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I heard this morning that IBM is selling their AI decision aptly named "Watson Health." I wonder if that sale has something to do with this statement. Let the finger pointing begin (blame Canada).

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Haha. Yeah, pump the breaks. This guy needs a break.

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Where's the rest? Seemed to abruptly end unless it did end and the video doesn't delve into why.

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All of these malarkey buzz words drive me crazy. Marketers justifying their paychecks. The Cloud is the biggest buzz word of all time; it's just another word for "The Internet." C'est la vie!

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Agreed. You have to assume every anonymous person you encounter on the internet is the enemy (I sometimes fail on that assumption). That being said: no reason to be disrespectful; try telling that to the chans, LOL.

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I'm over 40 years old and I've never heard of this. Thank you!

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Don't beat yourself up. As you stated the serpent is subtle. Besides, it's a good post. It displays one of the enemies tactics; they post these stickers to convince more sheep that we're the bad guys (and unfortunately it works (otherwise they wouldn't use them)).

I was at the WH and the Capitol on J6. I parked about 2 miles north of the white house and walked there. Along the way (1+ mile north) I saw stickers slapped onto road signs that said, "Danger armed fascists in DC, Jan. 6, 17-21: Danerous & Violent "Protestors" with guns. Areas to avoid: Downtown, Freedom Plaza, Capitol Hill. *if you will be in these areas, be in groups of 10+"

Our glowie friends wanted to control the narrative via the media and by scaring normies away they wouldn't be able to see the shenanigans themselves.

edit: https://files.catbox.moe/t68aaa.JPG

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Can't be an accident. Nice work whomever identified this.

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I bet that really makes some lib's heads spin. Surprised her car hasn't been vandalized yet. Awesome ride!

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Please understand that I mean no disrespect to anyone, especially Ashley Babbit's family, but the entire situation is completely suspect. I just want to pose a question to you (since you seem to know the family): is it possible that Ashley willingly participated in an 3 letter agency organized FF intending to walk away unscathed? I'm not saying she knew the FF organizer's true intentions but perhaps they offered her a large sum of money or they convinced her climbing through that window was prudent for the future of the country. I genuinely believe she's passed on but no part of me thinks that scene where she climbs through that window was organic. No one flinched when the shot was fired. People scatter like cockroaches with the lights on when they think their lives are in danger and no one flinched. That video that Wooz News created offers a lot of things to think about.

I've played around with the idea that she was indeed wearing squibs and that the whole scene was rehearsed ahead of time (days before) and that she was actually murdered in the video, but the other actors were just playing out there scenes. One dude starts yelling you murdered her. He might have realized she was actually passed.

There is also the possibility that she was unharmed at the scene a murdered later (in the ambulance or in the hospital or wherever it was that they took her).

May she rest in peace and I hope her family is able to heal. The evil bastards behind the FF need to pay.

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They graduated from Glow-So-Hard University. What a bunch of toolbags.

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