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Yeah, that isn’t Dorsey.

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Bc the testing’s known to be faulty, how do you know you had Covid? Has Covid been isolated outside of a computer generated model?

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Anyone ever seen the movie Frequency with Caviezel and dennis Quaid? The plot involves father and son communicating on a hamm radio or something like that to prevent the father’s murder, only they’re communicating in different decades. So it got me thinking about Tesla tech etc… what if the person who says “you’ll never guess who you’re speaking to” is speaking to us from the early 60’s. What if it’s JFK?

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You’re an idiot. If the CovidHoax exists then what happened to the flu, per the CDC, during the lockdown? Which is all that you have. The FLU.

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Again, Sidney Powell pretty much confirmed it’s existence.

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Anyone ever watched the full interview with a fella by the name of James Files who claimed to be one of the shooters? It’s absolutely amazing and then of course YouTube suddenly delists it. It can’t be found anywhere.

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I’m praying for you too and I just wanna say to hang in there bc I’m telling you things always have a way of working itself out. 😊❤️👍🙃😁

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I heard some bad stuff about Garvey during my Pizzagate research days.

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Yours is the same conclusion I came to last week… that maybe at least a part of the corporate suicide they’re committing is a push from the good guys to get the American public shopping at Mom & Pop’s again.

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Yes, Jim if you or Uncle Mel are ever on here, know that we thank you both so much for standing up for Jesus, etc… 😊👍😁❤️

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Did we ever find out what “dominoes” was code for?

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How would you even know if you have it given that the PCR tests are flawed but more importantly since it hasn’t even been isolated outside of a computer generated model.

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