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One other thing I noticed is that starting and ending my eating window with things that have good fats and protein makes a difference with my energy. Nuts, full fat yogurt and some fruit is my current favorite to break a fast and start my window.

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I have an 8 hour eating window weekdays (12 to 8). Black coffee and water only outside the eating window.

Inside the window I pretty much just eat what I want with a heavy helping of common sense.

Weekends, I'll have breakfast and a few drinks if I feel like it.

The challenge is getting through a week, but once my mind and body adjusted it became easy, and in my excercise I notice my endurance is way up when I am fasting.

I lost 45 lbs and what a HUGE difference in my general health.

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Isn't this old? I saw am article yesterday saying g they were not going to hide names.

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Thank you!

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What is your recipe?

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I have weird static on my phone listening to podcasts now. Noticed it for several weeks. Thought my phone was starting to die.

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I think you are really reaching he was clearly praying to god

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I listen to him all the time and I'm sure he is slowly waking people up by just giving them enough thoughts to chew on, then adding more the next day. Tiny little redpills enabling people to receive more redpills.

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Not as handy as fmovies.to

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Isn't this the town that just burned down completely like 2 weeks ago in a Forrest fire?

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Shhhhhhh... simmer down there champ. big hug

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