.

Rather I think that his hatred and loathing for the ruling class of America has greatly deepened in recent years and hit a critical mass, to the point that he has become the MOST OUTSPOKEN CRITIC AGAINST THEM AND THEIR PRACTICES, second only to Donald Trump.

That would seem to be their unifying thread, and a worthwhile pursuit in his estimation. When Tucker talks about "the little guy" you can get a palpable sense that he KNOWS he is not one of us. The major difference between him and all his high-born breathren is that he has genuine compassion and respect for the regular people in our country, and doesn't see himself as being above us. That's what he shares with Trump and likely why he sees him as being a force for good, ultimately.

Long winded, I know, sorry.

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That's what's going on in this country.

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This is a comment I made. Reposted from another thread. Its the reasons.

No frickin' way guys!

There is just NO WAY IN HELL that this ABOMINABLE ACT OF INHUMAN SLAUGHTER and WONTON VIOLENCE was cooked up by the 🤡 in America and Mossad!

Just because

  • It arrives in PERFECTLY CONVENIENT timing for the Military industrial complex when continued funding and support for Ukraine has become untenable politically
  • And the Ukranian army has just about had its back broken completely, and reports that large amounts of the remainder of Ukranian forces have been ACTIVELY SURRENDERING to their Russian opponents FOR WEEKS now have been coming out but are being suppressed by the puppet Western media so no one in America really knows
  • And Zelensky has exhausted his usefulness and it seems his 5 minutes in the limelight are up. His rhetoric has become annoying where it once was compared to "Churchill" by the laughable jokers on MSNBC and he has become a pariah worthy of SCORN to his neighbor country's leadership, who were never very fond of him to begin with but played along to show fealty and ass-kiss the Americans.
  • Ukraine has LITERALLY run out of manpower to continue any kind of serious counter operations against the Russian offensive and continued fighting would ABSOLUTELY require troops from other NATO countries - Ukraine will barely be able to garrison enough soldiers for any kind of defensive resistance at this stage
  • Personally, I think Zelensky continued to push for NATO status (which was NOT on the scripts the CIA wrote for him) and pissed off his paymasters in so doing. That, coupled with Bankman-Fried being caught (probably the largest DIRECT source of money laundering back to the DEMOCRAT political coffers) and the unexpected strength of the polls turning against the continued funding (perhaps coming to a head with the ouster of McCarthy, who may have been asked to take that bullet for McConnell and Biden - especially if this Israel event was already in the cards) probably brought Ukraine's timeline to a premature end

...just because all of that stuff with Ukraine, though....


Why, that would be terrible! ...well, except that:

  • The production lines wouldn't have to halt for a second and plans to expand manufacturing capabilities along with Patriotic Congressional Funding™️ to achieve that wouldn't need to change
  • A better supported news operation in a more sophisticated ally with a [DS] just as evil and advanced as ours could ensure they WAG THE DOG correctly this time! As in, NO RUBBER PLANES, higher quality "embedded" reporters, 'war footage' that is CONSISTENT AND BELIEVABLE etc.
  • Early reporting of a LARGEDeath toll and ground level horror stories ensures, right now, a quicker turnaround to garner political will from U.S. pop to head back into the fray
  • Fox reporting 700 dead, BIGGEST JEWISH LOSS OF LIFE SINCE (GUESS WHO?) HOLOCAUST and other VERY NICE headlines available (Israel's 9/11, 50 years since Yom Kippur war, and so on)
  • B.B. Netanyahu (no friend of Trump, DON'T BE FOOLED) gets to consolidate power in a Patriotic, Restorative Moment™️ as he retaliates with extreme prejudice and calls upon the world's leaders in alliance to squish the bugs under foot with him. This brings a temporary halt (maybe end?) to the divided nation and protesting he has been saddled with, even though he ran on a platform of keeping Israel SECURE for his Presidency ... his latest Presidency I mean, you get the idea 😉
  • Does this also fracture global alliances and put countries into different camps? Are [DS]/they setting up a narrative, to show us WHO THE AXIS POWERS ARE? AND FIND OUT WHO REMAINS AS AN ALLY? If they want World War 3 (and IT IS CERTAIN that they DO) wouldn't an event like this make a lot of sense, and function as a kickoff of sorts? Even if it doesn't ignite EVERYTHING, the intent COULD BE to put into focus the NATIONS who DO or DON'T stand with Israel and SWAY THE HERDS by INSISTING this is NOT A TIME FOR DIPLOMACY... IN THE WAKE OF SUCH TRAGEDY! As BUSH THE LESSER said once before, YOU'RE WITH US, OR YOU'RE WITH THE TERRORISTS. MAYBE THEIR ACCELERATION OF PLANS calls for some dreadful math like that to be done near term.

Ok, so I guess its really convenient after all....


It doesn't have to mean that...

