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No, great topic, the shills will come running unabated because of it.

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China already has control of Taiwan basically. Pretty sure their PM is a communist to boot. Seems like a charade imo but unfortunately their charades involve casualties.

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Ya I was kinda screaming at the sky. lol. Yes they could cover it up more but that would mean certain death, I'm ready to snap as it is.

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Dennis Montgomery is a real guy. He created a real program called Hammer. It was fraudulently used by agencies. Those are all facts regardless of the gag order, but I'm extremely doubtful that Mike, Greg, and a litany of others would out themselves as shills like this. Regardless, the facts remain the same and I agree it is a "holy shit" topic. lol

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Biden doesn't even have the nuclear football, I doubt they ever gave it to him. lol

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Sorry but what a cowardly thing to say. We're getting a glimpse at how a world gov't would behave. Coward heads of state blaming others for their failed leadership. Orban needs to grow a set, until then he's just another EU/Club of Rome puppet.

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Yep this is just a distraction, akin to only charging Hitler with tax evasion. The entire Biden family should be swinging from lamp posts.

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Price controls are an extremely communist policy. Xiden's communism is a raging inferno now. lol L

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I'm gonna listen to that Oliver Stone interview later 100% lol.

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Soooo....shouldn't they owe him a billion dollars now? lol

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It's time to cut the head off the snake, this bs is getting stale.

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Imagine the truth being hard to find on the internet...lol jk. I wonder if they'll hide the testing data for 55 years? Unfortunately I'm so objective that the entire healthcare industry is dead to me now. At best Putin is forcing his troops to get a vaccine for the common cold. How does that make sense?

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