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Wisconsin was the state - unsure of the ship name.

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I am placing all my bets on 25th amendment still.

Trump is on video saying "the 25th amendment is of no threat to me, but will come back to haunt the Biden administration".

He hasn't been wrong yet.

Full wins ahead.

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Yes - this was awesome. Loved it and loved seeing Trump smile like that. You can see his spirit, and it's good.

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I watched a few things that I immediately "regretted", because it filled me with a tremendous rage that I had to walk through for quite some time after that.

In that walk, I had to separate righteous anger from vengeful rage and try to get back to the place of loving the person while hating the sin.

It sucked - and as you said, my light was very dim during that period - replaced with absolute rage.

I'm not sure everyone finds their way back - and it never gets easier every time I click on a video that I shouldn't have.

Only because of Jesus was I able to walk back.

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The guy was hit in the ear. How is this NOT an assassination attempt...?

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Maybe you don't understand what "Rude" means.

It doesn't mean Untrue.

It doesn't mean "shut up".

It means, the delivery and timing was Not Appropriate.

What does it mean to have tact?

  1. a keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offense; skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations. 2. a keen sense of what is appropriate.

You should re-read what I wrote the first time - pause when you read me saying "Even though I agree with you..."

And pause again when you read me saying "Even though I agree heavily with your feelings."


And besides that - yeah, according to the Bible, it Is the responsibility of the Husband to lead and protect his marriage.

Is expressing "Your parents are retards" in front of his wife's parents Leading or Protecting their marriage?


Their marriage was not under threat. There was no reason to say that.

The message was delivered out of Pride - His Pride, at the Expense of protection of his marriage.

I'm not debating with you.

Have a good day.

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I'm not sure what you expected.

Even though I agree with you - that's a pretty rude thing to do to your wife in front of her parents.

IMO - apologize and own that you made a dumb mistake.

When you got married, you made a covenant between You, Your Wife and God.

After God, your Wife is your highest responsibility and commitment on this Earth.

If you did something to jeopardize that, you need to take responsibility for it and make your best effort to repair.

In God's reality, no political debate or opinion is above your marriage.

Even though I agree heavily with your feelings - as a married man here, I am urging you to do your Husband duty and put your feelings aside.

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I will never forget Trump saying, while he was visiting the border wall he had constructed - "the 25th amendment is of no threat to me, but I believe it will come back to haunt Joe Biden."

I 1000% expect this to play out.


Because this is the pattern. Everything else - Has.

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There's an intersection ahead here that I am keeping my eye on.

A proposed solution that is obviously not going to solve the "problem" is a great way to say "we tried everything else - problem remains - we have to get more drastic."

In other words - a social engineering exercise to convince the public that we have no other choice than the choice they wanted us to arrive at.

What solution do they want us to arrive at?

Consider that Fertility rates are under attack worldwide. Through food - through the shot - through chemicals in xyz - through fear/disease (think Zika virus mosquitos).

So this "Problem" has been a long time coming.

And we know this "Problem" is a result of Bad Actors doing Bad Things.

Let us ask this question - if the world were to restore our Food, Health, Economy, Career, Social systems to not artificially reduce incentive for reproduction - or poison/create infertility in populations that would otherwise make babies....

Would this "Problem" correct itself naturally?

I suggest - Yes. It would. By nature, we like to make babies.

So if we would go back to "Good" via Natural Remedies -

Then what are these Artificial Remedies being offered doing?

Here's what I see - a System of creating babies outside of the Natural.

Imagine a world, where you Buy a baby - because you can't do it yourself anymore.

How far off are we, right now?

If the next suggestion after this Dating App from Japan ends up being, mandated baby making or "We'll make babies for you then"...

We'll know what direction the forces suggesting such remedies are headed...

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And we know that Fox took money to promote the shots.

I give them zero credit for this - they're mooching off other people's work to cover their own butts.

That said - it will be very difficult to not revel in satisfaction the day Fauci is held accountable for his murder and destruction.

Very difficult.

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This is not a video put out by the 4th psyops group (Ghost Army Group as you say).

Jack Straw uses a similar logo for his Twitter account, but the logo is not the same - his version has a scythe and not electric bolts coming from the Ghost's hands.

I know, because I'm wearing the other version right now. :)

Regardless - cool vid - I like :)

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You're doing your thing where you twist words and gaslight.

I'm not engaging you.

Have a good day.

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You used Jesus' words to try and convince me and others that we should knowingly take poison because a Man tells us to.

This is an act of spiritual deception and you are identified.

You are very confused at best.

At worst, when you use the words of Jesus to tell us we should knowingly take poison because a Man tells us to - that is a demon or Satan speaking through you.

You are not convincing anyone who knows Jesus to take poison because a man tells us to.


You are False.

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If a doctor took the shot and gave it to others, but did not make or take money as a reward for administering the shot...

Just being honest here - I'll have an easier time forgiving them, than the doctors who made Money with every shot they administered.

Same with Remdesiver and the alternative name they gave Remdesiver after the public became wise that it was protocolled poison.

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"Even if it is poisoned, if taking it will help him, then I'll be first in line."

Why did you say that?

Because you said that, I don't believe anything else you said - including your appeal to us through the words of Jesus.

Satan knows the words of Jesus too.

"Even if it is poisoned, if taking it will help him, then I'll be first in line."

You said that - after trying to appeal to us using the words of Jesus.

What a dangerous combination of words.

This is a different level of deception. Spiritual.

And not of the good guy.

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"Why is Flynn the most feared... because he knows all of this.... WAAAY more than I do."

The guy says at the end of his 36min incredibly dense tour of a wall full of hundreds of pictures and evidence spanning almost 10 years.

Where's that Phil Collins song - https://youtu.be/MN3x-kAbgFU?t=218

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