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Has anyone else taken note on Tucker 2.0? When I recently speaking to a group of citizens in Ukraine, I was surprised by his demeanor and suggested he came across as Presidential. As more time passes, I believe we can see more signs that he is indeed being prepared for greater things, and he has the support of the White Hats.

  1. Leaving Fox News in a divisive way: Face it. Many people, including you or I, would not trust Carlson if he remained with FoxNews.

  2. New MAGA stances: Tucker always spoke conservative rhetoric, but it was not much different from that of Sean Hannity. Now he is taking strong stances that fly in the interest of Fox News and the establishment, but align exactly with the America First Stance.

  3. New Demeanor of Gravitas. Tucker has always been very articulate and clear. But if you watch him in some of his new appearances, you will see he is projecting a new image. He is evolving from being an inquisitive journalist with a skeptical face to a voice of authority.

  4. Sudden prominent placing: The recent interview with DJT received over 100 million views within a day. DJT could have have chosen anyone to do this interview but he chose Tucker. This this week, Tucker also made a celeb appearance along with DJT and Kid Rock at the popular Ultimate Fighting Challenge.

  5. International interviews: Lack of International experience is often something used at presidential debates. Almost as soon as Tucker's new X show took off, he began international leaders including the leaders of Hungary, Brazil, El Salvador, Argentina, and he is reportedly getting ready for an interview with Putin himself.

  6. Donald Trump name drop: Donald Trump just said he would consider Tucker Carlson as his VP because he has common sense. I think that may have been a trial balloon to see how this would have been received, and also to give the public enough time to start looking at Carlson in a new way.

So I think Tucker could be looked as one to carry the torch after Donald Trump. Your thoughts?

Edit: many people are saying Press Secretary. I think this is way below Tucker and it would require no priming for. Look at the various Press Secretaries that have been put into place without any fanfare. FoxNew Tucker would be a fit for Press Secretary, but I really think they're positioning him for something much bigger.