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Any good reason why the Dems wouldn't save him? He's practically one of their own.

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Hahaha I love this community. You are my people.

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Would pedovores be a bit more accurate?

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It's so funny how everything we on GAW see coming ends up hitting the mainstream later.

We saw the fault immediately in supporting Ukraine because we know their playbook and recognize their behavior. We see all the hallmarks of money laundering, lawfare, trafficking, projection, you name it.

From the plandemic and vaxxes to FFs nationally and globally. It's crazy and sick that we need to think of these things instead of enjoying life with our family and friends. Sad!

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This is what I was seeing. If they HAD to charge Hunter with something to flaunt equal application of the law, then why not pick something that, #1, does not lead back to ol' pops and, #2, sets the stage for harsher punishments for gun related offenses taking us deeper down the anti 2A path.

I call bullshit on this whole damn thing.

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In retrospect, the messaging could be right on for the purposes of the plan. If he is trying to draw the NPC lefties from the establishment Dem candidates then he is speaking their language with "muh democracy". I do think he is likely working with Trump. Just to clarify.

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They are definitely shitbags, but I felt like this was misleading. We are a Republic with an electoral college. To my understanding the purpose of the electoral college was to ensure the voting power of the sparsely populated areas of the country where livestock and produce generation is based is not disproportionately overwhelmed by the populous city centers. These are different areas with different ways of life that could endanger the stability of the country if not represented fairly. I could be wrong, but it made sense when I learned it. This angle was not at all represented here (or many other places, really), but should be.

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Optimistic but my guard is still up.

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I am watchful of both. Hate to feel this way, but thousands of years or layers of lies....

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I'm only pointing the things I do not know. So far all he has done has been positive towards our cause, but sometimes when things seem perfect is when the teeth come out.

Specifically lately I would say his suggestions that Trump could be killed.

It could be cautious messaging or it could be suggestive messaging. Consider more his long history with media and combine that with the satanic rules that this community understands, that of announcing intentions.

We should always be wary and this was a reminder that struck me to post. Could be nothing, could be something. Fog of war.

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Real question for anyone who knows as I claim complete ignorance: can someone explain at a high level what is happening in Africa overall as it relates to Niger, the forming of an African Union (Gaddafi history), and what is happening in South Africa with "Kill the Boer"? Genuinely have no clue and would like to know.

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Nice. Agreed the head of the beast was taken out, but who would be considered the head of the beast? Does it just now have a new head the likes of Klaus Schuab (Rothschild?) and other such lesser obvious ilk? Their power was removed. Perhaps they are just deluded enough to believe they can get it back.

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