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So if I go to the bank and withdraw cash, is it now the good version or are all greenbacks considered Old money M2?

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Wow, he does have a way with words .. thanks for the name share.

"The dark rock of high Castles re-form into bridges that propel the soul into new, and formerly invisible kingdoms." ARCHAIX - The Way Out Is In


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Has been doing same since the 1980s

" Fauci served the American public health sector for more than fifty years and has acted as an advisor to every U.S. president since Reagan"

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Makes me question is Elon really the Billionaire CEO he presents as? Or just another front man, spokes-actor?

We know Bill Gates was installed by his daddy Bill Sr. He is creepy, perverted, megalomaniacal. Not an actual CEO genius in any regard.

We now know Mark Z is a Rockefeller. Installed, not smart. Possibly a lizard in a skin suit. Married to a Chinese handler.

Bill Clinton was groomed by GHWB, Mr CIA. Pervy nose powder fan, not a leader of men.

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