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At the point we should just annex Mexico.

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This is truly incredible. It could start a trend. What if exposing the deep state is the new summer blockbuster?

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It was supposed to be the free-speech platform social media killer project the he was developing for 3 years. He kept going on and on about it, how brilliant he was and finally said he completed it and it would put trump in the white house and deliver on all of Qs promises…

Then he never released it and stopped talking about it.

Hype for nothing

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  1. But don’t doom.

Missed one.

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There is a class of animals in this society is have a vested interest is collecting welfare… they aren’t “our people” and deserve nothing short of the wages of sloth

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Except when they disagree on when happenings are happening the we call them doomers and ban them.

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Blake Lively told people the worst reported child rape was a baby birthed fresh from the womb.

Sick people

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As a note, in the military… silver outranks gold. It definitely isn’t a stretch to say it has meaning.

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