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I wonder if we're going to start getting the drip drip FLOOD for sealed indictments now??? Soon???

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Okay, so your new theoretical scenario is just another play on "she was asking for it."

People are allowed to buy what they want. People are allowed to wear what they want. People are allowed to 'flaunt' whatever they want.

The argument should be focused on self-protection: gun, brass knuckles on keychain, bear spray, siren, etc. It should be focused on: situational awareness and not dropping your guard when you're out alone.

To your point, she would only be a contributing factor in that she didn't have the self-protection or situational awareness. Two elements that are vastly more productive forms of discussion to help people moving forward.

Someone will attack anyone for any reason regardless of what they're wearing or not.

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That is one angle of discussion, but he clearly went hunting for 'unacceptable clothing choices.'

Now, if the discussion was about how she should have been appendix carrying, or had brass knuckles on her key ring, or bear spray, or a siren, or something. THAT is a different discussion and I would agree with having something close to hand to be able to defend from any scenario.

But she was out hiking / running. It would be guaranteed that she would be wearing those "unacceptable clothing choices," because that's what women wear to do those activities.

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Are you blaming the victim...!?

"She was wearing ___, so she was asking for it."

You're ridiculous and disgusting.

by PepeSee
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There was a post on GAW yesterday from a 4chan pfizer whistleblower that said that the spike protein is designed to amass in the gonads, spread to offspring, and render them infertile.

They designed a humanity destroying super-weapon.

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Wouldn't that be something...

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Especially for those who had 'health departments' going door-to-door to force vax people, to the point where some even jumped out the windows to their deaths.

But it wasn't "forced."


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Race War??? WTH are they talking about.

"THEY" would make a race war. WE would not.

How gross to even suggest a thing.

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Thank you for your self-righteous judgment.

I am very happy with myself.

I hope you have a nice weekend.

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Oh yes, absolutely.

On the flip side, I've been included in some very interesting convos that I wouldn't have been otherwise.

Counterintel opportunities exist! LOL

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Just as a counterpoint, I have bright pink hair. I also wear the "typical lib glasses" with the black plastic frames. And I am MAGA to the end.

Not everything and everyone are as they seem.

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I have bright pink hair and the "typical lib glasses."

I am very much MAGA.

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I've found alldaychemist to have better pricing. The delivery time between ADC and Reynolds is the same.

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