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End of the USD as the worlds reserve note. That’s freedom day! Freeing everyone from the central banks slavery

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How are fags always in high up positions? The ones I’ve worked with are lazy as fuck and get drunk and do dumb shit

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What helps me to know we’re winning is she had two friends and just one body guard. Think about it, if they were worried about the deep state wouldn’t it be easy to get at DJT by kidnapping or hurting one of his kids? I think it was a great sign of hopium!

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Im not asking about the Q post, I’m Asking if the vote took 10 min?! Cmon man

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Zelensky…mass pop awakening bc they all post the stand with Ukraine flag. He’s coming tomorrow to the states (wow crazy war you’re in that you can fly from Ukraine to USA)

Some need to plane fag him to see where he actually took off from

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Nah…that would be them admitting a mistake, not gonna happen

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