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Milley also served as an officer in the 10th Mountain Division twice. Make of that what you will.

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"Many in our government worship Satan, some openly show it"

Q directed us to look into Epstein's island and the symbolism on the temple, and then Marina Abromovic.

Beyond the above, Q has not said a ton about the cult side of things. Most of that has come from Anon research.

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Definitely Jackson. He is one of the only leaders in history to shut down a central bank and live. That alone makes him one of the greatest.

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Correct, I should have been more concise. Full auto handguns do exist but they are pretty rare compared to semi-autos.

I think what FreedomfighterNY was getting at is that the fake news was betting that most people are not aware of this difference. They are betting that most people hear "automatic" and think a belt-fed machine gun.

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I mean that is not inaccurate. Most handguns are either revolvers or automatics. And I've never heard of a mass shooting done with a revolver outside of a Metal Gear Solid game.

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A few things. First thing that needs to be understood is the distinction between Xi and the rest of the CCP. The CCP is a single entity on paper, but it has factions just like the parties in the US. The one of which Xi is a part is apparently not in the good graces of the upper ranking globalists, the Rothschilds, Schwabb, etc. This is evidenced by Soros stating earlier this year that Xi is "an enemy to open societies everywhere". Think of the Davos crowd as Dr. Frankenstein, and the PRC under Xi as the monster.

With regard to the China virus, I suspect that that was released by a rival faction within the CCP, this one loyal to the globalists. We have a similar situation here, as well as in places like Australia. White hats on top, with traitors embedded everywhere that need to be smoked out.

It is also worth pointing out that Trump holds nothing back with regards to Chyna and the CCP, but he has always said that he gets along well with Xi. Particularly, he had a press release during the Milley debacle in which he denied that Milley tried to go behind his back because "President Xi knows better, and would have told me".

That Trump and Xi have a good working relationship is evidenced by things like how Trump was received when he visited China in 2017. He became the first foreign dignitary since the founding of the PRC to visit the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City, interestingly apparently has no electronic recording equipment within it, essentially a giant SCIF. It is rumored that Kim Jong Un was also at this meeting, and that the plan to flip North Korea to the white hat side was completed at this meeting.

As for Biden being owned by them, their leverage does not seem to have done them much good, especially if you believe that devolution is active. There is military buildup all around Taiwan, and their window to attack is quickly closing as winter sets in, Japan is re-arming itself to have power projection for the first time since the 40s, India is in on the alliance as well, Trump's tariffs on China are still in place and the Chinese economy is about to crash even harder than ours.

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When you cannot attack the information, you instead attack the character. QAnon is the strawman that the Fake News, and by extension the CIA, created to attack Q and anons, without having to argue the information put forward by either.

If they did try to attack the actual posts (named Epstein years before the public knew of him, as one example. Named Maricopa as ground zero for election fraud, as another), or anons theories (serious stuff like Devolution or the Law of War stuff), they might end up causing a normie or two to think "these Q guys might be on to something", and they absolutely cannot afford that, especially at this late stage in the game

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"They will not be able to walk down the street"

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Trump declare the state of emergency for the virus on the Ides of March?

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He also removed all of the flashpoints by which they could potentially start a major war. A world war breaking out would have been ideal to them for providing a cover story.

  • North Korea - Forbidden City meeting, flipping KJU, NK's nuclear scientists all die mysteriously in a cave-in soon after.
  • Middle East - Destroying ISIS, Abraham Accords, arranging Afghanistan withdrawal and forcing Biden to absorb all of the negative optics for it.
  • Ukraine - Quietly became a full member of NATO in March of this year. Putin is cooperating with Trump, so he should not be making any moves against it from his end either.
  • Taiwan - Major naval exercises in Oct (4 carriers and escorts, US, UK and Japan), US special forces confirmed to have been training Taiwanese for years on the ground, major military buildup in general of Taiwan and other regional allies, especially Japan, AUKUS sub deal, and the possibility that Xi is a white hat much like Putin.
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Q has already confirmed that Maxwell was the first indictment.

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Devolution refers to the activation of continuity of government plans by Trump on his way out as a safeguard against the Biden regime, until they can be properly removed. Basically Trump set up his own shadow government and certain sections of the military are likely also acting on their own.

The theory was originally put forward by Thomas Wictor, and then picked up by PatelPatriot after Wictor went dark. The theory explains things like, for instance, why Biden has not made any headway on returning to the Iran Deal, why Trump's tariffs on China are still in place, why EO 13848 was renewed, why the Afghanistan withdrawal was completed at all, why Gitmo is continuing to be expanded, why Durham has not been fired, and much more.

PatelPatriot's series on the topic is currently 13 articles long and is still ongoing. It is very dense reading, but it explains a ton and is exceptionally sourced. It, interestingly, also never references Q. All based on open source information.

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To paraphrase Q: We, the people, have always had the power. We simply forgot how to play.

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Robert Maxwell was involved with MI6 as well as Mossad correct?

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