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I’m so very sorry I just thought this far into this awakening that project veritas is basic need to view information! C’mon man!!!

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So I posted a video…in my opinion the vaccine could very well be the mark. The jab has the ability to deaden the gene that allows spirituality. the part of the brain that glows stemming from a hymn or bible excerpt is also located around the forehead. That combined with the patent number being 06-06-06 leads me to this conclusion. I’ll let you be the judge… https://www.bitchute.com/video/43QiCAeofWyd/

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Obama care is unconstitutional in many states! Read your constitutions closely! May be the out y’all need. Now go out and change the world!!! And don’t forget to play your writ of mandamus card when your governor gets in your way and shys away from said constitution! #doit pro se and quit feeding corrupt lawyers,it’s your court...use it!

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I’m thinking Obummer may have played the main character while Killary could take the fall. I’m sure she enjoyed every bit of it...Sussman was around pre-Trump #alittlebirdtoldme #Tore

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Lmao I REFUSE to update my phone! Haven’t done it in almost a year 😂

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Lol when military planes run these patterned routes they are collecting cell phone tower data

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The drtboxes are grabbin!

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Luv my Guv

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is this legit? Don't need our info falling into "the wrong hands"

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Your American brethren stand with you Aussies!

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They won’t take the jab!

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Yep! I’m pretty excited 😝

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