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I know. These cautious takes from concernfags are totally lame. Losers are so use to losing that they don’t know how to deal when they start winning.

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It cuts both ways. Anyone who abhors baby murder will be voting to outlaw abortions.

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Babies are making it to the end of this movie alive!

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Even if they steal our money, rape our wives, pervert our children, and take our country while depopulating us all… in the end GOD WINS!!!

Remember the wise words of Trudeau, “If you kill your enemies, they win.”

So I look forward to our long suffering and eventual demise because after we’re all dead it’s gonna be a god-winning good time!

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Remember when Baby Dinosaur was part of the plan and you were a doomer if you didn’t go along with it.

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Imagine how much of a redpill it will be after they steal TWO presidential elections!

Of course, we have to wait that one out as well because they stole it fair and square… but THE PAIN will be a comin’ with Trump 2028!

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You honestly think the Dems won’t smash’n’grab the 2022 elections?

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Bbut bbut whatabout XXY or XYY or the one in a trillion XXYY? Your definition can’t account for that can it? You must feel prety stupid rn.

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10 out of 10 title. congrats

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