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Fuck Obama that complete cunt of a guy married to a wookie

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Just two weeks to slow the spread of global fascist Nazism parading as woke humanitarianism

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Fear and guessing .. kinda like what the doctor does when the baby comes out, right?

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Rule of Thumb. If the vote is anywhere near 50/50, there is cheating going on.

This country is not evenly split. Most everything has a margin but when the votes are totaled and they read as almost even, that is fake votes and fake elections.

It's no wonder the sheer amount of 50/50 elections has been off the charts for decades. Go back and make a list of all elections that eneded at 52/48 or closer. Every one of them involved cheating.

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Native MI now living in Florida. But Michigan will always be my home state.

I sent $10 to John Gibbs because I knew how important it was to get rid of this red headed demon with the familiar name. I would always choose Meijer over WalMart and probably still will when I go back up north. Great store.

But, Peter Meijer is a traitor to his party and to real conservative MI values. I saw it as very important to oust his smirk from Congress. So I donated. and I prayed. and even though there are many more challenges ahead to get the state fixed politically, at least I can savor this win as directional toward our goal.

MAGA John Gibbs

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6/10 .. needs some rubbing hands

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Just had my dad in ICU for taking too many medications at once (84years old and has dementia). He got past the first 24 hours of possible drug interactions and was clear of that worry, but he had low blood pressure (but has had that for 20 years due to past heart problems, so not a new issue).

Anyway, I had placed him on a Resuscitation order so they wouldn't let him go and blamed his low BP as the reason.

Finally, on day 3, I switched him to Do Not Resuscitate and ordered him to be released to myself for "home hospice". They removed all the tubes and brought a wheel chair and I got him to my car and drove him home.

Two days later he was biking again and swimming in the pool, just like before. No issues, no problems. I cancelled the home hospice they ordered for him.

If you want to save your dad, you have to fight for him. The hospitals have strict protocols and won't just release him unless you demand it.

Order home healthcare for him. Bring him home. Good luck.

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Pepe no wear mask. Brian Denehy btfo

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