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Dear God save me!! By close loved one i mean the closest.....my spouse. From 3 yrs ago being called a crazy lunatic initating whati thought would be our demise. Even trying to agree....smile nod like jack nicholason psychotically here's johnny style to actually going further like yesssssss fren. They still get angry bc i couldnt possibly understand how the world works. I have no point except to say THANK THE GOOD LORD FOR YALL!!! keeps me strong. He has never been one to go with the system as he was passed around as a child from his ADOPTIVE mom who saved his life from being a life ended by abortion. That was the only and last good thing she did for him. Has been successful despite the horrid shit yadda yadda. Its happe ing folks on levels i never thought possible. Maybe just needed to vent but thanks frens. Thanks.