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A woman named DJScratkherzOriginal No.925 wrote this on my YouTube video I posted of Eyes Wide Shut before I lost my channel. I have it saved.


"From 10 degree of Illuminati

5119 Fountain Ave Apt117 LA CA 90029

My parents were psycho people try to sell me to be prostitution and Kill.They theatening me everyday.

I need you help.

BANPOJN WATJAROTHAYANGKUL and His Spouse try to sent people to rape and sell me to street gangs.Order by Thai King and His Son!



She kept leaving comments trying to contact me on all of my videos and begged me for help. Being honest it kinda freaked me out. Looking back now I feel horrible.

This is the apartment when I look it up.




If she is correct this is a Brown Stone/pedophile operation here going on. Strange how she gave a specific address and asked for help. What do you guys think?