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In yet another proof that, as Quantum Theory predicts, the same reality can be perceived differently by different observers, The Verge's Umar Shakir surveys Republican efforts to thwart the EPA's and the Biden Administration's attempt to coerce Americans into electric vehicles and to further cripple America's economy and electric grid, while harming the environment with expanded mining, refining, and eventual disposal of toxic elements required for EV batteries -- and sees a THREAT to the environment and an affront to "progress" that is, predictably, at least partly about saving the children.

During the run-up to the November election, Republican politicians, led by former President Donald Trump, have seized on electric vehicles as a wedge issue in the ongoing culture wars. As a result, Republican voters routinely express disinterest in buying electric vehicles in recent surveys. Now they’re looking to reverse EPA policies and stifle electric vehicle adoption, despite evidence that robust EV adoption could improve air quality for children.