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Honestly I like your thinking, doesn’t matter if opposition cheated or not- they should take the country by force and put all the lefties and (((Commies))) in camps to be executed. Bolsonaro should declare himself ruler for life… there is no other way to protect the country

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This is wrong. Let’s not lie here. I went to school with Bobby Crimo for 6 years. His father ran as a republican, against our mayor Nancy Rotering, our senior year 2016-2017 he wore a trump hat the day following his election. His political leanings had nothing to do with the fact that he was sick and disturbed.

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So the nazis were not our enemy? I’m gonna need a better explanation here, cause we should all agree nazis are bad, whether in Ukraine or Germany

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You have a fundamental misunderstanding of evolution. The process behind “micro” and “macro” evolution are the same. The only change is the time scale.

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We have observations of evolution. The ancient auroch found across all of Europe is the ancestor of all domesticated cattle species today.