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Makes sense, I mean you got rid of a demoncrap governor so yea.

Most likely the data came from heavily oversampled demoncrap enclaves. I.e. typical 'poll'.

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For plebs, not chosenites.

How can you be chosen if the same rules apply to you?

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Just like CEOs.

They 'take responsibility' for going woke, company going broke, firing people, while they take $XXX Millions per year.

But they took full responsibility so it's all good.

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Case in point, Boeing.

It has other issues too, grift, wokeism etc, but the FIRST thing it lost was its engineering culture, to be replaced with 'sales' and 'business' culture.

The rest followed.

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Who will do the drilling?

The realtors? The insurance agents? The 'health care' workers (you know the ones in the reception that can barely speak)? The tattoo 'artists'? The lawyers? The MBAs?


The illegals?

The most important resource of a country is its human talent. This country has been blowing it away on shit paper pushing jobs for the last 80 years. And now we're in the terminal phase.

Romans could build aqueducts and had cities with > 1M inhabitants. Check what happened after the fall of the western roman empire in the west.

Hovels & mudhouses.

Loss of technical knowledge & skilled craftmanship is a real thing and it takes DECADES to get it back.

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Without skilled labor at all levels, those 'resources' will stay where they are and not become intermediate or final goods.

We have 10 lawyers for one engineer. Twenty (or more) realtors per engineer. Paper pusher to producer ratio is about 100 to 1, and rising. Most engineers are old, getting older. Plants are closing, technicians aren't replaced.

But tattoo 'artists' are increasing in numbers.

It's not that easy to come back from a loss of technical knowledge. It takes a while.

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He will get 100% percent of the illegal vote & the dead vote, which might bring him to over 50% of the 'popular vote'. It just depends on how many dead people will vote.

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Acupuncture, meditation & sound therapy (calm sounds over headphones to get your mind off).

Helped my case quite a bit. Still a bit of ringing but barely noticeable.

Be patient, nerve damage takes a while to fix.

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Did any of you happen to be practicing your 2nd amendment constitutional right?

Just saying. Got some ringing too but that's because I was in an indoor range and fired some 7.36x39, and even with double ear pro, got into trouble.

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Great, so they get to treat us like children that "can't handle the truth". I.e. exactly the same as the demoncraps treat us.

Truth & transparency. No backroom 'justice' because that's just more of the same.

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If you don't remove the khazarian mafia, all this will happen again.

Remember, they brought the slaves here ("dutch" shipping magnates).

Your solution goes after the effect of satanism, not the cause of satanism.

Remove bronze age death cult or this will keep happening over & over.

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How many nuclear submarines & hypersonic missiles did Saddam have?

It didn't matter that the 'plans' were voiced out then because Saddam could not interdict anything.

Try that with a superpower that has weapons you don't have, with larger range than you do, has nuclear subs and lots of other goodies.

How do 300k american troops get to europe in the first place? Will they use a star trek teleporter?

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Half a century?

Oh no, that's just the terminal phase. It's the last 2600 years.

And it's coming to an end.

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Protecting yourself is not allowed in fascist NYC.

So yea, try 'arming yourself' there and see where you end up, unless you're part of the protected class.

This works both ways. The 'terrorists' won't try this stuff in a place where they know people WILL be armed.

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No, the day the corpse was laid bare for all to see.

It's been dead for a while now.

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Inb4 "that's just the talmud, the torah is better".

Chosenitis is a mental disease and its terminal stage is pure satanism. Whether shit is brown or black doesn't make it less shitty.

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Total Reuters bullshit.

MINSK, May 24 โ€“ RIA Novosti. Vladimir Putin spoke about his readiness for negotiations on Ukraine, but they are possible in order to achieve the goals of the special operation, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said, commenting on the Reuters publication. According to the agency, citing sources, the Russian leader is allegedly ready for a dialogue with Kiev on a ceasefire if the Ukrainian authorities recognize the current front lines as borders. โ€œNo, this is not so. The President has repeatedly said that he is ready for negotiations. But these are negotiations in order to achieve the goals that we are now achieving through a special military operation,โ€ Peskov noted. As the Kremlin representative clarified, Putin meant that the complex documents drawn up earlier could be the foundation for discussions, but nothing more.


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The earliest and strongest form of control in fact. It was infiltrated immediately.

Religion is not spirituality. Religion is not god or Source. Religion is a way to control, subjugate & divide.

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