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If I thought they arent secure I would not vote. And I am definitely voting.

This is the red wave. It’s not like a unanimous defeat of the crats is coming but you can at least be happy knowing that the cycle of midterms going to the opposing party has been happening for a good while.

I think the midterms are hands off from cabal ( or less hands on) They want to take down Trump. That’s when the tricks will be back in play

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I see people taking bad about her and she is definitely not a genius but I think peach tree dish is cute. This lady is a fighter not a thinker and she never gives an inch. I like the hell out of her

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You have uncovered the DS plot to finally destroy you by having people talk like you or with a similar type name or something something… Anyway you are hella important and they’re probably gunning for you. Too bad you can’t get the other zeidhdja banned! It would finally thwart the enemy plan forever !

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U/PolishBaldEagle quick! Help! How do I tell which one is which?? Someone may have infiltrated and deceived you completely but there’s no way to know who because their names are similar! Lololo

Z—where’s your mojo buddy? Usually you get anons banned right off the block and you don’t have to go begging cap in hand for a pity-ban. Is it possible even the mods are tired of you violating rules of conduct? Keep at it boy! Don’t let that German destroy the America you worked so hard to build!

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Now THAT is a sick burn I understand! But wait... which...which one of you is talking to me???? I am sooooo confused! My head is spinning. I dont know what to believe! oh no are you zeitsljfdlj or zeljljlsd??? What's happening? I'm spinning dizzily out of control. There's no way to know what's happening.....aaaaahhhhhhhhhh

just kidding. if that were true it would be super stupid. Like deporting somebody because you think youre special.

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oh shit. This dude seems pretty hardcore. Im getting major feeb vibes maybe nsa or it's Killary herself.

I mean the Germans almost took over the world two times! this could be world war username right here! we gotta react hard and fast and prove we're the toughest of the tough. I already downvoted all his posts and im about to tell him he's a faggot. If that doesn't teach this guy not to move to nashville I don't; know what will

you're almost gonna make me read this dude's posts. Almost. I'm almost curious about what he has to say just to see how off the chain dangerous he is almost. Except I kinda feel like its gonna be reeeeeal boring. Still. Very scary dude. Let's all kick his ass.

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It's called COMMON SENSE--and the Cabal has tried to breed it out of their herd of sheep.

Bad news for Killary and Crew? The Patriots won't be made into conformist morons. Calling out false flags is just the beginning. NCSWIC!

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This is so 5-D chess. Got my neurons firing, fren!

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