  • The timing of this actually synchronizes PERFECTLY with the Republicans set to elect a new Speaker in the House. (Wonder what happens if McHenry DOESN'T call for a week long recess... DID HE KNOW SOMETHING? DID THEY TELL HIM TO SHUT IT DOWN?!? Really interesting angle there... needs exploring!)
  • This puts political pressure on the R's to ramrod a new Speaker through, and justifies the negativity against Matt Gaetz and the Hard 8 for removing a Speaker when urgent crisis befalls the world (so conveniently)
  • If they succeed in removing Gaetz it will be majorly predicated on this issue and the time it ends up taking to install a Speaker who can approve aid and other measures for Israel... any delays will be marked up and repeated AD NAUSEAM across the FAKE NEWS. Now I won't say all this happened JUST FOR REVENGE on MATT GAETZ and a few other BRILLIANT HONEST Congressmen, but... I've learned to NEVER DOUBT THEIR INSANITY, or the lengths they'll go to.
  • You know what else this does, politically? It helped to hide THE UNIPARTY that was recently spotted during a vote to "keep the Government open" which most people ACTUALLY DID NOT WANT IF IT MEANT YET ANOTHER C.R. OMNIBUS BILL. Much like Jan 6th where opinion said 80% of ALL VOTERS wanted the Congress to "take their time to make sure EVERYTHING WAS RIGHT" the UNIPARTY did something VERY UNPOPULAR recently.
  • Not BIDEN or SCHUMER but instead for no logical reason (if you're really interested in the STATED GOALS of the Republican Congress, anyway) McCarthy jumped out in front of the bus, heroically declaring NO SHUTDOWN will occur, citizens! and foisted yet another CR, written in pork chop grease onto the Congress with mere hours remaining on the imaginary countdown. So much so, that Democrats had a patsy pull a FIRE ALARM just to buy time and read the fackin' thing. Now, having violated every other rule agreed upon, the 72 hour requirement got trampled as well, but NO WORRIES - WE SAVED AMERICA! Its ok to lose ALL YOUR LEVERAGE IN THE PROCESS. Right?
  • No. The feedback from Americans was largely A MAJOR THUMBS DOWN for McCarthy and his feigned heroics THAT NO ONE ASKED FOR. And what's worse? Oh my Oh ME! THEY ACTUALLY INCURRED A CONSEQUENCE!
  • To which they could only think of one response: Hit the fackin' brakes and HIT THEM NOW. They aren't used to this - and what to make of it? Should we dredge up some LONG PLANNED EVENT, in hopes of getting a firm DISTRACTION into place while ALSO making CONGRESS UNIFIED and stoking A CONCENSUS BETWEEN THE AMERICAN VOTERS AND THEIR REPRESENTATIVES?
  • Wouldn't that effectively cloak the Uniparty once more? Like the Predator they become invisible again - after all, WHO WILL DISAGREE WITH SPENDING TO HELP ISRAEL NOW IN THE WAKE OF SUCH TRAGEDY?
  • And just like that, ::poof:: the Keyser Soze/Uniparty is gone, replaced by UNIFIED AND UNWAVERING SUPPORT FOR OUR ISRAELI ALLIES.

Hmmm, one thing seems to be different this time, though...

  • AWOKEN. People are already questioning how our Intel agencies AND MOSSAD could have missed this. You see, an increasingly sophisticated and aware POPULOUS is not going to stay satisfied with the "official narrative" for very long. We've SEEN THIS BEFORE. 9/11 took us YEARS to work out... but NOWADAYS, the False Flags are taking LESS AND LESS time for us to UNRAVEL. Uvalde, anyone? 🤣
  • Biden's positioning. They knew they could explain away the 6 billion and even unconvincing arguments by Jack Kirby and the other dung rollers in DoD would poll at reasonable levels - 40% approval, all right guys this is the Biden camp, we'll take it.
  • However the American people are increasingly identifying the entire policy TREND - that is, to AID AND APPEASE THOSE WHO WISH TO DESTROY AMERICA - and THIS KIND of cynicism is UNEXPECTED.
  • Lastly, please be MORE INSULTING, if you're trying to tell us some ASSHOLE on a HANG GLIDER with a box fan and a riding mower engine strapped onto it could be ANY SORT OF THREAT to the CAPABILITY OF THE IDF, IN REALITY. Is he the fucking 'Ghost of GAZA' in Babylon Bee, yet? Cause he should be, and I'm not worried about those calls of "too soon."
  • The World is NOT GOING TO END like they want if the majority of the American people can manage to have a say-so in things anytime soon. And that majority is fast becoming a PLURALITY that's why border walls are going up deep into Bidens first term. Pretty soon, enough of us will have figured it out, and when no one buys the bullshit anymore, they won't have a map to show them where they are.

Thanks for reading and godspeed to you all in these turbulent times.

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