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According to


LIV is the Roman numeral for 54. 54 is the lowest score one can shoot if you birdie every hole on a par 72 course. It is supposed to be “aspirational” as a goal. Also, the tournaments are only 3 days long (total of 54 holes) instead of the PGA 4 day tourneys shooting 72 holes.

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Well I’m ready for the 10 days of darkness anytime...bring it on.

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If there is any kinetic war, I think it will be measured and controlled (and not on US soil) similar to what Putin has been doing in Ukraine. If I remember correctly Q indicated Xi (and assumedly) his loyalists were working with Putin and Trump’s team. My interpretation back then was that, not unlike Trump’s own battle with the dems/RINOs, Xi has been battling legacy CCP hardliners in his own country. This could all be part of the plan as part of Xi’s cleanup efforts. Anyway, time will tell...”future proves past.”

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On US soil perhaps? We have already seen civil unrest all over the world. All we’ve seen is George Floyd BLM bullshit and Andy Tifa Reeee-ing.

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Ok,not that she needs (should) be away from home; but in her degenerating mind, she can’t stay at home, she needs to be somewhere causing trouble. 👍

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Just sharing connections amorphologically formed in my aging mind. 👍

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Interesting; remember the post re: Don Jr’s LIV golf tourney post trying to tie it to REDCON3? This pic here:


Now POTUS’s World War III post.

When has Trump said anything that hasn’t later come to pass?

Q never said there wouldn’t be a kinetic phase of this war. The families that have owned this world for centuries won’t go out without a last stand, IMO.

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The first undiluted clot shot recipient?

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Came here to say this ⬆️. Well I do not dispute the potential for their existence (if not a mistake or typo) a 13 meter (42.65 ft) femur is a bit near-fetched, as George Carlin would say; 1.3 meters per the picture? Also the picture of the guy with the femur looking like it was just dug up does not look like 1930s or earlier vintage picture or clothing, in my view.

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Laughing and reminiscing about a second copy of his birth certificate he recently found that was missed in his October 2008 rummage through his mom’s attic.

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Here’s a screenshot


Not sure how this confirms RED3

And here’s the white hat


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...and then you realized you were right...powered by alcohol and ice cream...

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Into the Mickey D’s chipper...

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Best idea I’ve heard today.

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