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The reason you lnow this didnt happen is no one says that. “Treason’s my redline”? Even if it is for someone i have never in my life heard that

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Well technically only a third of the colonists supported revolution so if we represent more than a third of America then we sorts do have the same public support and prob more.

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The Court was tasked with deciding if a law in MS was constitutional or not. You may still disagree that that law in MS is unconstitutional and the court got it wrong but you cant argue that the decision itself was unconstitutional as they had the jurisdiction to make it. Has this idiot ever read Marbury vs Madison?

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No doubt. i highly recommend the documentary “God Bless Ozzy Osbourne”. A really cool look into him and his life. Kicks everyone out of his dressing room before a show to pray. Who knew?

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When you said audio is horrific i thought you meant they have audio of them deleting the logs and are describing how they are covering up election fraud.....but no, no the audio of the presentation is literally horrific.

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Lynn Wood is a perfect example of why im always walking forward really skeptical of people who are quoted on here as being Trump insiders or the latest white hat that is going to help change the course of things. I mean what if Trump doesnt come back before 2024?what if he were to lose in 2024? i guess im just curious at what point do we know weve been had by a lot of people including possibly Q?. Again not saying this is the case but does anyone else think about this?

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Im sorry but i cant agree with the last line....theres no struggle between Jesus and Satan...Jesus has already won...everything you see is Satan desperately trying to cling on as hes flushed down the toilet

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A pokemon card is not a digital asset and has none of the capabilities or security of BTC. I urge you to do more research on BTC.

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BTC has the ability to FUNCTION as currency but it is in fact a digital asset

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Watch the documentary Square One...its throughly goes over how garbage all the claims against him were. Its eye opening. Also Razorfist has like a 4 part video series on why the claims are bogus

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Oh i dont listen to them for news just for making fun of liberal idiots which theyre pretty good at....Hannity is a waste of time, only thing hes good at is talking over guests and reminding people he takes judo classes.

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