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The only thing I miss is Beavis's voice from the 90s. Judge just can't hit the higher parts anymore, like when Beavis gets slapped and screams.

But I agree, good show and good movie. Nice to see some actual comedy again.

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Yes. Sports is part of it, but more of it is about the drama of having an American try to coach British soccer (football) team. And eventually drama that spins out from that later in the seasons. It's actually pretty funny at times too, which is rare in today's woke shows.

Speaking of woke, the woke level of the show is pretty low, for an AppleTV+ show, which is nice.

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What's really sad is $319 million isn't really that much to pay off people to sell out their country. Then again I bet most of them did it for free.

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I hope everyone remembers the locations of their boating accidents.

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You can lose quite a bit of items if you have a boating accident. Please be safe while on the waters frens.

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Hope it's not another black eye!

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The Deep State's greatest asset is its propaganda media. There is no way in hell its propaganda media is going to be used to destroy itself.

The ability to destroy a person (and everyone they care about) in minutes.... either by public assassination or actual assassination. Very strong.

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Good, hopefully it gets people to watch the segments just to see what it's all about.

We need everyone to watch these Tucker episodes. Thanks MSM for spreading the word even farther.

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On the upside, people reading this might actually go watch Tucker to see for themselves. At least the ones who aren't headline readers.

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Knowing the Clintons is almost as dangerous as being jabbed.

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I remember seeing this decode:


Marker [9] was the week Maxwell was arrested according to this. (credit decodingsymbols blog)

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The post doesn't say the first arrest will trigger mass pop awakening.

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Doesn’t matter what the thing is, if it’s popular it probably has a hidden symbol to it. Otherwise, the media wouldn’t bother making it that popular!

The most powerful and long-lived comms are often ones of necessity. They create a symbol that fulfills a necessary role, and from that perspective what is the symbol of the Transformers toy line?

Few look twice at kids toys, even one with a tagline “more than meets the eye”.

I always say to myself, I'll just skim through these or just read the intro since they're long. Hours later and I'm balls deep in symbolism yet again.

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