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This is the way.

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I disagree. Let's just let the cat out of the bag and call it what it is already.

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You said it. I watch the price daily and laugh as it pitters up and than back down again. We know their game is coming to an end soon and silver is going to moon haha.

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At the time of the article it was 10%, but more important the news that the vote passed.

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I see your point. On the other hand, there are enough people out there with cognitive dissonance that would actually say no. This could be a method to ensure the exposure lands and inflicts the most damage.

Just a thought.

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^^^^^^ We know their game now.

Act like you are doing something, but you're actually just hiding what you did while also minimizing the impact of what you can't hide.

Truly disgusting bastards.

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Maybe the white hats know that there is still some specific ammo they want them to expend. They keep dripping. I see there was a shooting at a gay bar in Colorado called Club Q.

by mmtwo
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Funny how Pelosi is gone and now we have 10th Mountain division under guise of citizen riot control. RED3 to RED4?

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