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Dude- Harsh! I love it!

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Yeah he tried it with Kyle and it didn't go so well.

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Didn't he bring a chain to a gun fight?

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It seems he did and you know that bringing knife to a gun fight isn't a good idea but with chains not so much.

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Actually by the time he attacked Kyle all he had was a brick. It was in a shopping bag so he could swing it like a mace, and in his desperation to harm Kyle he threw it at him(and missed) only seconds before he got shot.

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And he grabbed Kyle's gun before he got shot. Don't forget that part. Medical examiner testified that the soot on Rosenbaum's hand corroborated the claim from Richie McGinnis.

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Who would let him hold their child? Isn’t he supposed to be banned from being around children?

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Wasn't he shot in the heart?

Darwyn 6 points ago +7 / -1

No Rosenbaum was shot three times. Bicep, hand, and head. Someone else posted some of the autopsy photos. The arm and hand shots did almost nothing, and I seriously doubt he would have died from them given that he received immediate medical aid. He could have been standing 30 feet from an ER and the head shot would have likely killed him anyway. It looked almost to me like the bullet went in the mouth and out of the back of his head right through the center of his brain at a steep angle. It was hard to tell from a single picture. There was a clear long teardrop shaped wound on the back of head. Sense he was bald it was very easy to see.

You are thinking of Hubber. He's the one that hit Kyle with his skateboard. He grabbed the end of the barrel and tried to yank the gun away from Kyle, but in doing so he pulled the barrel into his own chest so that when it went off he was hit in the heart and fell over dead in about 3-5 seconds. He also likely could have been 30 feet from the ER and I doubt he would have survived. Unlike Rosenbaum there was VERY clear video of Hubber's death.

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Uh no the head was a graze and he was also shot in his back while diving toward kyle he was leaning toward him on a horizontal plane

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Rosenbaum was grazed in the head. He was shot in the back though AND the dick.

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Rosenbaum was grazed in the head. He was shot in the back though AND the dick.

That explains how he tried to get up when his comrades came over, and his raspy breathing. I was wondering how he could be at all conscious with a through head wound, but he was conscious for a few seconds of the video.

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But isn’t Gaige Grosskreutz a paramedic? He couldn’t render aid to his fallen comrades?

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Savage AF

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Don’t try to glorify a sodomist/rapist.

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I don't buy it. You can put up a picture of me smiling with my disabled wife and children and the same liars and willingly ignorant who push this narrative will attack me for being a white Christian male married to a white woman.

I'll gladly raise my son's as Kyle's, but I sure won't raise them to be rapists, murderers, arsonists, robbers, looters, or pedophiles.

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Is that even him? Also, WTF??!! He's a pedo!!!

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And Satan can quote Scripture. 🔥 Now what?

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It's a legit question tho.

He got caught raping 5 young children.

There were likely other victims.

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I guy I remember from the videos taken the day of he is like 10-15 years older…