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$1 to cross the bridge in 1987! Nice!

It was $3 when I went over it on March 23rd.

I think they charge $4 if you don't have the proper transponder.

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I agree with you there. Trump even said around Thanksgiving 2023 that (paraphrasing), "this time next year it'll all be over."

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I have some in web3auth and some in metamask.

metamask is easy to use and set up and there are tons of tutorials out there:


When you set it up it's going to give you a very long password that consists of 12 individual words. This is sacred. They call it a mnemonic. If anyone were to get a hold of that, they could steal all of your wallet's contents. So, don't save it in a text file on your computer. Write it down and keep it with your vital papers.

It's a lot of information to take in. Start with the tutorials. :)

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The short answer: yes, I can help you.

The complicated answer:

Your Trump cards are safe. They're in the "web3Auth" wallet. Someone would have to know:

a.) you have Trump digital trading cards

b.) the email address you used to purchase them

c.) access to your email address.

When you login to your web3auth wallet they send you a temporary pin that expires within 60 seconds. web3auth does have mechanisms where you can secure your online wallet with additional factors (like a password).

You can move them to another wallet but you'll have to pay to do that. They call that "paying for gas" and it only costs pennies (if not fractions of pennies) but the problem is you have to pay that "gas" with cryptocurrency (usually Matic) and getting any additional currency into your web3auth wallet to pay the gas is a pain in the ass. You'll have to use a 3rd party like "Coinbase" or "Moonpay" to convert your fiat money to cryptocurrency. They'll want your name, address, social, phone number. It's a racket and it's all because uncle sam wants their taxes from your potential crypt gains.

You can move the 2nd series to your own wallet if you wanted, but you can't move the mugshot ones quite yet. They still haven't sold all of the mugshot ones and until they sell all 100,000 of them they cannot be moved (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Yeah, I suppose when a series is new they can stipulate when trading can start. This is why I thought it was potentially possible for a creator to pause trading. According to another GAW user (see other comments in this thread), who worked on OpenSea project, trading cannot be paused and thus, via reasonable deduction, this is OpenSea's doing.

Very interesting.

edit: to your point: the 3rd series cards have yet to even completely sell and thus 2nd hand trading never commenced.

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Thanks! That insight is very helpful.

there have been constant offers since I acquired the cards on day 1 (december 2022). 10 offers deep all day everyday. Plus, if you look at all cards in the series (even the rarest card) there are no offers. If you're saying this is an OpenSea function then OpenSea has stopped trading.

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The way the system works is other OpenSea users can make offers for your NFT in exchange for Ethereum. I check my cards daily just to see what their values are. Since yesterday (or possibly Monday) all offers have stopped.

It seems other NFT assets are able to be traded (receive offers):


I do believe the creator of the NFT's (in the case of the Trump Digital Trading cards it's TrumpDeployer) can halt trades. Since there's a mechanism for the creator to receive a percentage of all sales (in perpetuity).

Just mentioning this discovery here to see what anyone's thoughts/input might be.


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Well said. One has to understand the scope of their evil and one has to also believe it. That's the difficult leap (believing it). Once you realize that they want 90% of us dead and the remaining 10% enslaved everything makes sense. 50 years of programming is preventing people from believing what their senses are telling them.

Operation Warp Speed. He tells us everything. Only some are listening.

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Reminds me of one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

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Oh, and Pepe Farms remembers when Kemp's daughter's boyfriend perished in a suspicious car fire back in 2020 involving thermite. I wonder what that was all about.

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Using a DTMF Decoder the 7 numbers dialed at the beginning of the clip are:


What does it mean?

#344 https://qagg.news/?q=%23%23344 #208: https://qagg.news/?q=%23%23208 #3440: https://qagg.news/?q=%23%233440

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because they've been taught (and encouraged) to hate by the very system that raised them (public schooling).

Oh, and they're also secretly (secret to themselves) miserable. They hate themselves and by extension everyone.

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The gloves are off and they can't cancel Tucker. 🍿🍿🍿

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This feels like an AI generated video. The audio sync isn't perfect. Perhaps to protect the identity of whomever created this video? Also, has a 4th PSYOP Group feel (ghosts in the machine).

Future proves past is a direct Q quote.

Towards the end of the video he says, "Knowing what has been in reality."

Are we about to learn that we're living in a simulation? What a time to be alive!

Also, what did this video mean by "outside forces?" Aliens? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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