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Love your username 😎

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Aren't y'all just the cutest couple?

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Power couple.. we must watch this unfold..

Lol hey better than what television offers these days

I wish I just didn't watch that PROGRAMMING at all, but - seen an ad for a new show where they take a bunch of sexy divorced couples and dump them on an island somewhere ..and people will eat that "drama" up. But, the bar got too low for limbo years ago with shows like "teen mom"

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a couple thoughts;

117, 1170 and 1-17 mirrored is 711, 0711 & 71-1

George Washington's spy name was Agent 711.

he's a huge part of the Great Awakening, sure Q knows that when putting drops together, so 4 BOOMS as a nod to a Great Spymaster;)


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TV series Snakes in The Garden is about spies and George Washington. Of course TV dramas are mostly loosely based on fact. After watching I always research fact vs Series,

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Snakes in the garden remind me of Obummer's official "portrait" of him in a leafy garden. Snakes, indeed!!!

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🤣 That’s funny.

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Split the image in the middle with a mirror and fade the play with the color and you will see an image of Baphomet behind Hussein and his sperm on his head.

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You just made me miss Mad Magazine

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thanks for reminding me. someone else mentioned the series and I forgot about it. I'll have to find it now, sounds like something my grandson could watch too🇺🇸

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It’s great when young people want to learn history! I had the name wrong. The intro song is Snakes in the Garden. Series is TURN FYI: I think there may have been some sex scenes. It’s been many years since I watched & can’t remember.


This mini series about Washington was good.


John Adams


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I think the point of shows /movies that connect to factual stuff is so when someone starts connecting dots the standard "oh you just watched _insert show/movie"

Good example is the simulation theory and the matrix movies

But I think another big element of putting truth into stuff we watch is so they can also make subtle twists to the history (ie: ancient aliens shows you some cool stuff but uses aliens as a scapegoat for hidden high-technology that's been used for a very long time. )

Last part of your comment is the nail on the head tho. Watching television/movies is fine but just like information/theory from ANY source ...never simply take their word. Do your research and come up with your own conclusions/questions. But, WHERE the seed that sprouted that tree doesn't matter.

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Excellent points. I’ll watch just about anything! I draw the line at Aliens, that creeps me out. I love history & I watch historical fiction a lot of documentaries. They change it a lot to get ratings, some serious the costumes aren’t even in the correct era. After what I’ve learned about how the cabal manipulates the story. I’m questioning a lot of historical facts! I watched a guy on YouTube, he says he found the true air to the British Royal throne. He found the air in Australia living a regular life. I’ll admit his facts did make sense. Short story, some where before one of the King Henry’s someone was illegitimate & they stole the crown. I wouldn’t doubt it! The Blacklist, season 9 has had a lot of different story content that’s happening now or what they want to happen. AI women that men rent or buy for sex. Tracker in the form of medicine capsule. If anyone that doesn’t know: The main character is at the top of FBI most wanted. He works with a secretly with an FBI task force. To keep his freedom he gives up a FBI most wanted blacklist. On Succesion season 3 (I think) I heard Cabal mentioned. It’s about a very powerful rich family that own a lot of media, cruise ships, etc. I’m even seeing things mentioned in sit coms. On one hand I think they are dropping hints. On the other hand I think they are being bold & saying, “most people won’t catch the hints” Only you conspiracy theorist & you can’t stop us! If you like history, research Black Beard the pirate. Most historians say he’s from England. Very little is known about him. I read a book several years ago about him. The writer, from North Carolina, started researching. He thinks Black Beard was from Scotland. His ship was Queen Anne’s Revenge. Some things we will never know the truth but it’s fun researching. (I’m born & raised in NC, he was here a lot.)

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Is that a new show or are you talking about TURN?

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Yes TURN, I realized I got the show wrong and replied to someone in this thread with the correct TV series.

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Fun fact. The West Point scenes were filmed on the farm I live on.

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Interested to read the comments on this from those who've been doing this much longer than I.

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I wonder if Obama is about to get thrusted into the spotlight soon? And wasn’t Schiff asking to hold “Big Old” Tech companies accountable yesterday?

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I wonder if Pelosi, Schumer, Hilary, et. al. cringe when they hear word of the boom comms wondering if today is the day?

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It is why Pelosi has spent the last 5 years drunk.

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4 year 6 month (exact) delta

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I know Melania is important to some royal line. So are we really ruled by a monarchy? Is that... good?

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The Queen didn’t show up to parliament but prince Charles did

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Yeah, a no show, but her hat still counts for something.

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7549 days. Time is nothing, timing is everything.

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It's brilliant. I'd forgotten all about drop 134.

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What is this triangle you speak of?

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