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Perhaps you missed his response (to someone else) where he says that I 'like to spin'.

That's a direct accusation of (my) intent, and it kinda set the tone for how I read his response to me, especially when he said that I might have 'misrepresented...the article...on purpose'.

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We are in agreement that (by law) POTUS runs the Executive branch.

But (in practice), were you paying attention during his Presidency? There are a whole lot of 'his directives' that did not occur.

So - we agree that he is in charge (and should be) - but that doesn't always translate into 'followed orders'.

Did you notice the multiple times during his Presidency that he directed someone to declass and release certain documents to the public --- and then nothing happened?

Was it (perhaps) because the IC bureaucrats 'just didn't want to' (and Trump let them), or was it because there are (hidden) laws/statutes (etc) that illegitimately (but perhaps legally) make things very difficult in the declass realm. I don't know (and neither do most people outside of DC).

I'm confident Trump did everything by the book, because he's one of the smartest and most strategic men on the entire planet. But that doesn't mean that he didn't have to jump through (illegitimate) hoops.

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I 'literally dropped in'? Are you not familiar with how a forum operates? Everyone 'literally drops in' when they offer a comment. Who the hell pissed in your corn flakes this morning?

With regard to your allegation that I am 'spinning', you need to get your head screwed on straight. If, in the course of research, I simply acknowledge a fact about what they enemy has done, it doesn't mean that I am 'rooting for them', or that I 'think they are right', or that 'Trump is nothing'. It means that I am analyzing the facts as they exist (or at least as I think they exist). That is not spin. I take great offense at your suggestion.

By the way, it would be really great if you would strip all the tracking info off the links you post. All you need is this: https://twitter.com/mrddmia/status/1558157587165589504

By the way, if you read the responses to that 'magic wand' post, there seem to be arguments back and forth - meaning that it is not 'settled' (in the current culture), which was exactly my original point - and the point of the article.

There are layers upon layers of crap that the IC has piled onto the procedures regarding intelligence in this country. Some public, some 'classified' and therefore not available to (what they consider) us 'little people'. I have no idea what hurdles have to be overcome by the President (and neither do you).

What I DO know - because it is a matter of public record - is that Trump (while in office, and on multiple occasions) directed people to declass and release certain documents to the public -- and it did not occur. Why is that? Did you ever wonder why those documents never made it to the public? Maybe it's because there are layers of bureaucrats that stop the lawful wishes of the President.

There are a ton of things that are hidden from our view, but sometimes there is evidence right in front of our face. The (effective) stoppage of his 'unilateral declass-and-release power' is a matter of public record.

In any case, I'm done dealing with someone who likes to throw around insults.

Have a good evening.

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I'm not sure why you chose to have an aggressive response to my comment. I started it by saying that 'it was news to me'. The long and well-sourced article describes how the Intelligence Community has twisted the 'superior' and 'inferior' aspects of the Executive branch such that - as it stands today - the President does not have the unilateral ability to declassify (whether by law or by 'common practice').

Based on your snarky comment to me, it seems that you fully understand that -- so how could you say that I 'misrepresented' anything?

Whether by law or practice, it is not (currently) 'understood' that a President can unilaterally declassify. He 'requests it', and (if the IC says they 'refused') it is not declassified. (I think it's an illegitimate power grab, but if that power has been usurped, it is something we should be aware of. Do you mistakenly think that recognizing the fact of a power grab somehow makes me 'on their side'?)

Now perhaps there are specific laws that clearly spell out that the President has such unilateral power, and perhaps those original laws have not been 'overwritten' by new ones, but that doesn't appear to be the case (per the article).

Our quest here in this forum is to research, and -- importantly -- to 'get it right'. I stand by my 'prudent' comment to be cautious and aware that the 'common understanding' of Presidential autonomy in this situation might not be the (current) 'law of the land'.

Do you know for a fact that it is? Can you cite the source? Can you confirm that there haven't been any 'overriding' laws/statues/directives -- passed by Congress -- that have taken the President's power away?

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The Intelligence Branch gets to decide unilaterally what information will be released and what information will be kept secret. There is no entity outside the Intelligence Branch, and yes that includes the President of the United States, who can supersede the classification authority of the Intelligence Branch. This is something 99.9% of the people on our side get totally and frustratingly wrong.

This was news to me, and comes from a GREAT article (Part 1 of 4) from CTH:


Lots of sourcing and information in this article. Take the time to read it -- it's quite long, but well worth it.

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I'm not going to debate this with you, but you are mistaken.

Take a deep breath, and re-read whatever it was that you read.

And if it's the 'Dawson' thread, you misread it.

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If their cheating methods couldn't steal the win from Kari Lake in Arizona and Kent in Washington (even after they 'paused the counting' on both of them for days), then their cheating methods aren't 'all powerful'. We make it far more difficult for them when we turn out in overwhelming numbers.

It absolutely sucks that we have to have a overwhelming majority before we can win an election, but the reality is that we have those kind of numbers right now. We need to USE them. If we do, and enough good people get in, then we can reverse the rot.

But if we have the numbers, and we don't use them, we will NEVER get the chance again.

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Impossible. Do you have any idea what kind of psychological profiling they will do on every single new hire? If you do not fit their mold, you will not get in.

Just ask a new teacher what they have to 'agree to' in order to get their teaching degree/certificate.

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What makes you think that he didn't know it was coming?

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These people are ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

Everyone knows that if you shoot at the king, you better not miss.

They've been trying to find dirt on him for years, and there isn't any, therefore this will also fail.

They just took their shot, KNOWING that they are going to miss.

How desperate do you have to be to do this?

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You are correct.

But technically, if you take 'Dim' to the extreme, you reach 'Dark'.

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The 'slipping, tripping, and falling' photos should be used to create 'DORK Brandon' memes. This 'Dark' business would end overnight.

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Not odd at all. We live on the surface of a sphere, and 'soon' is located at the center of that sphere.

Note: This is not dooming. It's just passing along a geometric fact.

Interesting side note: We must 'dig' to approach 'soon'.

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That's good to hear. I think the Zinc may help even more.

As the protocols describe it, the Zinc is what slows/stops the viral replication and the IVM/Quercetin gets the Zinc into your cells (where it does it's work).

Perhaps without any added Zinc, the IVM/Quercetin is simply helping your existing Zinc get into your cells. As long as it's working, right?

I've seen the combo get several people 'well again' in 12-24 hours.

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Don't forget, folks -- Horsey Paste (or Quercetin) AND ZINC

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It seems very intentional to use the 'White House' as the example of 'what could be swallowed up in this pit'.

The White House is NOT as small as the article claims. ('85 ft wide') The only dimension which is (nearly) 85 ft is the small central area, front to back, and without the forward thrust and rear balcony. (If you include the front and back portions, it's about 160 ft. Side to side, the building is 170ft.) The entire complex (with East and West wings) is 675ft or so.

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(The daughter's boyfriend was killed by the bomb.)

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