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If you have an Alexa it’s fruitless

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Fuckkkkkkkkkk! Better get my new Multi-Pass (5th Element reference) quick from CA DMV fast!

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I am constantly amazed at the level of sophistication and knowledge of my fellow Pedes. Thank you!

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Put that on the back of a shirt fren…and walk slow.

Cuz’ sheeple are going to read and ask and Pedes are going to shake your hand.

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When the middle class can’t afford cable (and are cutting it) you’re telling me giving free cable to the poor is a National priority? Fuck you! We just have got to keep the masses dumbed down at all cost!

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Hahahah…they be getting ready for Kenosha Riots when Kyle is found not guilty - remember closing arguments are Monday. BLM and Antifa will be pouring in over the weekend. Watch the hotels, buses, flights coming into Kenosha for an increase of hoodlums.

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Shipping containers (aka C-Trains) Abbot is dropping them at the border, not sure if they are from Cali and full of goods though. Now that would be funny.

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Had a beer with a friend yesterday and he asked if I still wasn’t vexed…said “yup, just like you.” He said you know I’m vexed”…l said, “No, you are not according to Biden. You need the Booster and 5 months later another booster and so on and so on.” The look he gave me was priceless…I think in that moment a red pill was swallowed.

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Hi, I have arrived with my Johnson (heavy thud sound heard on table)

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They have been under a million viewers the past couple of months. Let that sink in. We live in a country of 310 million (not counting the illegal aliens).

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