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steering...it utilizes a vector thrust system. It doesn't solely rely on air surfaces for maneuverability, the engine nozzle can pivot and use about 24,000 lbs of vectored thrust. "turns on a dime"

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Hit the blower.....Now we are talkin" hyperspace...

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Cybersecurity "Expert" here. Yes, tampering will be very evident. Worst case scenario is that the hard drives were replaced and system reloaded which would initiate a criminal investigation into the BoS, those involved and likely lead to conviction on numerous state and federal election law.

by Evspra
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Symbol $BBQ on the BabyBaq Index

by Evspra
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You son of bitch, I'm in...

by Evspra
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It makes perfect sense!

Proof: Babylon Bee + Q

BB + Q

Therefore BBQ

Everyone f'in loves BBQ and when you time travel you get to eat BBQ all over again.

Future BBQ is just as good as past BBQ

Future proves Past...

Just sayin'

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The is an area of Phoenix, built around the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, referred to as the "Biltmore Area". An affluent area of town. The late "executed" Arizona Senator John McCain lived here. Qoincidence?

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Mass exodus to Schwab and TD Ameritrade...free trades

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The internet is a deep and wonderful playground, full of information, if you know where to look and leverage.

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  1. I am not religious

  2. I don't resort to violence, in word or in action, unless the situation calls for it. This is not one of them.

  3. The fun I choose to have is none of your concern. It is between, me, the poster, and your mom.

  4. you are hereby, deported, despite Biden saying I can't.

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I'm over here just wanting an IP address from the logs...please

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Can personally confirm internal incidents involving authentication issues and trading execution (due to volume) at one of these earlier today. Resolved not long after by moving to redundant systems and back to primary.

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I, personally, have noticed the absence of the terms "United States and United States of America" in recent media from likely deep state members. It's always just "America" or "country" or "nation".

In this video they congratulated Biden on being "president", which is odd that there was no qualifier on President of what. Sounded out of place without the "of the United States"

Perhaps, because he isn't...

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

waiting for that step any moment now...

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tbh...if this all ends as a master crafted troll...ain't even mad. Talk about the long game...skill...respect.

But we all know it's 4D chess and the endgame has started

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"Great Country"

"Future of this Country"

FLOTUS: "God bless this beautiful nation"

No mention of "The United States", let's see how it unfolds...popcorn ready

Noteworthy: "A rocket ship up" , think where POTUS is supposed to be (abroad)

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Patch: This is the proper SSI


Full color Flag is appropriate for non-field duty, subdued generally reserved for field duty

Placement is appropriate, right sleeve placement signifies previous wartime service

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"Former FBI Director Comey and his deputy Mr. McCabe, through their incompetence and bias, have done a great disservice to the FBI and DOJ"

We all knew Comey was a douche-canoe. Glad to see it as official.

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