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Pentagon? It's not their area.

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Pentagon? It's not their area.

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The judicial system has got to fail us. This is the evidence that the military is the only way.

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Truth Social also needs a messenger. Some way for members to talk to each other.

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I don't mean to make this sound too simple but it is. A former drinker here. The leading cause of stress is indecision. Decide to stop drinking and do it. Make it clear in your mind, "I am a non drinker". Find things to do that keep you busy. I work on my house. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy being sober. I personally got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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I'm hoping I can go there on my laptop and not cell phone.

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I wonder how many class action law suites Kyle gets started.

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Don't listen to Itchy Truckers. Close down the borders and close down the economy. Let it all collapse. It's time to break the backs of politicians that aren't willing to listen to the people they are support to serve. The people are behind you, not them.

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Excuse me Harry and Markle, I don't give a fuck what you think. Here's a couple that thinks they're too good to be treated like royalty in their own country.

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I would like to think Trump is saying he can not talk about the 2024 election. He knows he will be back before then.

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Good for her family.

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You can see what Mike liked about him.

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I believe you Joe. I have faith in you. NOT

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