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His family has been in power since I was a kid... in the 80s

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You’re a faggot and it’s free speech bitch. You didn’t even look at what they testified was in the “assignments...” masterbation, murder, sexual assault, perversive sexual practices, etc. THEY ARE STILL MINORS AND YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO GROOM THEM. Fuck you and fuck your dumbass excuses. Keep it up and see what happens... we don’t tolerate child molesters nor your kind...

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I refused to quit back in June so they revoked my access and said that “they were going to categorize it as a voluntary separation.” Still waiting on unemployment but what seems to have helped is to get a separation letter with eligibility for rehire which shows the dol you did nothing wrong and it was bc of Covid related issues blah blah blah. Worked for an evil European based international healthcare company. Used to work most of my career with the fed but what is the pulse in your opinion? When I left Doj in 2018, there was so much secrecy and unprofessionalism... “the resistance “

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Makes sense to focus on degenerates with stds first and then spread that around. Where I live the ones with masks fit a certain profile. Ever wonder why homos are pushing this so much... like looking for the magic shot to cure you of your consequences? Hiv 2.0 all over again.

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Typical handshake above you making excuses for child molesters. You give this book to teach deceit and then create a desire that wasn’t there especially making boys choose the “mans favorite body part.” Trying to lead children into fetishes and homosexuality. I want these people dispatched.

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Demons attacking demons ... this could help us lol

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The “chosen” have decided one of their own needs to take the fall. Losing the news cycle

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Not surprising the brought it on themselves in their arrogance and delusion to be superior, racist, and “right”

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