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No doubt POTUS #19, #45 AND #47,

Likes to stir the pot.

Out of left field ... Big time.

How DJT speaks truth ?

Usually blunt and to the point.

Thus far the ' rest of the story ' concerning this endorsement is like old school...

He drops crumbs fully aware that this ' odd endorsement' will receive immense scruity from EVERYONE ...

More ' interesting ' shizz forth coming

This bread needs more ' proof ' ing time.

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Soooo FAA .... Ehh ?

Orders come via. Word Document?

Is that what this screen shot represents ?

See no


anything that references

The FAA etc

Exactly what

This is supposed to be for.

Need additional sauce cause this gravy is Drying up to my eyes

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Unfortunately so.

For my prvs surgeries I donated my own blood JIC. .

Had a family mbr contract HIV before any blood was tested.

There's a myriad of tests that are now utilized.

Being a ' Pure Blood ' is another Biblical reference

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So many damn people

Need to take a dirt nap

For Their collective evil upon the little ones..

And yes even some parents

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You mean

Resident Xiden ?

Gd Hell he needs @ least

17 people help him pull up his

Depend Man Panties...

His cognitive ability is foggy at best

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Don't understand your Fear in not Trusting who gave you this miracle in the first place.

Shout it from the roof tops

If it truly happened. Why should anyone have to cater to your fear based mindset of ....

" edit: pm me if you absolutely cannot stand not knowing, lol"

or is it just wanting additional attention ?

I call it like another Patriot did

100% Bull Shite..

Let me be 10000000% clear. I fully believe in miracles Definitely witnessed many in life.

I have no issues being corrected Or admitting I am wrong with this post.

Well.... ?

How long does your Fear last OP?

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My gosh extremely difficult to watch

Still needs to.be witnessed..

Anyone who does not weep / cry / shed tears from what is related in this vid has no heart.

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TY.. I missed that particular post.

Great news for UK Patriots

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Bye Felicia

Your DS Bitching whine is in line to deport

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OP you should amend this ... This is only VALID in the UK

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Pure Fluckin Evil.

As an Uncle one of my oldest neices got the damn shot. She's recently turned 18 yrs so it was " her choice"

I was sickened by it.

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Yes it's named ' Tesla'phoresis...

A damn Tesla Coil is utilized to ramp this shite up!

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Do a little digging...

He spoke truth MJ lived in the Trump Tower

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Unable to open Files corrupted... Is that because Fraudulent Fauci is in them?

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What a lying fish taco...

More pure propaganda filled bull shite

Does not mention that SCOTUS over RULED and businesses DO NOT NEED TO FOLLOW THE MANDATE!

Never mentions the health and religious exemptions for vhsxs.

It is definitely more important to what They CHOOSE not to say.

This skanky hoe is burnt toast !

She was vastly exasperated, twitterpated, out of her element when asked this question stuttering thru her obvious nervous bull shite lies

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