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Lost my idiotic brainwashed sister. She’s in Sacramento and a public health major, she thinks she’s qualified as a vaccine expert because of her stupid degree which has nothing to do with biology or chemistry, or pharmacology. I told her it just makes her more ready to accept government and pharma propaganda. She’s a typical votes with her feelings moron.

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Suggesting a 56 year old housewife is the same as a 30s male is the same, is laughable.

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I wanted to join the Florida guard but they cut off age at 35. I’m 39 and seems lame to disqualify people in their late 30s… Wonder what Texas’s cutoff is?

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Time to start going after these treasonous judges.

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How? Explain. This is not clear to me after looking for an answer briefly.

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No way. Trump needs a woman candidate to convert some of the screeching Karen’s.

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Yeah I mean why would you ensure the system is properly patched BEFORE the election. Just leave the holes wide open. Great idea.

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NBC scum. He did not try to overturn the 2020 election. Democrats stole the election.

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