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Hammer time...

Do it again and WE will fine you for abusing OUR property.

Who's house? OUR house...

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ALL 3 letter agencies - and all their employees that can't be voted out. Gotta go.

They've proven they cannot be trusted, they aren't doing the work of We The People and they've wasted SO MUCH of our wealth repeatedly over the years playing games - not to mention, getting cocky and doing things against all of us.

Flush 'em ALL and start over.

Military can cover DOE, FCC and other areas where there is an immediate need, until we come up with suitable replacements.

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I'm already ready already!

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Some say, nothing is happening.

But I say, nay nay.

Things are rapidly accelerating...

Can you feel it?

Buckle up buttercup!


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Not as much as ropeburn or chipper rash...

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Pack of Mentos.

The Freshmaker.

🎶 Duh da da det du wa! YEAH!!!

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I don't think that's how the movie goes.

2024 is going to be interesting to say the least.

Hope you got your shittin pants on.

Totally surprised he's out! I guess the movie was getting boring???


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The market always takes a shit in October... maybe this time deeper than prior years, but October is historically one of the best months to buy... Research past years to see what I'm talking about.

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For real dawg...

Some think "research" means poling collective opinions...All under the ASSumption that everything is black and white, cut and dry, "good and bad".

You need to make the connections on your own because there are retards among us. They're everywhere...

Here's their theme song: https://youtu.be/9SMUvWgKtLA?si=40D25XXezJhyWGQM

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  1. We are at war.

  2. They are attempting to DEMORALIZE us with nonstop bs.

  3. They are evil and believe you are stupid goy sheep.

The masks, the troon bs, pedo crap, attacks on kids, mothers st school meetings, cheating elections, poisoning of everything... how much more before people snap out of it and forget theory and accept it's a conspiracy?

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