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Yes, because in the US you'd become resistant to a specific bacteria called PHARMA/DOCTOR-DRUGPUSHER cartel.

They take a huge cut, they don't want to lose the ability to milk you dry.

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Sorry, no time, too busy chasing khazarian tokens ($, bitcon, whatever).

Signed, 95%+ of the population.

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There's also the issue of the units that blew up nordstream, sent out that drone that got downed yesterday, are training the nazis, are FIGHTING WITH the nazis etc etc.

Lots of cleanup.

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She wouldn't have gone anywhere near a battlefield.

The 'military' has become what every other us institution has become. A welfare/grift factory. It's not even efficient at being a cabal enforcement arm anymore.

A caricature.

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Yes :)

I wouldn't be surprised if Cramer himself is behind it.

There's also an LJIM, which basically buys what Cramer recommends.

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PA is definitely not blue, which is why I put blue in quotes.

"Welcome to PA. America starts here."

Coming from NJ, that sign was true for quite a while :)

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Guns are safe if you're already in a red state where guns were safe before.

Guns are NOT safe if you're in a 'blue' (satanist occupied) state. But they weren't safe before the potato EO, and they won't be safe after.

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Downside/life change risk is too high. He assumes he'll still be employed at fecesbook for the duration of the lease, 12 years. And that he won't get married/have kids in the meantime (which is probably true since he'll be on a boat).

12 years on a boat in a tiny studio is kind of a lot. I guess he expects to sell the lease to someone else when he decides he's done? "Like a condo".

I'd just get a house in the South with the 300k, but meh, that's just me.

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300k for a 12-year lease of a 237sqft studio.

Mmmmkay. Not the best use of 300k but hey, his money.

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Florida & other states pulled their pension funds out of the esg woke satanic shit.

So at least on the public front, those woke satanic wall street assholes have to retreat a bit. Whether they really retreat or just redefine things is yet to be seen, but in terms of PR, they seem to have lost this round.

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18.7M is still a lot. About as many as the REAL number of votes the pedo got.

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Not different, better. It was a required lesson.

No need for self-judgment. However, it's important to see the MIL for what it really is, not what people want it to be.

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Please explain how anyone protected anything in the US, besides bankster/cartel/deep state interests by invading Iraq in 2003, and subsequently killing lots and lots of people.

Repeat with Libya in 2009, and Syria in 2013 (ongoing). And for that matter Serbia in 1999, which was in fact a Christian country (unlike the other 3 above).

Vietnam & Korea get a pass due to the draft. The rest don't. The great awakening is about the truth IN ALL THINGS, including sacred cows such as the mil.

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No, which makes him very useful as a predictor.

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