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This is what the Athenians did in the sicilian expedition (a typical expeditionary force that ended poorly for them).

But at least they voted for it, and fought in it, and died/got enslaved.

Also the romans did similar stuff initially, i.e. senators would go to the battlefield. Plenty of them died at Cannae for example.

Then they became an empire and were hiring illegals to do their fighting.

Ring a bell?

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Yes but in the plans of the deep state, that will be in another country, so they don't care.

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Like they did in Laos back in the day.

A ridiculous amount of bombs thrown at Laos....and for what?

WW2 stockpile that needed to be emptied, and restocked. For a profit, of course.

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It's not insane, it's usually how it works.

The less you know, the more you think you know. Been like that since ancient times.

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McKinsey MBAs & other assorted 'consultants' optimized/increased the efficiency of the steel industry.

Who needs steel anyway? More tiktok please.

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Also 7.62x39.

Which is now investment grade because its price is higher than 556 rounds.

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Russia is not Libya or Iraq.

It can defend itself, it has, and it will.

When was the last time an invasion of Russia succeeded? They tend to end up at the aggressor's capital.

And Napoleon & Hitler had real armies, not LGBTQ parades.

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It would be hilarious to see them try.

How do you 'pile up' on the biggest nuclear superpower on the planet, that also has escalation dominance and superiority in conventional weapons?

Meanwhile you have 30+ nations with LGBT armies, expended ammo supplies (they sent them all to the nazis), ineffective weaponry, and the head honcho is across the ocean and needs to transport troops & supplies to the theater, while zircons and nuclear torpedoes exist.

This is not WW1.

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Lol at the downvote.

Truth is uncomfortable sometimes. Also shows that the great awakening applies to ALL THINGS.

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When did the truth stop the cabal?

They'll just lie, lie & lie some more, and npcs will believe them.

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You don't 'annex' something that has been yours for 300+ years. You liberate it.

"ukraine" is a made up country.

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Marx's 'religion' was....?

Lenin? Trotsky?

Wikipedia early life & all that.

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Those are not two options, it's the same option.

ZOG slavery is the 'option'. Always has been. That is the world they have in mind. That is what they were 'chosen' to do.

The only question is whether the rest will consent to it, or not.

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Has diabetes from too many shitcarbs. Also probably got ALL the vaxxes.

And she's evil. It tends to catch up with your health.

Unlike high-level cabal which can offset the effects up to a point, the low/mid level cabal can't.

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We've had several cleaning ladies from south american countries. They are honest & hard working.

They also know more about life, freedom & honesty than this satanic retarded meatbag.

This is an insult to them.

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